Coquette Aesthetic: Unleash Your Girly Side!

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Last Updated: May 10, 2024

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Do you like being unapologetically girly? You no longer believe that pink and bows are just for kids. You are an adult, and you love the aesthetic of a carefree fairy. If this sounds like you, consider using the coquette aesthetic on your TikTok. 

Who said that bows and ribbons are childish? Certainly not Marie-Antoinette, who is a big inspiration for this trend. 

If you think you look flattering in pink, you need to give this trend a try. In this blog post, we will help you pick the pieces you need for this look. But first, we answer the question, “What is coquette aesthetic?”

What Is Coquette Aesthetic?

This is a playful aesthetic that infuses vintage elements into feminine styles. It is a very feminine aesthetic that incorporates traditionally girly pieces. People who wear this aesthetic typically stick to pinks, frills, and lace. 

There is an obvious influence from ethereal creatures and ballerinas. It is an aesthetic that people of varying ages can take part in. Admittedly, the result does look very youthful. Still, stylists can play it up to look sensual or sexy. The use of corset tops and micro miniskirts can give that effect.

Blue hair bow in woman’s brown hair.

Essentials for Coquette Aesthetic Outfits

Aesthetic coquette outfits are a big part of pulling off this look. Looking at a full outfit may seem intimidating. Is it difficult to pull off? We don’t think so. This trend is more accessible than you think. 

If you take the outfit apart, you will find pieces you can easily incorporate. You may already have them in your wardrobe.

Ballet Flats

Some women never liked the idea of walking on stilts. They simply weren’t practical, and they were very uncomfortable. Those women are rejoicing that ballet flats are a big part of this TikTok trend. Just think of the actual ballerinas or carefree schoolgirls. 

The flat shoe allowed for agility and some protection from the elements. Now, you can benefit from those factors as well. It is popular to see a woman in Mary Janes while they take part in this trend. Yes, the one with the strap that goes across the top of the foot. 

This style became so popular that some brands added heels. It eventually led to the platform Mary Janes. With adequate styling, it still fell in line with the coquette look. This proves that there is room for diversity within aesthetic coquette.


Don’t give up on this trend just yet. Corsets have a reputation for being extremely uncomfortable. Back in the day, women only wore them because they had to. Why should we suffer the same way today? Well, because the coquette demands it. We’re just joking.

There are so many tops that simply give the look of a corset. They may have a bustier top and slight boning. This doesn’t mean they come with the same restraint as a classic corset. They are just for appearance, for the most part.

On the other hand, maybe you like the extra assistance that comes with a corset. You could source some affordable options on the market. 

High-end brands and fast fashion brands have made their submissions to this trend. You will find one that works for you if you look hard enough.

A woman wears a large pastel pink cardigan.

Now to Accessorize the Outfits

Sometimes, accessorizing completes the look. It can even make it clear that you’re attempting the aesthetic. Try these accessories:


Do you use bows as the finishing touch for something? Apply that to your outfit. Or, you can make bows the central points of your outfit. It is up to you. Some girl’s coquette look by putting a bow in their hair. 

Hair bows were popular at the Met Gala or red carpet events. Hair accessories didn’t make starlets look childish. Instead, it was classy and refined.

Sometimes, bows form the entire top of an outfit. They could also be tiny accents on handbags or ballet flats. The girls have used it in every possible way for sure.


Jewelry is part of this aesthetic as well. Girls have to accessorize, don’t they? If you ask a coquette girl, their ideal piece will involve pearls. Don’t you want an excuse to own pearl necklaces?

It could be because they give off a very dainty and elegant appeal. There could be varying sizes of studs in the ear lobe. Or, they could be cascading around a neck. Pearls are very aesthetically flexible. We’re sure you’ll have fun with them.

A woman wears a large bow top and pearl necklace.

Are You Thinking About the Coquette Aesthetic Meaning?

You might wonder where the inspiration to dress like a doll came from. Some looks resemble something out of a Vladimir Nabokov novel. In actuality, it takes some inspiration from Baroque, Rococo, and Victorian art. 

Over time, it evolved into this aesthetic. Coquette is quite popular in the West. Over time, pastel colors, miniskirts, and lace blouses characterized aesthetic coquette. These are the elements that give the coquette aesthetic meaning.

A string of pearls hangs from a woman’s neck.

Try the Dark Coquette Aesthetic

You’ve seen the trend and think the bows and frills are overkill. That’s fine. The traditional version of this trend is not for everyone. But you don’t have to give up on this trend completely. Maybe you just need to try out a variation. One such variation is the dark coquette aesthetic.

This is a marriage between the traditional style and goth Elements. Think of Lana Del Rey or Avril Lavigne. They use feminine elements as well as grungy elements. Let’s talk about some pieces that you could incorporate.

Chunky Shoes

We spoke about the ballet flats. You might still like the elevation that comes with wearing heels. The discomfort is something that you could do without, however. 

Luckily, dark coquette allows you to wear platforms. Think of your chunky loafers, those creepers that draw attention, and combat boots. What if we told you that they have a place in this aesthetic? Well, they do.

You don’t have to give up comfort if you don’t like the idea of ballet flats. Those Doc Martens may fit right into that outfit. 

Leather Pieces

Lace and cashmere are beautiful, but leather is sturdy and strong. You can exchange that cardigan for a leather blazer. Sometimes, the weather demands something with a little bit more insulation. That leather jacket of yours is perfect. You could also consider wearing that leather mini-skirt to make a statement.

You don’t have to stick to the pink coquette aesthetic. This trend is a lot more versatile than you think. Fishnet stockings or opaque tights can be featured this season. You just need to know how to style them. 

Too many dark elements will cause you to lose the aesthetic altogether. However, not enough will make the dark elements look out of place. It will take some tweaking, but we are sure you can do it.

A woman with a hair bow kisses a man.

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