Can You Buy Views on TikTok? Know the Hows and Whys

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Last Updated: Oct 26, 2023

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Can you buy views on TikTok? You spend a lot of time and effort creating engaging TikTok videos. You find the perfect lighting and the best camera angle. You use your favorite video editing tools for seamless transitions and perfectly timed captions or effects. But days after sharing your videos, they’re not getting many views. Will buying views boost your video’s visibility? Is it safe to buy TikTok views?

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Can You Buy Views on TikTok and Should You Do It?

Can you buy views on TikTok? Yes, buying TikTok views is easy and, frequently, very affordable. But before you go on a TikTok view shopping spree, the more important question you need to answer is, “Should you do it?”

Weigh the benefits and downsides of buying TikTok views so you can make a well-informed decision.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Video Views for TikTok?

Here are 10 reasons to buy video views for TikTok:

  1. If your reach data show that your videos do not reach enough unique viewers, you may consider buying video views.
  2. A high view count may help your content land on more For You feeds and help your target audience discover your brand.
  3. An impressive view count can make people curious about and watch your content.
  4. If your videos are engaging enough, your new viewers may decide to check out your profile.
  5. Profile visitors will deliver more views to the other videos you have shared.
  6. Profile visitors who enjoy your content and want to see more will likely become followers.
  7. Your new and interested viewers may also increase engagement on your content with likes, comments, and shares.
  8. With increased views and engagement, TikTok will find more audiences for your videos and feature them in more For You feeds.
  9. You’ll also get expanded analytics data when you gain views, profile visits, followers, and engagement.
  10. Buying views for your TikTok videos can lead to considerable, sustained growth if you play your cards right.

What Are the Drawbacks of Buying Video Views for TikTok?

How can you buy views on TikTok and be smart about it? Know the drawbacks so you can prepare for them and minimize the risks to your account. Here are 10 things to be aware of if you buy views for your TikTok videos.

  1. Buying TikTok views does not guarantee you’ll generate more views from real users.
  2. Increasing your view numbers may not signal TikTok’s algorithm to feature your videos in more For You feeds.
  3. Boosting your view count may not boost your reach.
  4. If you’re not creating content audiences can relate to, your boosted numbers will not lead to profile visits and increased followers and engagement.
  5. You can’t be sure if the views you buy are bots or from real accounts.
  6. If TikTok detects the fake numbers, the platform will promptly remove them from your account.
  7. If TikTok users detect fake numbers, your brand will lose credibility and potential new followers.
  8. You’ll get skewed and inaccurate analytics data if your boosted views don’t increase followers and engagement.
  9. Boosted numbers that don’t generate more views and corresponding growth will make it difficult for you to improve your content strategy to get better results.
  10. The benefits of buying TikTok views, if any, are temporary and unreliable.

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Can You Buy Views on TikTok and How Can You Do It Safely?

How can you buy views on TikTok safely? Take note of the following tips.

  • Make sure the site is secure. Look for the lock icon and the HTTPS in their URL.
  • Review the vendor’s website. Find out how they deliver their services. How long will it take them to send you the views? Are the delivery time frames reasonable and based on order quantities? Is there an option for gradual delivery? What information do they offer about where they get the views and the quality of the views? Is there an FAQ section where you can quickly access answers to common concerns?
  • Find out if the site offers several ways to contact the company for questions and concerns. Test their customer service by sending a message.
  • Read customer feedback on and off the site.
  • Review the site’s refund policy and refill guarantee. These sites typically offer a refill guarantee if some of the views you paid for drop or go missing.
  • Review the vendor’s packages and pricing. Select 3 or 5 vendors and compare their prices.
  • If the vendor offers a free trial, consider getting this first to test the service before shelling out money.
  • If the site gives you the option for gradual delivery, take it. If you’re placing a big order, such as thousands of views, receiving the views in smaller quantities every few hours or over several days is better. Your increase in view numbers will look “natural.”
  • Find a service that lets you distribute views to different videos. If this is impossible, you can buy smaller quantities for individual videos.
  • Reliable sites only ask for your TikTok profile URL, video URL, and email address. Stay away from sites that ask for your password.
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Where Can You Buy Views on TikTok?

Where can you buy views on TikTok? Here are the top sites that are worth checking out.

Where Can You Buy Views on TikTok With One-Time Services? SidesMedia and UseViral

How buying video views for TikTok works for you with a one-time service. Or you can make single purchases for different videos on different days. SidesMedia has affordable packages that start with 1000 views and go up to 100k views. Here are their prices:

  • 1000 views for $3
  • 5000 views for $7
  • 10k views for $12
  • 25k views for $24
  • 100k views for $73

A cheaper option you can try is UseViral. Aside from regular video views, you can also get LIVE views. UseViral lets you input a video URL to assign views to separate videos.

  • 1000 views for $1.49
  • 2000 views for $2.49
  • 5000 views for $4.59
  • 10k views for $8.49
  • 50k views for $30.99
  • 100k views for $49.99
  • 500k views for $199.99

Where Can You Buy Views on TikTok With Account Quality Options? Stormlikes

Can you buy views on TikTok with options for account quality? At Stormlikes, you can choose between high-quality and premium/active accounts when buying views. High-quality views come from accounts with profile pictures but no recent posts. Premium views are from active accounts. Packages for both types are as follows:

High-quality views:

  • 100 for $0.49
  • 500 for $2.25
  • 1000 for $4.41
  • 10k for $41.40
  • 100k for $38.69

Premium views:

  • 100 for $0.74
  • 500 for $3.38
  • 1000 for $6.62
  • 10k for $62.10
  • 100k for $58.04

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Where Can You Buy Views With View Distribution Options? Media Mister

Can you buy views on TikTok, select a target country, and have options for video distribution? Media Mister allows you to do both and more.

You can select a one-time package for a single TikTok post URL and set a target country to have increased exposure in a particular region. Or choose an automatic package for any target country so you can select the number of views you want to get every time you post a new video. You will also specify how many new posts will receive the automatic views. You’ll set a time delay between deliveries and indicate when you want the automatic views to stop coming.

Options for one-time package TikTok video views are as follows:

  • 500 views for $2
  • 1000 views for $3
  • 10k views for $21
  • 50k views for $91
  • 100k views for $175

Options for automatic package TikTok video views are below:

  • 100 views each for 25 posts: $5 for 2,500 views
  • 100 views each for 50 posts: $9  for 5,000 views
  • 1000 views each for 25 posts: $38 for 25k views
  • 1000 views each for 50 posts: $75 for 50k views
  • 10k views each for 25 posts: $362 for 250k views
  • 10k views each for 50 posts: $723 for 500k views

Where Can You Buy Views on TikTok With Longer Delivery Time Frames? Buy Cheapest Followers

Can you buy views on TikTok and set longer time frames for delivery? You can do this when you buy from Buy Cheapest Followers. When you select a TikTok view package, you can opt for immediate delivery or receive your order in small batches over six, 12, or 72 hours. The site also lets you choose between one-time and automatic view packages.

Options for one-time TikTok views are:

  • 10 for $0.02
  • 25 for $0.04
  • 100 for $0.09
  • 500 for $0.29
  • 1000 for $0.49
  • 10k for $3.99

Options for automatic TikTok views are:

  • 100 auto views for 15 days for $0.99
  • 100 auto views for 30 days for $1.99
  • 1000 auto views for 15 days for $7.99
  • 1000 auto views for 60 days for $31.99
  • 10k auto views for 100 days for $358.39

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What Are Other Ways To Increase TikTok Views?

Can you buy views on TikTok and experience real benefits? Yes, as long as you prioritize established organic and consistent TikTok growth strategies. Buying views can count toward genuine success on the platform, but it should not be the only solution you rely on. Here’s a checklist of best practices that will consistently deliver the view numbers you need.

  • Know what your target audience wants. Focus on creating content that keeps you loyal to your brand identity and meets the needs and interests of your target audience.
  • Participate in TikTok trends. Don’t miss any opportunity to participate in trending challenges, use trending music and effects, etc. Again, always stay true to your brand. Choose trends that are relevant to your audience. 
  • Find the best ways to land on more For You feeds. Understand how the For You algorithm works. You can use TikTok Analytics to determine what types of videos are reaching more unique audiences and receiving the highest engagement. Analyze your analytics data to improve your content strategy and have the For You algorithm work in your favor.

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Can You Buy Views on TikTok To Capture More Audiences Organically?

Can you buy views on TikTok? The answer is yes, and you don’t even have to worry about getting penalized by the platform with an account suspension. Will you benefit from buying views? There are a few benefits to buying video views, but keep in mind that these are short-lived.

Buying views can increase your visibility on TikTok and capture the interest of more audiences. People are more likely to get curious about your content when seeing a high view count. More often than not, this is as far as you can get with your boosted view numbers. It’s a whole different story if you want to keep your real audiences captivated, give them a good reason to visit your profile, check out more of your content, and follow you.

Developing a content strategy with your target audiences’ interests in mind is crucial to effective community-building on TikTok. Producing videos specifically for your niche audience will get you on the right For You feeds faster than a dangerous TikTok challenge or a massively popular dance craze.

You should have deep insight into what your niche audience wants on the platform. You have to create videos they can relate to that consistently deliver genuine value. If you can fine-tune your audience-targeting capability, you can also ensure your videos are showing up on your niche audience’s For You feeds.

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