Purchase TikTok Views and Convert Them Into Real Growth

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Last Updated: Sep 28, 2023

TikTok Growth

Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

Is it possible to purchase TikTok views and convert them into real followers and organic engagement? What are the risks and benefits of purchasing views? Keep reading to find out how to make your views count toward genuine growth.

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What Are Views on TikTok?

How does TikTok count views? Different platforms classify a view in different ways. On TikTok, a video gets one view from the very first second it plays. Because TikTok videos automatically play when they show up on feeds, views are easy to rack up.

For example, when a user opens their app, the video at the top of their For You feed automatically plays. It only stops when they scroll up. Each video on their For You feed cue automatically plays in turn if the user pauses their scrolling for even one second.

TikTok has a lower barrier to gaining video views compared to other social media platforms. The app also counts repeat views from the same user. The only exclusion is the original creator’s own views. Take note that unique views are a completely different metric and provide a distinct video insight. We’ll talk about this some more later.

Here’s how other popular social platforms count views.

  • YouTube. To count as a view, A viewer must hit play and watch the video for at least 30 seconds. YouTube also counts it as a view when the video owner plays their own video. When a user watches a video multiple times, these add to the view count. 
  • Instagram. A user must watch an Instagram Reel for at least three seconds to count as a view. When the video loops, every playthrough contributes to the total view count. 
  • Facebook. Counting views on Facebook is similar to that on Instagram. On mobile, 50% of the video has to appear on the screen for a three-second play to count towards a view. On a desktop, the video must appear in full on the screen. However, Facebook gives users the option to turn auto-plays for videos on or off.

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How To Get More Views on TikTok

There are two primary ways to get more views on TikTok. The first one requires landing your content on For You feeds. The second one is ranking high in search results.

Optimize Your Content for Your Target Audience’s For Your Feeds

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the TikTok For You feed is the platform’s primary video feed. It delivers a stream of content that TikTok’s algorithm has curated based on a user’s interests and TikTok history.

We can attribute much of TikTok’s magic to its robust and highly effective recommendation algorithm. Especially when compared to other algorithms, TikTok stands out with its uncanny ability to match content with interested users. Optimize your videos for your target audience, and TikTok will deliver them to the right For You feeds. This is another reason that views are easy to obtain on the platform.

You don’t have to be a mega or macro influencer to have your content featured on people’s feeds. You only need to provide the right signals to help the algorithm identify the most suitable audience for your videos.

Here’s how to do exactly that:

  • Know your niche audience’s content consumption habits and preferences and create videos that satisfy their needs. Produce videos that offer value and that they can relate to.  
  • Stay up-to-date with niche and industry trends. 
  • Use relevant keywords and hashtags for your video description. 
  • Monitor your analytics to determine what content material, styles, and optimization strategies deliver the best results. 
  • Experiment with various TikTok features and tools and see which ones drive the highest engagement. 
  • Get audience insights from your analytics to identify optimal posting times on TikTok. Follow a consistent posting schedule to remain top-of-mind among your followers. 
  • Always have the sound-on option to deliver a complete TikTok viewing experience. Use trending sounds whenever possible. 
  • Create original and high-quality content. Hone your editing skills and try various editing apps to produce professional-quality videos.

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Develop an Effective TikTok SEO Strategy

When your target audience does a search on TikTok, you want your videos to rank high on search results. To achieve this, you need an effective TikTok SEO strategy.

More and more people are using TikTok as a search and discovery tool. Unlike Google and other search engines, TikTok delivers results with real people behind them — making them more relatable and authentic. Users also prefer the platform’s video format over the tiresome stream of text and websites that Google generates.

You can easily get more high-quality TikTok views by optimizing your content for targeted searches. Try the following SEO hacks:

  • Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes. What keywords would they use to search for the kind of content you create or an account such as yours? Use these keywords when writing your video caption.
  • Find the right combination of hashtags that will maximize your discoverability in searches. Use a mix of popular and niche hashtags. 
  • Use TikTok’s on-screen text feature to further optimize your content with relevant keywords and hashtags. 
  • Perform a search yourself using various keywords to check the kinds of content that rank high in results. Check out these videos and the accounts that own them. 
  • Do a hashtag search to identify which hashtag phrasing has the highest views. This is also a good way to discover niche hashtags. 
  • Use popular music, particularly sounds your target audience is listening to.
  • Use TikTok Creative Center to discover trending keywords, hashtags, and sounds. 
  • Check out the competition and analyze their SEO strategy.

Bonus Tip: Keep Your Comments Section Busy

The busier a video’s comments section is, the more times the video will appear or reappear on For You feeds. Keep your active TikTok followers engaged and fuel conversations by replying to comments.

Say thank you for the comment, and don’t forget to mention the commenter. Give thoughtful answers to inquiries or feedback. Ask questions or prompt your commenters to provide feedback about your video.

High video engagement tells the algorithm that your content is relevant and popular. This will prompt TikTok to recommend your video to more users who might be interested, thereby giving you increased views.

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How to Purchase TikTok Views and Convert Them Into Follows and Engagement

Purchasing views is common practice on all platforms. On TikTok, artificially boosting numbers goes against the platform’s policies but won’t get you banned or restricted. However, you should be aware of what Community Guideline violations will get your account banned or restricted.

Can you derive any benefit from purchasing views? What are the risks?

Purchase Views and Make Them Count

There are tons of places online where you can get a view package for your needs. Take note that when you buy views, you’re only buying numbers. There are no real people behind them. More often than not, the numbers are associated with fake accounts. So, is there a benefit to purchasing views?

Can you watch a video with zero views? Having a decent view count can help you make a good first impression on first-time video viewers. Making a good first impression is as far as you can go when you buy view numbers. But you can also make them count toward real and quantifiable growth.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Boost your view count just enough to generate curiosity about your video. 
  • Keep your focus on creating content for your niche audience. This is the only way to convert real views into follows and engagement. 
  • Buy views for old content that did not get the exposure it deserved and that you can re-optimize. Update the video description with new keywords and relevant hashtags. Copy and share the video link on other platforms to generate new traffic and views. 
  • Boost view numbers for a video you think is good enough to justify its simulated popularity. Make sure it already has a decent number of real likes and comments. 
  • Keep the number small and realistic when buying views for a new video. A new video with a high view count but zero or minimal engagement will raise suspicion among real users. You don’t want to turn away potential new followers when they figure out that you’re using fake views.

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Know the Risks of Artificially Boosting Your Views and How To Minimize Them

Knowing the risks of artificially boosting your view count will help you minimize — if not completely avoid — them.

Again, purchasing views will not directly result in an account restriction or ban. However, TikTok will immediately identify any huge and sudden increases in numbers as spammy activity. When TikTok detects fake views, it will promptly purge these from your account. You will also most likely get a violation strike.

The proliferation of fake accounts and numbers has made users more discerning. They can easily tell if an account is fake, using fake followers, or if a video has fake likes and comments. So, how do you get around these drawbacks?

  • As much as possible, buy views in small quantities and wait several hours or one day between purchases. 
  • A service that offers quick delivery is not always the best option if you want to buy a large volume of views. Use high-quality services that allow gradual delivery. Distribute delivery over hours or days. This way, the increase in your view count will look more natural. 
  • Services often offer high-quality and premium/active views. High-quality views are associated with accounts with profile photos and nothing else. Premium views come from profiles with profile images and some account history. Always get premium views. 
  • Don’t deliver views to videos with zero or minimal engagement. If you must, purchase a realistic number. A video with zero engagement but 1,000 views will make real users instantly suspicious. 
  • Make sure you can walk your talk. When curious users visit your profile, they should not question why your videos are generating so many views. Before you go on a buying spree, create a profile feed with quality and watch-worthy videos.

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What Are Unique Views on TikTok?

Unique views come into play when you want to look at your video’s performance via your TikTok analytics. A unique view is the first view you receive from any user. When the same user watches your video multiple times, the repeat plays do not count. Only the first instance goes toward your unique view count.

You need to check your analytics on a computer to access your complete insights. In your analytics, you’ll find the “Unique Viewers” metric within the Key Metrics section. To view a video’s analytics, select the video, then click “View Analytics.”  This will take you directly to the video’s “Content Insights.” Click on the “Viewers” tab. The “Total Viewers” will show you the total number of unique viewers who watched the video. The metric is also available for LIVE analytics.

What does the unique view count indicate? It tells you how many unique users you reached with your video. You can compare your number of unique viewers with the engagement numbers for the same video. The results show you how well the video resonates with your audience.

You can look at your unique viewers vis-a-vis your traffic source to understand how they discovered your video. For video and LIVE analytics, unique viewers indicate how effective your TikTok SEO strategy is in terms of targeted reach.

Get More Interested Eyes on Your Content

It’s easy to collect real views on TikTok. It’s more important to get the right audience. You need to make sure your content lands on the For You feeds of interested users. Genuine interest in your video guarantees that unique viewers become followers, and views lead to engagement.

Fortunately, TikTok’s algorithm is an effective matchmaker. You can help TikTok identify the most suitable viewers for your videos through proper optimization. Use relevant keywords in your caption. Find the right combination of hashtags for optimized targeting. Use trending music. Tag other videos or accounts whenever possible.

But the most crucial thing is consistently creating content that matches your niche community’s interests, preferences, values, and behaviors. When viewers enjoy your videos, they’ll become eager fans. Grow your community with followers who will deliver enthusiastic engagement to score high on content relevance. This will signal TikTok to recommend your videos to more of the same viewers. Then, you’ll have a positive feedback loop that translates to sustained growth.

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Increase your chances of converting views into follows and engagement with the help of a TikTok growth expert.

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