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Last Updated: Nov 24, 2023

TikTok 101

Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

Who doesn’t get excited seeing their follower numbers go up? These days, we often judge creators and brands based on their follower count on social media platforms. We gauge their value based on their popularity. The more followers one has, the bigger their sphere of influence. At the same time, the quality of followers is also an excellent indication of an individual’s relevance in their niche and industry. So, should you focus on quantity or quality if you’re looking to get free followers on TikTok?

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How To Get More Followers on TikTok for Free: Boost Popularity With Numbers

Knowing how to get more followers on TikTok for free can help you boost your popularity in terms of sheer numbers. We’re talking about getting the numbers to increase your follower count and inflate this vanity metric.

You can get free followers for TikTok via a followers service. Trustworthy ones mostly offer free followers in small numbers. This works in your favor, as increasing your follower count by small increments effectively simulates natural growth. So, if you’re patient, not greedy, and willing to be smart about this quick fix, your simulated popularity can become real in due time. 

Where To Get Free Followers

It’s always a good idea to avail of a site’s trial offer to see how the service works, especially if you plan on buying followers later on. Here are the best sites to score free TikTok followers.

  • InstaFollowers. This site has been around for years. You can claim ten TikTok followers for free every week. Just enter your TikTok username. You can also avail of free TikTok views and likes. 
  • TikFans. Collect stars by completing tasks, and exchange your stars for free followers. 
  • Trollishly. Just enter your TikTok username and email address to collect 100 TikTok followers.
  • PubTok. Be among the first 2,000 users daily to receive 25 free TikTok followers. You can come back after 24 hours to claim more. 
  • EnforceSocial. Sign up for an account. Engage with others in the community to earn credits. Use your credits to claim free followers, likes, and views.

If increasing your follower count through trial offers is not enough for you, and you decide to buy, take note of these tips:

  • Don’t buy a considerable volume of followers in one go unless gradual delivery is an option. Increasing your follower numbers by hundreds or thousands in seconds will alert TikTok and other users to suspicious activity. 
  • If gradual delivery is not available, make multiple purchases of smaller follower quantities. You should also separate your purchases over several hours or days. 
  • You should also consider buying video views and likes to correspond with the increase in your follower numbers.

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How To Use Free Followers: Tips To Minimize Risks and Maximize Benefits

Remember that TikTok places a high value on authenticity. While the platform won’t ban your account for getting fake followers, this option is not without risk. You can minimize these risks and maximize your benefits with these tips:

  • Always use secure sites. Check if the URL has the HTTPS or the padlock icon in it. 
  • Never use services that ask you to log into your TikTok account or require your TikTok password. 
  • Collect free followers gradually. You may avail of free follower offers from multiple sites, but wait a few hours to a day between collections. You want to increase your follower count slowly, so the growth is realistic. 
  • Make sure you have a good proportion of followers, videos, views, and likes. If you have too many followers and haven’t posted many videos, your “popularity” will immediately look suspicious. The same applies if your video views and likes are too low.
  • Make sure you’re producing content that justifies your follower count. Profile visitors should see why you have so many fans based on the quality of your videos.

How To Gain Followers on TikTok for Free: Quality Over Quantity

Knowing how to gain followers on TikTok for free while prioritizing quality over quantity is paramount. You can only sustain growth with real and engaged fans. If there’s no significant activity on your videos, i.e., in the form of likes and comments, your visibility will continue to decline. Producing quality and relevant content should be at the core of your growth strategy to attract genuinely interested followers.

How do you achieve sustained, organic growth? How do you convert active users into genuine fans?

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Know What Your Audience Wants

Especially when you’re just starting on TikTok, your primary focus should be on what your target audience wants. Here are several ways to help you find out what interests your target community:

  • Run a poll. Ask them directly what topics and types of content they want to see from you on TikTok. You can run a poll on your other platforms to get their input. 
  • Check out the competition. Visit the TikTok pages of creators, brands, and influencers who share your audience. Identify their most popular content to see what resonates the most with their fans. 
  • Identify industry trends. Use TikTok Creative Center to discover current and emerging trends in your industry. 

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Develop a TikTok SEO strategy that helps you land on the For You feeds of interested viewers and rank high in searches. Optimize your content through:

Build a Multi-Platform Presence

Link your TikTok account to your Instagram and Facebook for convenient multi-platform posting. While your audience may have different content preferences on other platforms, cross-promoting your TikTok content will still help you reach more potential followers. Because Instagram and Facebook have introduced Reels to rival TikTok, getting your TikTok videos out there is even more important. TikTok’s editing tools remain leagues ahead of these other channels. Your TikTok videos have an excellent chance of outperforming Reels and driving traffic to your TikTok page.

You can also build brand awareness in the real world by using your TikTok QR code. Print it on your business cards, sales receipts, brochures, posters, banners, and other marketing paraphernalia. Make it easy for potential new followers to find your TikTok profile and hit your follow button.

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Sustaining Organic Growth With Free Followers on TikTok

It’s fair to say that organic growth is easier to achieve on TikTok than on other platforms. Because TikTok offers a level playing field. Whether you’re a mega-influencer or a newbie creator, TikTok’s recommendation algorithm gives you equal chances of discovery on users’ For You feeds.

TikTok prioritizes user interests when recommending content. As a creator, following TikTok’s footsteps will help lead the right audiences straight to your content. Find out what users in your niche community want. Create videos that match their content consumption preferences. And let TikTok perform its matchmaking magic.

Visibility on For You feeds opens the door to your profile — inviting viewers to visit and become followers. Having a decent follower count may tip the odds in your favor and convince profile visitors to view more of your videos. If you deliver content that caters to their interests, you can guarantee these curious visitors will hit your follow button.

It’s relatively easy to get free followers on TikTok. How fast you get them is another story. If you want to quickly double your AI-powered audience-targeting capability, subscribe to a High Social plan. With High Social’s advanced, proprietary AI technology, you can accelerate your organic follower growth with interested and real users. Start growing your TikTok today!

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