TikTok Fitness Influencers To Inspire Your Fitness Journey

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Last Updated: Nov 28, 2023

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The year’s about to close, which means New Year’s resolutions to exercise more, become more active, and get fitter will soon be flooding social media. It’s difficult to say no to scrumptious holiday feasts, but you can indulge guilt-free if you start conditioning yourself today for a serious fitness undertaking. For sweat-inducing, muscle-toning, and waist-snatching tips, follow these TikTok fitness influencers to give yourself hardball motivation.

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TikTok Gym Influencers

Here are the top TikTok gym influencers to watch out for!

DeAndre Thomas, @drayyofficial

If sculpted muscles and a completely ripped physique are the goal, DeAndre Thomas is your man. His killer workouts target every muscle group you can possibly work out. Follow him and his training routine, browse through his workout playlists, or apply for one-on-one online coaching.

Shiv Wilson, @wilsoncoaching

With close to 1M followers and 23M total likes, pro footballer Shiv Wilson has proven herself a mighty fitness force to reckon with — on the football field and in the gym. Her no-nonsense approach to fitness as a lifestyle can make anybody stop, listen, and start lifting. 

Jason Christo – @jchristopfitness

Jason will teach you how living with and managing diabetes involves more than just watching your sugar intake. This diabetic fat loss coach “helps diabetics take back control” with tips on how to work out safely, lose excess fat, choose the right supplements and nutrition, and more. You can have diabetes and still have the fittest physique possible.

Vincent Cole, @thevincentcole

With close to 20M likes on TikTok, there’s no doubt The Vincent Cole knows what he’s talking about when he talks about fitness. His honest, take-no-prisoners approach to coaching will give you the push you need to stop making excuses and start lifting. Fair warning: his brutal honesty is not for the easily offended and woke of heart. But if you’re ready to accept the harsh truths about why your fitness mindset is not working out, then give him a follow.

Zac Perna, @zacperna

They seem to breed a lot of athletic and brawny folks down under. There must be something in the water, or it’s likely nothing but sheer determination and healthy self-love. Another Aussie fitness fanatic on our list, Zac, describes himself as a fitness coach, author, and horrible comedian. You’ll enjoy Zac’s videos, which are a compilation of training tips, mindset adjustment tricks, insightful calorie-laden content, and comic sketches.

Tate Moffatt, @tatemoffatt_

His bio says it all: Life’s too short; be positive. That’s exactly what he does, and he aims to inspire a positive attitude toward health and fitness with his workout videos combined with riveting narrations. This Australian creator is a rapidly rising star, and now’s the perfect time to give him a follow. 

Nico Felich, @nicofelich

If you’re determined to run towards a fitter and healthier version of yourself, this college dude is worth a follow. He channels his passion for running through, well, running and sharing tips about pounding the pavement. Did we mention he loves running? Get your tracking app ready and get set to clock up some serious miles with Nico. 

Courtney Lynea, @courtneylynea

Anybody who’s on a weight-loss journey should follow Courtney for inspiration and motivation. She has been documenting her journey on TikTok since her 215-pound days only a couple of years ago. Down to less than 200 lbs, Courtney is proud to call herself a “thick fitness influencer” and aims to inspire others struggling with weight loss. 

Abby Adamski, @abs.adamski

Abs’ approach to fitness is all about empowering oneself, from gym and home workout tips to recipes and overall wellness. She often engages in question-and-answer sessions with her followers and shares product reviews. 

Kerim Workouts, @kerimworkouts

Kerim’s easy-to-follow, straightforward, and structured tutorials will help anybody who’s looking to get in the best shape of their life. Develop a targeted workout routine you can stick to with Kerim’s TikTok playlists. He’s also available for online coaching if you’re serious about strengthening your muscles or building muscle mass.

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Female TikTok Fitness Influencers

Developing a fit lifestyle requires enduring commitment, a firm mindset, and an unwavering focus on your health and fitness goals. Having a personal trainer can get you started and keep you on the right track. Fortunately, you can work out in the comfort of your home and still enjoy professional coaching. You’ll also find tons of exercise videos you can follow at your own pace. Check out this list of female TikTok fitness influencers who can help get your heart rate up and burn those calories.

  1. Demi Bagby, 14.3M followers and 310.4M likes 

A bodybuilder and CrossFit athlete, her workouts are as adventurous as they come. See her doing flips at the beach, boxing at the park, and completing obstacle courses with her dogs. 

  1. Stefana Avara, 992.1K followers and 32.3M likes

Try her delicious and healthy smoothie recipes. Check out her videos for fitness tips and fitness myths. She’s your new big sis!

  1. Jennifer Tavernier, 979.2K followers and 7.1M likes

If you’re looking for a personalized workout routine to help you achieve your fitness goals, Jen’s your best bet. 

  1. Rebecca Louise, 520.9K followers and 16.8M likes

She can help you achieve a beautifully toned body with her exercise routines and nutrition tips. Try out her 30-day fitness plan for guaranteed results!

  1. Vicky Justiz, 118.4K followers and 1.5M likes

Easy-to-follow home workouts that deliver results are her bread and butter. Watch her complete fun social media challenges between your exercise sets! 

  1. Kiki,  75.9K followers and 2.6M likes

Follow Kiki’s 4-week home workout routine to achieve the body of your dreams even without the help of gym equipment. 

  1. Kate,  49.6K followers and 728.6K likes

Get those killer abs you’ve always wanted with Kate’s 30-Day Ab Challenge! Watch her complete TikTok fitness challenges to give you the motivation you need to start crunching.

A photo of a woman doing a plank at a beach.

Male TikTok Fitness Influencers

A fitness app is a practical companion to have when you’re developing a fitness routine. But watching fitness content can invigorate you more than any energy drink. If you’re looking for a definitive list of male TikTok fitness influencers to follow and keep the adrenaline going, we got your back!

  1. Antonie Lokhorst, 4.1M followers and 78.4M likes

An online fitness coach and one of the most followed fitness influencers on social media, he shares many fitness and nutrition tips for beginners and advanced workout buffs. 

  1. Jesse James West, 1.1M followers and 62.8M likes

Jesse mixes comedy with his fitness content. A good laugh also burns calories, after all! 

  1. ulissesworld, 3M followers and 31.9M likes

If you want a dose of fun and entertainment mixed in with your fitness content, give this former professional bodybuilder a follow! 

  1. Steve Prince, 999.8K followers and 25.4M likes

Want to build muscle? Lift and pump along with Steve Prince. Send him a message to get a customized workout plan!

  1. Nick Falke, 223.5K followers and 3.7M likes

If your goal is to develop a lean and toned physique, give Nick a follow. Hit fitness content focuses on building lean muscle. 

  1. Mason Mahoney, 173.3K followers and 2.4M likes

Want to know how to eat 2,000+ calories a day and lose fat? Follow Mason to find out and learn more fitness tips! 

  1. KJ Weatherspoon, 132.5K followers and 828K likes

Kj will help you realize your muscular dreams with his weight-lifting videos, which you can follow at home or the gym. 

  1. Trevin O’Cain, 101K followers and 2.1M likes

This up-and-coming fitness influencer is worth a follow! He actively engages with his audiences through Q and As. His humble bio reads, “Kinda good at fitness, bad at dancing.” So, yes, you can expect some good, old-fashioned TikTok dancing videos from this one.

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Do You Want To Be the Next One-To-Watch-Out-for in Fitness?

The fitness influencer industry is tough to break into. But if you are determined to exercise religiously and develop a well-built physique, you already have the proper mindset to achieve your influencer goals

TikTok is the ideal platform for any creator looking to connect with people who share their interests and passions. TikTok’s intuitive recommendation algorithm works primarily based on user interests. Find your voice. Develop a unique content style. Create videos that demonstrate your authentic identity and the value you offer. The right people will discover you soon enough, and you’ll grow a community of engaged and motivated fans.

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