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Last Updated: Aug 31, 2023

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If you’re an avid follower of #BeautyTok, you’ve probably watched countless videos about #hairstyles, #hairhack, #hairstyletutorial, etc.! Sorry, Google. But most people prefer using TikTok to discover the latest hair trends. What’s the hottest TikTok hair trend these days? Let’s check out the most popular — although not always smashing — dos everyone wants to wear!

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TikTok Hair Dye Trends

Back in the ‘90s, the hashtag #RachelHair would have been among the most enduring trending tags on TikTok. These days, #HairTok is the hashtag to follow if you want to stay up-to-date on the biggest TikTok hair trends.

If you see a stunning hairdo on the red carpet in Hollywood, the wearer most likely discovered it on TikTok! TikTok has made curtain bangs, blunt bangs, and even the wolf haircut fashionable again. Have a look at these TikTok hair dye trends that are to die for!

TikTok Hair Flip Highlights

Have you ever wished you were born with a different hair color? Or are you one of those who enjoy changing the hues of their locks as if they’re simply changing outfits? Hair coloring techniques and inspos are among the most popular TikTok hair trends. The hair flip highlights trend is a two-toned dyeing style that lets you have double the coloring fun.

Also referred to as the hair flip dye trend, the style involves dyeing the top layers of hair one color. The layers underneath one side are dyed another color. You can easily show off the two-toned style by changing where you part your hair. Watch this tutorial by @jacqualyntaylor to see how to achieve the style.

Peekaboo TikTok Hair Trend

The peekaboo TikTok hair trend is a great choice if you want to play around with bold or fantasy colors. But the coloring style will work with any color combination you like. It’s called peekaboo because you’ll be adding highlights or full color only to the bottom-most layer of hair. The upper hair layers obscure the different-colored bottom layer.

You can also “hide” the bold or fantasy hue only underneath the top layers on both sides of your face. Or dye a hidden layer just on one side. If you’re extra adventurous, use two or more colors to hide! You can also opt to color the top layers or leave them as they are. Here’s a great tutorial by @overtonehair on TikTok.

A woman with blue and platinum blonde hair.

TikTok Hair Trend for Guys

Tiktok hair trends for guys are no longer exclusive to Gen Z-ers. Whatever gender identity you identify as, TikTok hair trends are not just about being fashionable. They’re also about showing off your personality. How you wear your hair can be a powerful form of self-expression. Or you may be interested in #hairhacks just to make your daily routine easy.

Here are some of the most stylish coiffures for guys on TikTok!

The OG TikTok Hair for Dudes

This TikTok hair trend became so ubiquitous among Gen Z dudes that everybody just started calling it “TikTok hair.” What’s the style, exactly? The sides are cropped short, and the top is longer and typically shaggy. The hair on top can be long enough to touch the tip of your nose when pulled down. Or it can go down only to your eyebrows. You style the top with a hair dryer or product so it looks messy.

This hairstyle works best with curly or wavy hair. But you can still make it work if you have straight hair. You’ll need the help of a skilled barber who knows how to add the right texture. If a messy fringe doesn’t bother you, give this style a try!

The Basic Buzz Cut

According to Britsh GQ, a buzz cut is a good option if you want a hairstyle reset. This TikTok hair trend is also ideal for men who prefer a low-maintenance style. Are you starting to notice some movement in your hairline? Getting buzzed may help you gradually come to terms with the inevitable. A buzz cut may look like a simple DIY job. But if you’re not skilled with a shaver, it’s better to let more capable hands handle the blades.

Are you interested in a more stylized and fashion-forward version of the buzz cut? Have your stylist add bold and sharp lines to frame your face.

The High and Tight TikTok Hair Trend

This TikTok hair trend is an excellent option for professionals and those in their mid-30s and older. It produces a classic, clean, and smart look. You’ll have closely shaved hair on the sides, and the top is just long enough that the hair doesn’t stand. Everyone’s man crush, David Beckham, has been sporting this style for years. Another great thing about this style is that you can grow it and have an instant crew cut!

A man with long, brushed back hair.

TikTok Hair Trends for Women

Celeb hairstylists face tough competition from #hairfluencers on TikTok! From hair product recommendations to hair styling and hair care tips, you’ll find all things about locks on TikTok! 

Are you bored with your do and looking for haircut inspo? Do you need a #hairmakeover to deal with a breakup? Or do you want to know the art of achieving the perfect curls for an upcoming event? TikTok hair trends for women will have you in front of a mirror for hours, trying style after style!

Heatless Curls TikTok Hair Trend

Big curls, spirals, beach waves, mermaid hair, and other types of curls will always be a big TikTok hair trend. Some of the most popular hair curling hacks involve zero heat and some type of garment or fabric. Heatless curling products are also among the top-selling hairstyling items online. Here are two ways to achieve heatless curls.

  1. Use satin rods, like the Kitsch Satin Heatless Curling Set from Amazon. The product is suitable for all hair types. You can create beautiful, voluminous curls with no heat damage. All you have to do is place it on top of your head and tightly wrap sections of your hair around the rod. Secure your hair with a scrunchie and leave it on overnight. For best results, use the product while your hair is still damp.  
  1. Use a t-shirt for looser and bouncy heatless curls. Roll the shirt so it forms a long cylinder or tube. Place it on top of your head and tightly wrap your hair around it. You can use pins or clips to secure your hair in certain places. Leave it on overnight. Use a curl-enhancing product after you release your hair in the morning to get lasting results.

Slicked-Back Bun TikTok Hair Trend

Whether it started as a TikTok hair trend or on the runway, the slicked-back bun is a big crowd favorite. It may represent a “clean girl” aesthetic or signify a no-fuss but polished attitude. The sleek goes well with a minimalist chic look. You can wear it when getting your morning coffee, having brunch with your girlfriends, or clubbing at night. Sport the style at the office or when attending yoga classes.

How do you achieve the look? You’ll need a boar bristle hair brush (or any similar brush) and your choice of gel or pomade. Creator @shannonjenk’s tutorial shows us how to get your slicked-back bun style on.

Wolf Cut TikTok Hair Trend

If fashionably wild and untamed is your identity, the wolf cut TikTok hair trend is perfect for you. It’s a hair with attitude — reminiscent of ‘80s punk rock. The chops are edgy, and you may end up with something resembling a mullet if you don’t style it right. Or if you work the scissors on your hair. Check out Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish’s shaggy locks to see if the style is for you.

Woman getting super choppy TikTok hairstyle at salon.

Super-Choppy Haircut TikTok Hair Trend

This subtly edgy TikTok hair trend looks voguish on short to medium-length bobs. But it also works great with long hair. With stylish highlights, you’ll want to keep your super-choppy haircut for a long time. The style features asymmetrical layers and blunt ends. The overall look should be effortlessly but fashionably messy.

You can simply take a pair of scissors to your hair and start snipping randomly. But achieving the cut requires the skills of a professional. You’ll also need a hair dryer and a styling product to get the naturally mussed-up look.

Wispy Bangs TikTok Hair Trend

We’ve all felt the temptation to give ourselves a fringe at some point in our lives. With everybody spending weeks or months confined at home during the height of the pandemic, bangs also went viral. For some reason, girls have a short-term memory when it comes to how bad their DIY bangs turn out. So if you’re itching to try a fringed hairdo again, go for the wispy bangs TikTok hair trend!

Wispy bangs feature a thin layer of softer and feathery fringe. They don’t provide full coverage over the forehead but can still frame your face beautifully. They work well with all hair lengths and create a more youthful look. They’re a great option for middle-aged and older women who want to hide forehead lines. Try wispy bangs if you want to get a good idea of how a full fringe will look on you.

A woman with short hair and bangs.

Bottleneck Bangs TikTok Hair Trend

Bottleneck bangs are among the hottest TikTok hair trends ever to grace women’s foreheads. You’ve probably seen these bangs on celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Lily Collins, Elizabeth Olsen, and Margot Robbie. 

These ‘70s-inspired, face-framing bangs pair well with any type of hairstyle. Your stylist can customize the shape of the bangs to complement your face shape. The bangs are longer on the sides, typically skimming the cheekbones at an angle. They’re the shortest in the middle and follow the curve over the eyes. The lines are soft and choppy.

Weird TikTok Hair Trends

If you want to know what’s hot these days, you go on TikTok! If it’s fashionably weird, it will most likely go viral. Let’s explore the world of weird TikTok hair trends.

  • E-Girl hair horns. The style name says it all. Back in 2021, girls were taking small sections of their hair and styling them into tiny horns. It’s a saucy take on being a naughty girl. And lots of young females had fun with it! 
  • Jellyfish haircut. Picture the top half or three-quarters of your hair cut into a short and straight bob. The bottom layers remain long — usually way below the shoulders. This hairstyle is an extreme take on the mullet. 
  • Dental floss anti-frizz hair hack. It sounds weird, but the hack actually works! Take a length of dental floss and slide it on top of your frizz. Et voila! You’ve tamed your frizz!

A woman with thick afro hair.

What We Can Learn From #HairTok About Growing a Community

#HairTok is an excellent example of a flourishing subculture on TikTok. The newest demographic, according to TikTok, subcultures have a significant impact on cultural shifts and trends on the platform. They serve as a solid foundation for forming highly engaged communities. A TikTok hair trend can be irresistible and popular enough to keep the #HairTok community bustling with activity. Of course, we’ll never run out of things to talk about when it comes to our crowning glory.

Hair trends, fashion trends, beauty trends, etc., can feed us endless streams of content ideas. If you’re a creator or brand, building your name around an interest that’ll always be relevant is crucial to success. In today’s creator economy, your longevity depends on meeting a need that will always be a constant. Before you even start building your name and community, you must carefully choose a niche and industry. Find a niche that will allow you to create content for many years.

Establishing your name in your chosen niche on TikTok involves growing a community of genuinely interested followers. TikTok’s For You algorithm makes this task easy — so long as you consistently create optimized content for your target audience. On TikTok, your priority should be sustaining high views and engagement. These are the metrics that will keep your follower numbers growing and help you achieve lasting success.

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