Social Media Audit Tool: Analyzing Your Social Profiles

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2024

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It is always crucial to track your progress when running marketing campaigns or growing your profiles on social media platforms. This activity, called social media auditing, helps you determine which strategies work for you. It involves reviewing important social metrics, but you’ll need a social media audit tool.

You can use several free and paid audit tools to review your social media growth. These tools evaluate information about your follower demographics, campaign performance, and engagement. They factor in your comments, likes, impressions, shares, and other engagement metrics for analyses. So, here are the top tools to consider.

What Is a Social Media Audit Tool?

A social media audit tool is an application that offers a full view of your performance on different platforms. These tools help you understand whether you’re moving toward your social media goals. They factor in your overall engagement to create reviews of your social media strategy. 

These tools analyze your profile, providing information on the performance of your campaigns. Audit tools also help you know the type of posts drawing all the engagement to your profile. Besides that, they show what audiences engage with your posts the most. 

The audit results show whether you must adjust your strategy, change it, or stick to it. Whether running a personal profile or promoting your business on these social channels, these tools are important. Since several options exist, you can always pick an audit tool that best fits your needs.

With other audit tools, you must manually prompt them to scan your profiles. These tools usually provide distinct results for each metric. On the other hand, some audit tools continuously go through your social media profiles, providing updated results.

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5 Reasons Why Social Media Audit Tools Are So Important

Before audit tools for social media became popular, users analyzed their profiles manually. While running these audits that way is still possible, most people have adopted the tools. But why is that? Why have people jumped to them, and why are they important?

1. These Tools Help You Determine Your Performance

You can get correct information about your performance by using audit tools for your social media accounts. You can get concise data about your overall results on all your social profiles. These tools help analyze the efficiency of your strategy.

Usually, audit tools collect data from your engagement and profile metrics to calculate your performance. Your likes, shares, comments, views, followers, and audience classes all count in these cases. 

2. Audit Tools Help You Make Confident Decisions

When investing in your social media growth, making clear and confident decisions is essential. These social media auditing applications help you decide whether to keep investing in your profiles. 

For instance, based on your TikTok account performance, you can decide if you need the app for your brand. You can also determine the type of YouTube posts to share more frequently. From the posts that perform better, you can either stick to short or long-form content on the app.

Of course, comprehensive information from an audit tool can help you see the bigger picture. This way, your choices will always be spot-on. But this does not necessarily entail jumping into exclusively data-based decisions. Do not forget that social media growth takes time.

3. The Tools Identify Areas Requiring Improvements

After analyzing your social profiles with an audit tool, you’ll find areas requiring improvement. When you do not get the needed results from your growth strategies, these audits identify the problems. Afterward, you can quickly make the necessary changes to get better results. 

When using audit tools for your social media growth or marketing campaigns, you remove the guesswork from your strategy. These tools measure results and track progress in real terms. The insights you get from these tools provide an edge, helping you reach more people and secure more conversions. 

4. Social Audit Tools Point out the Business Impacts

You’ll find audit tools very useful when running marketing campaigns on social media. After spending on social media growth, you may not get the results you targeted. This is problematic since the results may not appear clear enough.

Now, using an audit tool opens your eyes to the business impacts of your strategies. These tools help unmask useful results that have appeared minimal after a first look. This might be a quick spike in followers or a viral post. 

Since the tools show the numbers more clearly, you can easily pick out patterns. For instance, you can replicate posts that drew more followers for your profile. You can also mirror posts that went viral. Overall, this can also show how your profiles affect your business.

5. Audit Tools Save You Lots of Time

Using auditing tools is quite beneficial when considering the time it saves you in the long term. Your first audit with these tools and subscription fee will initially appear to be a waste. However, the ensuing benefits are quite significant.

For one, an audit tool picks out low-value social media tasks, allowing you to erase them from your plan. This simple activity saves your time as well as your resources. How would you feel if the most time-intensive task in your strategy yielded the least results?

On the other hand, several rewarding elements in your strategy may not show themselves. However, since these audit tools indicate which techniques work, you can pick them out. You can save lots of time by creating practical priorities. 

The Top 8 Social Media Audit Tools To Consider

Are you looking for reliable social media audit tools for your personal or business profiles? Well, there are several options you can consider. These different options offer varied services, so you can always pick what best suits your needs.

That notwithstanding, here are our top eight picks:

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1. Sprout Social Offers Comprehensive Auditing

Sprout Social is a big game player in the social media auditing industry. This tool is ideal for businesses and content creators who wish to understand and utilize their social media analytics. This tool allows you to track engagement patterns and study audience demographics.

You can also use the tool to calculate the efficiency of your campaigns. It is an important tool for social media strategies that mainly factor in data. Sprout Social has become popular due to its detailed analytics and reporting capabilities. 

This means you can use the web tool to track your performance on social media platforms. While doing that, you can also pay more attention to the things you should change. So, you can always vary your approach to social media marketing and growth.

The tool helps you monitor your social profiles, keywords, and locations. It also creates competitive reports that cover Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Then, it calculates your response rate and drafts reports based on your preferred time window. 

Sprout Social’s monthly pricing starts at $199 and gets as high as $399. But overall, this tool zooms into the bigger picture on your social platforms. It assists you in connecting to your audience, generating more returns.

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2. HypeAuditor Creates Detailed Social Media Insights

HypeAuditor is one of the most efficient tools for pulling detailed info on social media profiles. It first became popular for detecting fraud and analyzing influencer profiles. For instance, you can use it to check for audience quality and to point out fake followers. 

Besides that, you can also use the tool to analyze your social media profiles. It works for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and X, the app formerly called Twitter. You can use this app to determine key metrics like audience demographics, engagement rates, etc. 

If you’re looking for influencers to work with, HypeAuditor shows which are genuine and which are not. The tool picks out fake followers and artificially inflates engagement on profiles. So, the tool helps you optimize your influencer marketing campaigns on platforms like TikTok

The tool is not only meant for influencers, but it is also useful for your profile. You can also track your profiles on the site’s Report section. It helps you understand your performance better. For added convenience, you can opt for weekly email updates that cover your activity. 

HypeAuditor offers a limited free plan, which only provides an insight into how the tool works. On its own, the site offers a dynamic pricing option based on your needs. For instance, it considers the number of profiles you work with and the solutions you seek.

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3. Hootsuite Combines Auditing With Analytics

Hootsuite is the best option if you’re looking for an all-in-one audit tool for analyzing your profiles. The tool is useful for managing and auditing your social media content. It supports many social sites, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. 

Hootsuite offers a wide range of analytics that assist you in tracking the effectiveness of your social media presence. It measures your engagement, follower growth, and overall reach. However, one great feature is that it has customizable reports. These reports allow you to share your progress and performance with other people.

The tool supports content planning and scheduling directly from the site. You can also publish content directly on Hootsuite, thus tracking the real-time performance of such posts. Besides that, you can promote your posts organically, run ad campaigns, and follow up with industry trends. 

After creating reports for your social media pages, Hootsuite uses these reports to create useful insights. From these insights, you can understand how your strategy fares in the marketplace and the returns you enjoy. It is useful for businesses and social media content creators looking to up their game. 

Its pricing starts at $99 monthly and goes as high as $249 monthly. Its integration-friendly features support the inclusion of several social profiles at once. But of course, you should always find a payment plan that fits your needs.

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4. Keyhole Audits Brand Performance 

Are you focusing on keyword and hashtag tracking for your social media profiles? Keyhole is your best bet. This audit tool offers the best features to track and analyze your content performance. You can gain updated insights into your performance and keep tabs on competitors.

The tool also helps you understand how your marketing strategy works for you. Overall, it lets you keep track of the returns from your activities on these social platforms. Keyhole offers extra social listening capabilities to track your mentions and relevant trends. 

With this audit tool, you can schedule posts for your social media accounts. Post scheduling works for your Facebook, Instagram, and X profiles. However, analytics cover Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, and X, the app formerly called Twitter. 

One major advantage to using Keyhole is its recommendation to improve your marketing strategy. For instance, it indicates when you should post and what content you should prioritize. It also shows how your posts perform against your competition. 

For individuals, Keyhole’s plans start at $89 per month. They can go as high as $549 monthly for the advanced tier that best fits businesses. Use this tool if you’re a content marketer focusing better on your keywords and hashtags.

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5. Mention Provides Real-Time Monitoring

Mention offers broad social media auditing services. This tool works best by providing real-time web monitoring, allowing you to listen to your audience. In return, these capabilities help you manage your social media profiles by understanding the needs of your audience. 

As the name implies, this tool helps you track your mentions on social media platforms. Since it tracks and notifies you as they occur, it also provides useful insights on what to do. So, it helps you discover trends in conversation, showing you what your target audiences need

You can also use Mention to analyze your competition. In the same way, you find conversations about your brand; you can also discover what people say about competitors. This way, you would always stay ahead of them, implementing the needed changes. 

Usually, brands and businesses find Mention more useful than individuals. By keeping an ear on your customers, you can always adapt to their needs. This way, you’d reinforce your position in the industry. Mention’s solo plan costs $41 monthly, while its highest ProPlus plan costs $149. The tool has one of the cheapest rates among its counterparts. Consider using its social media audit template for your profiles.

 High Social’s screenshot of Agorapulse’s website homepage on a browser.

6. Agorapulse Audits and Manages Social Media Engagement 

If you wish to get updates on your social media engagements, go for Agorapulse. The tool helps you manage social media reviews, comments, and messages. It also allows you to schedule your content directly through the third-party service. 

But apart from that, it also offers social listening services, giving you an edge over your competitors. Regarding audits, the tool can track your accounts and measure your progress. This way, you can also discover what works in your strategy and what doesn’t. 

One advantage of using this tool is its capacity for collaboration. Agorapulse helps you stay in contact with your team members and share your progress. This fosters understanding and prevents redundant work, saving time in return. 

This auditing tool supports Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. You can use the tools reporting and analytics features to get useful insight into your performance. Besides that, you can also track your audience growth and engagement. 

Overall, you can get information on your performance. Its plans start at $49 per month, stretching to $119 monthly. You can also create custom plans for your specific needs.

High Social’s screenshot of SocialInsight’s website homepage.

7. Provides Quick Audits is a popular tool for creating audits of your social media profiles. This tool offers analytic information and useful insights based on current data. It is ideal for individuals and brands trying to determine their social media impact.

This tool is very useful for analyzing current data. You can also use it to get instant analytics to make fast, knowledgeable decisions. It helps you decide on the helpful elements in your social media strategy. 

SocialInsight is very popular among content creators who need on-the-go social media management. However, it is more useful for real-time tracking rather than long-term planning. Subscription for this tool costs between $29 to $299 per month.

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8. Buffer Combines Social Media Auditing With Management

Although Buffer is more popular as a social media management tool, it is also useful for auditing. It helps businesses schedule, publish, and manage posts across multiple social platforms. It covers sites like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. 

The web tool also offers analytic features. It allows you to track your posts’ performance before creating shareable reports. Based on these reports, Buffer offers several insights you can implement. For instance, you can determine how often you should share posts. You can also discover which hashtags to use. 

Buffer is more engagement-centric. So, it helps you use the information from your analytics to raise your brand awareness. Besides the limited free plan, it offers monthly plans of $6, $12, or $120. You can always pick a plan depending on the number of social media profiles you have. The features you need also determine your plan. 

While Auditing, Grow Your TikTok Followers With High Social

While auditing your profile on TikTok, consider growing it organically. But growing your profile on your own can be quite tricky. That is why you should use High Social, a growth service, to gain followers on the platform. 

This service has worked with over 15,000 influencers and brands, helping them gain followers. You’d have to register the type of audience you need and let High Social do all the work. The site also has free tools like the engagement rate calculator, a social media audit tool, and a hashtag generator. 

If you need a service provider to help you scale your TikTok followers, check out High Social. This growth service uses advanced targeting strategies to attract an audience that will interact with your posts. As a result, you can grow your presence on the platform. So, start growing your TikTok profile today!

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