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Last Updated: Apr 30, 2024

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Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

Are you wondering if it’s safe to buy TikTok followers? It’s crazy to think that some people have millions of followers. How did they get this many people to keep up with their lives? And how can you do the same thing? Is it possible for you to get millions of legit TikTok followers? We think that it is. You just need consistency and dedication. 

This article will help shed light on several things. We will explain the importance of having a strong following on the Internet. You will see that it’s not just about numbers. 

We also plan to address the elephant in the room. Buying followers is not the easy way out you think it is. Finally, we will tell you the proven steps to grow your following online. Let’s get started because there’s a lot to cover!

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Why Do People Want More Followers?

It seems like TikTok followers are a form of currency these days. People decide how much respect they want to give you based on how many followers you have. 

Why is that? Is it all about vanity? Do people just want bragging rights, or is there a better reason to idolize this number? We can explain why people care so much about their follower counts.

1. Social Proof

Having followers makes people want to follow you more. There is a snowball effect that takes place when you have a sizable following. It comes down to this phenomenon called social proof. People want to know something is of good quality before investing in it. 

You read the reviews before you buy something online. TikTok pages don’t come with a Yelp review page. So, how do you know that a page is worth your follow before you follow it?

You look at the follower count. You may not think you do it, but you do. When you see that many people like a page, you are more likely to follow it as well. 

When you see that many people have liked a post on TikTok, you want to like it, too. A video with a lot of views is particularly intriguing. You want to see why so many people watch it, so you watch it, too. 

There is a benefit to having a large following. It helps you get more organically over time. This is just the way the human brain works. You subconsciously like when other people have approved something before they do.

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2. Exposure To Other TikTok Users

This is all about building our community. You want to galvanize like-minded people and have them gather on your page. When you have a larger following, this means that you are successful at this. Meeting new people will open more opportunities for your TikTok page. 

You can join forces to make posts. You can collaborate for TikTok giveaways. You can leverage your following to get access to another creator’s following. Increasing your TikTok community will give you access to other creators who are just like you. 

Remember that you can’t exist on TikTok in isolation. There is value in collaborative efforts between creators.

3. The Financial Opportunities

It is no secret that TikTok is a great platform for earning a living. It has changed so many people’s lives. Some of them did so because of a viral moment or two. 

Other people achieved fame and success with gradual TikTok growth. Either way, you can experience success on this social media platform as well. 

Earning potential exists for creators of all platform sizes. You could have a smaller following and align with the right brands. 

However, you have greater bargaining power when you have a greater following. This is the incentive for growing a larger TikTok following. It may eventually affect your bottom line and the amount of money you get to keep.

You might be a TikTok micro-influencer right now. But do you want to be a mega influencer? When you reach your full potential, you will see how much you can truly earn on this platform.

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Why You Can’t Truly Buy TikTok Followers Legit

We see why you have such an interest in going your following. The benefits of doing this are obvious. It also makes sense that you want to expedite the process of having a strong following. This is why you might want to buy TikTok followers legit

Well, does this practice really work out? You have to weigh both the pros and cons of doing this. We have a list of concerns you should keep in mind if you consider buying followers. 

Hopefully, at the end of it all, you have all the information to make an educated decision.

1. They Don’t Engage With Your Content

These followers that you will buy are not real people. We don’t care how much the website promises that they are high-quality followers. They are fake accounts run by Internet bots. 

Because of this, they do not act like humans do. They won’t share or comment like real active users. They won’t interact with content like genuine TikTok followers either. 

You would hope that your community is full of people who care about what you post. You can’t count on that when you buy followers on the Internet. You aren’t getting people who followed out of genuine curiosity. These are people who will not find your content entertaining, no matter how entertaining it is. 

This lack of interest will be reflected in your page’s overall engagement rate. It will cause everything to plummet overall. You got these followers hoping that other people will see them and follow as well. 

You have to hope that organic followers come to your page to ensure that buying followers is worth it. If it doesn’t work out, you will have a page full of robots.

2. Everyone Knows They Are Fake

You aren’t fully anyone with these followers. By now, the average TikTok user can tell when followers are fake. They may not go through your following with a fine toothcomb. Just a cursory glance over your page will raise some red flags. 

For example, your page might be full of followers but no comments. There are some TikTok accounts with millions of followers and barely 100 comments. Imagine having millions of followers and only a few thousand views on a video. This could be the result of an aggressive shadow ban on the platform

But it could also be the result of having a majority of fake followers

These followers will not interact with your content like authentic followers. The real TikTok users visiting your page will look at the lack of activity and clock it immediately. This is not a good look for a brand. 

You don’t want people thinking that you’re not legitimate because of all your fake followers. This is the opposite of what you wanted to happen. If real followers can tell when you have fake followers, so can TikTok. And you don’t want TikTok to catch on to your plan to buy followers.

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3. It Makes You Less Marketable to Brands

This lack of engagement on your page affects your marketability for brand deals. Brands are not just looking at the number of followers you have. They consider a lot of things when they decide to work with an influencer. One of those things is the level of activity and engagement on that creator’s page. 

Do the followers have conversations with this creator? Does the creator engage with them? Do they answer any questions that the followers may have? 

It is not a good look if you can barely inspire interaction on your page. Why would a brand trust you to promote their products? 

Brands can tell if your following is not legit. If they can tell, they know that you cannot sell their products. This is because you don’t even have a real following to market to. 

Bots cannot buy skincare products. They have no interest in that discount code for that popular fast fashion brand. 

You don’t want to limit your collaboration potential because you have illegitimate followers. This is especially true when a small following of engaged viewers could’ve been your selling point to brands.

4. TikTok Removes Fake Accounts

As a creator with a growing following, you don’t have money to waste. These third-party sites cannot guarantee the longevity of these followers. Nothing is stopping these followers from disappearing from your page after some time has passed. And we’re not talking about these followers unfollowing you. 

We are talking about TikTok forcibly removing them from your followers list. TikTok has the power to remove followers from the platform. They especially do not like bots on the Internet. If they find out that you bought your followers, they could disappear overnight. 

This would mean you wasted money buying followers from a third-party website. On top of that, and now you’re on TikTok’s bad side. You don’t want to face a shadowban because you upset the TikTok powers that be.

Maybe now you will think twice before you give your information to a third-party website. To make you feel better, we have some tips on how to grow your following organically. Check out our list below.

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How You Can Get Free TikTok Followers Legit

You don’t have to break the bank to secure that formidable following you want on the Internet. These platforms have methods in place for you to grow your following organically. You can get free TikTok followers legit without fear that they all disappear overnight. We have studied the platform and have some solutions for you. 

1. Keep Up With Trends

TikTok is the birthplace of so many Internet trends. Before Instagram or YouTube has viral content, TikTok likely has at first. To make sure you benefit from this trend, keep your ear to the ground on TikTok.

Sometimes, there are dance trends that go viral. You don’t even have to be a good dancer to get some clout from this trend. 

There are makeup trends for those who think they have some talent there. There is even a culture of pranking trends. There are different ways for you to gain exposure on the platform. 

You don’t even have to be particularly talented at anything to benefit from this. There might be a viral moment in pop culture right now. You can stitch a video and give your opinion. 

You could get visibility from doing this. Yes, you could grow your page from just talking about someone else. 

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2. Use Popular Audio

The reason you know that popular song is because it went viral on TikTok. You never even heard about that artist before it took over your For You page. 

The musician doesn’t have to be the only person benefiting from the virality. You can benefit from it, too. All you have to do is use that trending audio for your next TikTok.

It can be the backdrop for a collage of photos or video clips. If TikTok is pushing that audio, it may push your video that uses that as well. This is a simple way to get on the radar of other Internet users. 

You’re going to share the content anyway. You may as well use that trending audio clip.

3. Respond to Comments

Maintain a good social media presence. You need to treat the following that you already have very well. Respond to the comments so you can keep your engagement rate healthy. You can even respond to comments with another TikTok video. 

Sometimes, the video, in response, goes viral, not the original one. This just gives you another opportunity for visibility on the platform. Don’t wait until you get a big following. I’d like you to have a healthy following right now.

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We Will Help You Get Those Legit TikTok Followers

Even with the best hacks, growing your TikTok following will not be easy. Not everyone has that viral moment where they get a following from doing nothing. Some of us have to work from the ground up. 

Luckily, we don’t have to do it alone. Not when there is the resource of High Social. 

With your expert organic growth gurus here at High Social, legit TikTok followers are on the way. We want you to benefit from an excellent customer support team. 

That wider audience you’ve been dreaming of is on the way. Start growing your TikTok following today!

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