Enforce Social Reviews: What’s the Verdict?

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Last Updated: Aug 31, 2023

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Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

Growing your TikTok community can be a lot of fun. But sometimes, you may need help creating hype around your name or for new videos you share. Is a TikTok growth service a reliable solution? Let’s check out “the #1 rated provider for TikTok followers, likes and views,” Enforce Social. What do Enforce Social reviews reveal?

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What Is Enforce Social?

Before we analyze Enforce Social reviews, let’s learn more about the service. What is Enforce Social?
Social media companies or growth services like Enforce Social offer to grow your TikTok following, views, and engagement. Enforce Social belongs to a category of such services that “deliver growth” by selling you the numbers you need. The company promises to “Boost your TikTok in minutes.” Their growth services are exclusively for TikTok, and their key service features include:

  • 100% real accounts
  • Instant delivery
  • No password required
  • Highest quality
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

How does the service work?

If you want to buy TikTok followers, you’ll “get real and active TikTok followers in minutes, via [their] active engagement network.” You can buy 100 to 10,000 followers. Just select a package and provide your TikTok profile URL. 

If you want to buy TikTok views, Enforce Social will help you “hit the FYP every time.” Get anywhere between 500 and 250,000 views. Again, just select your preferred package and provide the TikTok video URL. You can also get automatic views, so every new video you post will automatically receive a set number of views.

If you want to buy TikTok likes, you can get a minimum of 100 or up to 10,000 likes. Unfortunately, you can only send likes to a single post. There’s no option to distribute the likes from your selected package among multiple videos. 

The site also offers free followers plan. You’ll need to sign up and earn credits by engaging with other plan subscribers. You can use your earned credits to get followers for your account and views and likes for your videos.

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Enforce Social Tiktok Reviews On-Site

Checking out site reviews is a crucial step when you’re thinking of buying numbers for your TikTok. You should be able to gauge if you’re reading authentic or fake reviews. Let’s have a look at some on-site Enforce Social TikTok reviews from “verified users.” Take note that all of these are five-star reviews.

Overall, the six reviews displayed on Enforce Social’s website convey the same sentiment of top-notch service and satisfying growth results. The lack of negative reviews and review dates may give some potential Enforce Social customers pause. The fact that they’re only showing more than a handful of reviews should also make anyone wary. Doing additional due diligence and reading reviews on a trusted review site is important.

The Reviews section also highlights “495 reviews” on Trustpilot. Checking out these reviews should be your next step, so you’ll have more feedback to compare.

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Enforce Social Trustpilot Reviews

Don’t limit yourself to the reviews you find on a company’s own site. Go to trusted review sites and compare customer feedback. Enforce Social reviews on Trustpilot seem consistent with those on the site, with some negative feedback thrown in. Among 155 reviews, the growth service received a 4.4 average TrustScore out of five stars. The star ratings are as follows:

  • 82% five-star rating
  • 8% four-star rating
  • 3% three-star rating
  • 4% two-star rating
  • 3% one-star rating

Trustpilot’s star rating standards indicate that the 4.4 average TrustScore is considered “Excellent.”  However, it’s important to note that Trustpilot gives more weight to newer reviews. And for companies with fewer than 10,000 reviews, like Enforce Social, Trustpilot recalculates the overall TrustScore immediately after somebody posts a new review.

So, while Enforce Social may have an “Excellent” TrustScore, this should be weighed against its most recent reviews.

Enforce Social’s about section on Trustpilot is as follows:

“Get more TikTok Followers with Enforce Social. Enforce Social is the #1 TikTok Growth Service and is used by 1,000+ Influencers, Brands and Celebrities. We’re based in Los Angeles and Dubai, and our support team is available 24/7. Sign up for Enforce Social and get more TikTok followers today.”

Enforce Social Reviews on Trustpilot: Five-Star Ratings

Enforce Social reviews on Trustpilot are mostly raves. The service received a total of 125 five-star ratings from non-verified users. A lot of the positive feedback is short and generic, however. It’s also worth noting that the most recent five-star reviews are from early 2022. Below is a sampling of what the most satisfied customers had to say.

The above reviews are consistent with those posted on the site. However, Trustpilot also reports that there have only been two organic reviews for Enforce Social in the past 12 months. Trustpilot defines “organic reviews” as those from “people with genuine experience.” People who write organic reviews do so “without being asked by a company” or without using Trustpilot’s supported invitation methods.

The reviews above may seem impressive. But the fact that they’re more than a year old also makes them irrelevant today.

Enforce Social Reviews on Trustpilot: Four-Star Ratings

Twelve non-verified users gave four-star Enforce Social reviews. Here are the most recent ones.

It’s important to note that the four-star reviews also fall within the same timeframe as the five-star reviews. The customers above seem to be satisfied but not as impressed with the services as those who gave the site five stars.

Enforce Social claimed their Trustpilot profile on the review site in January 2022. However, the company has not verified additional company details. These details include:

  • Proof of identity
  • Contact details 
  • Registered domain name ownership
  • Bank account

Trustpilot also reports that Enforce Social has not asked customers to review their service in recent months.

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Enforce Social Reviews on Trustpilot: Three-Star Ratings

There are four three-star Enforce Social reviews, all of which are from non-verified accounts.

In general, three-star reviews are pretty reliable. Average customer feedback can help you develop a clearer perception of what to expect from a company. Especially considering that these reviews are also from early 2022, they create a good juxtaposition with the positive feedback. 

Based on the above reviews, you’d know not to expect too much from Enforce Social in terms of real growth. You may buy followers and likes simply to simulate popularity. And you should take the necessary precautions to avoid getting flagged for inauthentic activity.

Enforce Social Reviews on Trustpilot: Two-Star Ratings

Six Enforce Social reviews gave the service two stars. None of the reviewers were from verified accounts.

Two of the two-star reviews come from the same months as the five-star and four-star ratings. One review was posted a few months later. Based on these, we can conclude that the service also had some shortcomings during its supposed heyday. It also appears that the quality of service plummeted only a few months after the initial surge of amazing reviews. 

Take note that Trustpilot considers two- and one-star ratings as negative reviews.

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Enforce Social Reviews on Trustpilot: One-Star Rating

There are five one-star Enforce Social reviews to date; none are from verified users, however.

Trustpilot provides a detailed overview of a company’s activities and reviews for the past 12 months. During this period, Enforce Social has received only two reviews — both of these are organic and one-star ratings. The third one-star review above was shared several months after Enforce Social’s Trustpilot much-applauded debut. Trustpilot also reports that Enforce Social has not responded to any negative feedback in the past 12 months. 

Based on the two- and one-star ratings, it may be best to steer clear of this growth service. If you’re seriously considering boosting your TikTok numbers, you can check out other more reputable sites.

Trustpilot recommends that companies regularly ask customers to write reviews. In general, businesses that actively ask for customer feedback get a higher TrustScore than those that don’t. Additionally, regularly receiving new reviews also ensures a more stable TrustScore, as these hold the most weight. “The most recent review holds the most weight, since newer reviews give more insight into current customer satisfaction.”

What’s the Verdict on Growth Services?

If there’s one thing that Enforce Social reviews tell us, it’s that finding a reliable growth service can help fuel TikTok’s growth. But services that provide bulk followers, views, and likes will not carry you all the way to fame and success.

Taking the shortcut to growth is tempting. Buying your numbers can only take you so far. A high follower count may create the impression that you’re a trusted name in your niche and community. Tons of views and likes may indicate that your videos offer real value. But you have to be able to back up your inflated numbers with compelling work.

The numbers you buy can successfully drive profile visits and video views. It’s up to you to be able to convert these into instant followers and engagement. Before you even start buying followers, views, and likes, you should already have an optimized audience-targeting strategy. In other words, you should be able to walk your talk.

One way to have all your proverbial chess pieces in their proper places is with a community of dedicated followers. You should be able to effectively signal TikTok’s For You algorithm to show your videos to interested viewers. And when it does, the odds would be in your favor that these viewers will become lifelong fans.

Enforce Social reviews may still leave you undecided regarding buying TikTok numbers. But High Social’s advanced, proprietary AI audience-targeting technology will convince you to sign up. When you team up with High Social, you’ll grow your TikTok with real and genuinely interested followers month after month. So when you decide to buy followers or engagement, you’ll have a genuine community to back up your simulated popularity. Start growing your TikTok today!

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