How To Sell TikTok Account and Make a Profit!

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Last Updated: Apr 10, 2024

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Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

Why make something from scratch when you could buy it? This is why companies like Uber Eats and DoorDash are so popular. The ease of getting something ready-made is addictive. Did you know that you could sell your TikTok account as well? You just need to know how to sell TikTok accounts. 

If you’re not familiar, we can help you with that. 

Social media has become a big marketplace. A lot of things are up for sale. We don’t want you to miss out on an opportunity for some income. 

You might have a page worth a pretty penny. Let’s talk about your options. Keep reading this article to figure out your next move!

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Why People Would Buy Your TikTok Account

Maybe the concept of selling an entire account is new to you. You can’t grasp buying followers or even buying likes. But buying a full account seems extreme. Let’s talk about why you should know how to sell a TikTok account.

There Is an Easier Chance of Monetization

Unfortunately, you can’t just hop on TikTok and start earning an income. You must have a certain number of views in the last month and attain a certain number of followers. Not everybody has the time to grow their page from the ground up. 

For some people, they have just enough time to buy an account. This account would have already attained certain numerical milestones. When a page is already growing, they are more likely to generate funds in a shorter period. With these numbers in place, someone can start to earn from a page quickly.

Maybe your page already has a good-size following. This is attractive to someone who wants to build on a pre-existing foundation.

The Headstart Is Helpful

People prefer to follow pages that already have a following. Because of the phenomenon of social proof, people like to join crowds of other people. It may not be ideal for a growing page. This is why buying the page is so helpful. 

A TikTok creator can bypass the awkward stage in the beginning. All they have to do is keep on the upward trend.

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These Are the Types of Accounts People Like To Buy

As in any marketplace, some items have greater value than others. All TikTok pages are not equal. Do you know how to tell that yours is valuable? We can give you some tips on knowing if it is.

Accounts With High Engagement

People want to buy pages that have what every page wants to have. As a creator, you want engagement from active users. Naturally, this is what someone would want to pay for. Brands that have a built-in fan base will do well. 

To make your page more attractive, do things to encourage engagement on your page. Engage in conversation with the comments that you get. Even if you think you deserve more comments, appreciate the ones you already have. This includes the negative ones, too. 

TikTok notices comments, whether they flatter are you or not. This is why some creators create content that is intentionally provocative. They want to encourage people to respond. They know that responses reflect the TikTok algorithm well. 

Of course, you don’t have to resort to provoking responses all the time. You just need to master using effective calls to action in your videos and captions. 

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Pages That Are Active

Pages with ongoing activity tend to catch the eyes of buyers. Naturally, they want a page that has an existing relationship with followers. It would be awkward to randomly start posting on a dormant page. To do well on TikTok, you do have to post often anyway. This is a good practice to keep up in general.

The existing content will give potential buyers an idea of what does well. They can see the metrics for themselves. This way, they will know what kind of content to capitalize on. They will also know what content to ignore going forward.

If your page needs more work, don’t feel discouraged. You are in the right place to find out tips on improving our page. The experts at High Social can help you with growth tips. Then, you can keep the page for yourself or sell it to the highest bidder.

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3 Steps for Selling Your TikTok Account

The concept of selling your account might still seem a bit obscure. There’s no physical store where you put your account up for sale. So, where do you execute this transaction? If you want to sell your account, these helpful steps should give some guidance.

1. Assess How Much Your Page Is Worth

You will need a level of self-awareness when you put your page up for sale. Don’t try to sell your page until you are ready to sell it as it is. You might have grand expectations for what your TikTok page is worth. This is reasonable. After all, you grew it from the ground up. It is valuable to you. 

Whether it is valuable to the average buyer is another thing. Some say a TikTok page is worth $100 for every $10,000. With this information, decide if your page is worth selling. Like in any marketplace, numbers are not hard and fast. There might be aspects of your TikTok page that can earn a little more than the average price. 

Maybe your page is extremely active. Perhaps the engagement rate is a favorable one. Maybe you even have a good target audience following in a niche area. There might be a buyer who values that more than the average person. 

On the other hand, your page might be big but controversial. Do you have a strike against your account? Have you experienced a shadowban at any point? These are factors that a new buyer may not want to take on.

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2. Find a Website To Sell Your Page

We hope you didn’t think that you would execute this all on your own. There is a robust market for buying and selling TikTok accounts. So you don’t have to worry about arranging payment plans with a stranger on the Internet. You just need to find a platform that facilitates a transaction like this. 

This is a great way to find out what the going rate is for a page like yours. You could use that information to find out what the main selling points are and capitalize on them.

3. Give the Login Information to the New Owner

For the transaction to be complete, the buyer must be able to access your account. You will have to give them all your login details. When you use a platform, you should feel safe about giving this information. 

You should be able to trust that platform to not use that information for themselves. If you were to do this alone, the process would be trickier. 

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3 Tips To Sell Your Account Safely

You don’t want something like this to send you into financial ruin. To conduct a transaction like this online, you will have to be smart. Not everyone on the internet is a trustworthy character. Here are three tips to keep in mind.

1. Change Your Login Details

You have to hand over your login details to the buyer. You may have a username or password similar to credentials on another social media site. Handing over these details could jeopardize the information on the other websites. 

You don’t know who could get a hold of this information. No matter how much you trust the buyer, don’t put yourself at risk. Before you hand over your account, change your login details. Make sure there is no connection between these details and those that exist on other platforms. 

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2. Delete TikTok DMs

You could have some very controversial information in your direct messages (DMs). Someone may have confided in you with very personal information. This is the kind of information that they would hate to come out. 

Perhaps you even have confidential correspondence with another TikTok user. You could have been communicating with a brand. Negotiations could’ve fallen through, but everything said was supposed to be secret. You can’t afford to give all this information over to another person. 

Before you hand over your TikTok account, you should delete your direct messages. Of course, you should sift through to ensure that you save important information for yourself. But anything private should not be there when you hand it over to the other person. 

Some people forget that buyers acquire everything, including messages. You don’t want someone else to lose trust in you because of this.

3. Remove the Link With Other Social Media Platforms

You can link your TikTok account to your Instagram. If you’ve done this, make sure to remove it from your TikTok bio. Since the page is no longer yours, you don’t want people to think there is a connection. The new owner may create content you don’t want to associate with. For the sake of the brand, make sure there is no connection to another social media platform.

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Platforms To Sell Your TikTok Page

You don’t advertise your page with video shopping ads. Nothing will give you peace of mind like finding the right platform. This is how to sell a platform with as few hiccups as possible. 

Fortunately, you have quite a few options out there to find potential customers. Here are a few platforms for selling your TikTok account online.

Account Warehouse

Waiting through bidding wars and negotiations can do a number on your anxiety. If you need some quick cash, Account Warehouse may be ideal for you. They can buy your account from you within 24 hours. 

You just may have to sacrifice getting a competitive price. Feel free to visit their website and find out how much a page like yours would go for.


This is a relatively well-known marketplace for TikTok accounts. Fameswap has gained some respect because of some of the safeguards in place. 

For example, sellers have to verify that they actually own their TikTok accounts. This way, you can avoid random people claiming to be the owners of popular TikTok accounts. Buyers can peruse the product catalog with confidence.

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How To Sell TikTok Account: First Build It With High Social

Using TikTok for business is not just about becoming a content creator who posts user-generated content. Perhaps that is not what you ultimately want to do. Maybe you like the idea of building up a page to resell it to someone else. Influencer marketing is not for everyone, so this is valid. Still, you will need some help in growing your brand to this level. 

Luckily, you have your friends at High Social who can help you with that. We use very advanced growth techniques to expand the reach of TikTok accounts. We don’t just attract more TikTok pages to your account. We attract high-quality followers who engage in your content. 

With a page like that, knowing how to sell a TikTok account will be a breeze. Buyers will be clamoring to get their hands on your account. Are you ready to grow your followers? Reach out to High Social today!

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