Free TikTok Views Trial: Convert Views to Engagement

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Last Updated: Mar 24, 2024

TikTok Growth

Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

Every time you post a video on TikTok, you can rest assured that it will appear on users’ feeds. It auto-plays as soon as it passes through a feed, and this counts as a view. Views without engagement, however, will immediately drive your video into obscurity. Learn how a free TikTok views trial can help remedy this problem and more ways to convert views to engagement.

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Free TikTok Views Trial: Where To Get Free Views and How To Use Them To Drive Engagement

Free TikTok views can give your video the momentum it needs to amass views and earn engagement from interested users. When you seed your post with views, real people are more likely to give it a longer look. And if you’re targeting the right users, they’ll be more inclined to like your post. 

Where can you get free views? How can you use your free views to generate higher numbers? Keep reading to learn more. 

Where To Go for Free TikTok Views

When using any social media growth service, make sure the site is reliable and safe. Avoid sites that ask you to log into your account or that ask for your password. As much as possible, choose a site with the padlock icon or HTTPS in its URL. These TikTok views services are worth checking out!

  • InstaFollowers: Get 100 free TikTok views every 24 hours! Make sure the account receiving the free views is public. 
  • QQTube: Sign up with an email address to get free credits, which you can use to get free TikTok views. 
  • TikScoop: Enter your username, select the video, and get 100 views added to it for free. Again, the account and video must be public. 
  • Trollishly: This is another site that lets you increase your video’s view count by 100 at no cost! You’ll need to provide your TikTok username, the video URL, and an email address. 
  • Followeran: Need more views to boost your video’s popularity? This service provider offers 500 free views every 24 hours. 
  • Allsmo: You can get free views for more than one video. Use this site’s free offer of 100 views to fuel your post’s visibility. You can claim another thousand by sharing the site’s link on social media. 

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How To Use Free Views To Fuel Engagement

Adding free views to a video’s view count is not enough. Follow these tips to make the most of your free views:

  1. Post your video when your target audience is online: You can track their TikTok activities via your Analytics. If you don’t have enough Analytics data yet, check out other pages in your niche. See when they usually post their most popular videos. 
  2. Delay delivery of your free views: Don’t add views to your video right after you post it. Wait a reasonable time before increasing your view numbers. Having 100 views only minutes after publishing your video is unrealistic. 
  3. Optimize, optimize, and optimize some more: If you’re getting views from uninterested users, your engagement will remain disproportionately low. Eventually, your visibility will also taper off until new videos completely bury yours. Always optimize your posts to reach your target audience, i.e., users whose interests align with yours. Create content for your niche. Use relevant hashtags. Hop on relevant trends. 
  4. Keep your comments section busy: Comments increase a video’s relevance more than high view numbers. An active comments section tells TikTok that your post is generating a lot of interest. And TikTok will likely recommend it to more potentially interested users. Like and reply to comments as promptly as you can to keep conversations going.
  5. Consider also getting free likes for your videos: If necessary, you should boost your likes count so that it shows a corresponding increase along with your views. A decent number of likes may also make people more curious about your content. 

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How To Get More TikTok Views the Old-Fashioned Way

You can’t just rely on free views from growth services. Your goal should always be to gain organic views from users who fall within your target demographic. Here’s a quick rundown of the best practices to help you put your content in front of interested viewers. 

  • Get to know your target audience: Learn about their content preferences, needs, passions, and beliefs. Use these audience insights to create content they’ll find value in. 
  • Understand how TikTok’s recommendation works: TikTok’s algorithm chooses content for For You feeds based on users’ interests. Give TikTok the right signals to help it identify suitable viewers for your videos. These signals include the hashtags you use, keywords in your caption, and other elements in the video itself. 
  • Post consistently: “Out of sight, out of mind” is never truer than on social media. You need to maintain high visibility so people won’t forget you. Publish videos regularly once you figure out the ideal posting schedule to reach your target audience. 
  • Take advantage of TikTok trends: Whether it’s a trending sound, effect, or challenge, participate as soon as possible. Make sure the trend is also gaining popularity within your niche community. Make it a habit to visit the TikTok Creative Center to stay current on industry trends. 
  • Use TikTok’s interactive features to encourage creative collaboration: Features like Duet and Stitch prompt users to use your video in their own content. These collaborations will instantly magnify your audience reach and help you gain more organic views. 

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Get TikTok Viewers Who Engage

Many times, bigger exposure means higher engagement, i.e., more eyes on your video also increases your engagement. But, the relationship between views and engagement is not always directly proportional. It’s one thing to get lots of video views. Earning likes, comments, and shares from those views is a different story.

To get viewers who engage, you must get viewers who are interested. You need to connect with TikTok users whose interests align with yours. The formula seems simple enough. And it can be, with a carefully developed optimization strategy. Identify and get to know your target audience. Create content that satisfies their interests. And optimize your posts so they show up on your target audiences’ For You Pages (FYPs). 

A free TikTok views trial can give your video’s visibility the push it needs to reach more real viewers. Or you can get guaranteed results by signing up for a High Social plan. 

High Social’s advanced, proprietary AI technology offers the same precision as TikTok’s algorithm. This means you can instantly double your audience-targeting power. Start growing your TikTok today!

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