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Last Updated: Jun 26, 2024

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While social media platforms are excellent for connecting people, they are much more helpful than that alone. TikTok, in particular, has grown into a significant marketing tool for users to buy and sell products and services. But how can you enjoy this aspect of the app? How do you use Tik Tok marketing?

Marketing on TikTok involves using the platform’s short video format to promote brands and their services and products. This could include affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and other forms. 

This article is for you if you’re interested in marketing on the app.

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What Is Tik Tok Marketing?

TikTok marketing means using the app to promote a brand and its products and services. Remember that the social media platform mainly works with short-form video content. 

For this reason, you can use this format to promote your business to potential customers. 

Unlike generic social media marketing, this aspect of marketing primarily focuses on TikTok. While you must maintain practices that work on this particular social media app, you must also maintain a specific style. 

Your TikTok marketing practices must match those on other social media channels. In this case, you must also remember to tailor your content specifically for TikTok’s target audience. While they are sometimes exclusive, you can always repost your TikToks as Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts. 

Marketing on this social media platform allows you to increase your brand awareness. You can also build engaged communities while selling your products and services. Overall, this type of marketing helps you reach audiences you wouldn’t have reached otherwise.

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How Does Tik Tok Help With Marketing?

TikTok is helpful for marketing because it allows brands and businesses to reach newer and larger audiences. 

While there are many questions about its usefulness as a marketing tool, it helps in many ways. So, how does Tik Tok help with marketing? 

1. TikTok Offers a Large User Base

TikTok is the fourth-largest social media platform, with over a billion monthly active users. Besides this massive user base, the TikTok algorithm also provides your content with more room for more people. 

Unlike other apps like Facebook and Instagram, TikTok’s homepage shows your content to people who do not necessarily follow you. People who access your content the most may not have seen your profile in the past. The most important prerequisite in this case is their interest in your content. 

This feature offers a massive advantage in marketing. It increases your chances of reaching your target audience without attracting them as followers beforehand. 

You can always target a specific demographic from this large user base. For instance, if you sell products for Gen Z, you can tailor your posts to fit their content. This way, the app displays your posts to younger users, increasing your chances of making sales.

2. Your Post Can Go Viral in a Second

TikTok is one of the easiest social media apps to go viral. Again, this platform stands out from other social media platforms. While other apps mainly prioritize showing your content only to friends and people who follow you, TikTok doesn’t.

The app pays more attention to content discovery than posts from people you know. Since most users browse the For You Page (FYP), also known as the For You Feed (FYF), for content discovery, you can always use it to your advantage. 

This feature offers a significant advantage for brands, helping them to reach a bigger audience. It exposes your content to people interested in your type of content. This way, you can attract more TikTok followers and reach more potential buyers.

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3. People Look for Products on TikTok

Since many users spend considerable time on the app, TikTok influences many purchases. Many people have admitted to buying items simply because they saw something on their feed. Others use the TikTok Shop for inspiration on what to buy. 

Besides that, TikTok shopping has gone up over the years. Projections indicate that purchases on the app will likely increase in the coming years. 

For this reason, TikTok offers an excellent option for people intent on growing sales online. 

4. Influencer Marketing Is Big on TikTok

TikTok influencer marketing is vital for making sales online. This strategy can help your brand reach new people in your target audience who may be inaccessible. 

Fortunately, there are millions of popular creators and influencers in every niche. Therefore, you can always work with one that fits your brand and industry. Also, you do not necessarily need big influencers to draw sales when using this marketing strategy. 

Even micro-influencers on TikTok can draw a lot of sales. The platform’s algorithm helps in this regard. So, you can minimize your spending while optimizing your marketing activities. 

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How To Do Tik Tok Marketing

There are many questions about how to do Tik Tok marketing. This social media app supports different types of marketing activities. For instance, you can use influencer marketing, the TikTok Shop, and affiliate marketing. 

However, consider creating a business account on TikTok first. This type of account provides access to extra features like the business creative hub, commercial music library, ads, and analytics. So, here is how to market on the app:

1. Use Tik Tok Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a brand’s products or services and receiving commissions for sales. Social media platforms, including TikTok, provide excellent avenues for users to conduct this type of marketing. 

Tik Tok affiliate marketing is a big marketing niche. Here, users use the app’s short-form video-creating capabilities to promote products and services and generate sales. Since users can target specific audiences on the social platform, they can boost awareness, which converts to sales. 

To run affiliate marketing activities, you’ll usually get a unique link from the brand that identifies your sales. In other cases, coupons or discount codes follow the affiliate links that you share. After promoting the brand and its products and services, the brand pays the influencer a commission. 

In TikTok affiliate marketing, you’ll use TikTok as the medium to promote those products and services to your audience. However, remember that this app does not allow users to share clickable links in post descriptions. 

However, people with business accounts can directly connect their pages to affiliate offers. On the other hand, business accounts can redirect potential customers to other social networks that support links. 

As an affiliate marketer on TikTok, you can share videos that promote your discount codes and dedicated links. You can also use TikTok ads to boost your reach, get more clicks, and earn more commissions from sales. The TikTok ads library shows several options for setting up these ads. 

To begin as an affiliate marketer on TikTok, you must first choose a specific niche. This niche determines the subjects you cover in your videos. Next, create a business account and join affiliate programs that fit your profile. Then, create authentic content and share it with your affiliate links to draw sales. 

2. Set Up Your TikTok Shop

The TikTok Shop lets users buy and sell products directly on the app. This feature also allows creators, brands, and merchants to showcase and sell their products on the platform. They can do this through live streams, in-feed videos, and the products showcase section. 

This is one popular and convenient way of marketing on TikTok. Only sellers, creators, partners, and affiliates can use TikTok’s shopping feature. Sellers are usually people from the UK, Hong Kong, Indonesia, or the Chinese mainland. Remember that you’ll have to prove your location when signing up. 

For creators, TikTok requires your account to be in good standing. You must not have had many strikes or violated the app’s guidelines in the past. Also, you must have at least 1,000 followers and be 18 years or older. You must also have at least 50 views on your posts within the past four weeks. 

You must also share a post within the past month. However, there are more flexibilities regarding partners and affiliates. The platform allows people from multiple countries to join this category. 

Visit the TikTok seller center to sign up before uploading the needed documents. After adding your products to the shop, connect them to your bank account. Luckily, this shop offers much flexibility, allowing you to add products anywhere.

The seller center also helps you manage your shop, orders, inventory, creator partnerships, promotions, and customer service. Besides adding products to your catalog, TikTok offers some excellent shopping features. 

For instance, you can showcase and sell your products on live broadcasts. Here, viewers can directly add products from the stream to their cart before making purchases on the app. Remember that this marketing feature relies heavily on promotions. 

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3. Go for Tik Tok Influencer Marketing

Tik Tok influencer marketing is a strategy in which brands partner with influencers to create content that promotes the brand to their audience. 

This type of marketing is quite delicate because it involves branching into the influencer’s audience to reach potential customers. The influencer’s audience must be similar to the brand’s target market to build sales and generate revenue. 

Usually, brands connect with influencers to market on the creator marketplace. This way, they can measure the influencer’s campaign performance, among other factors. This type of marketing combines TikTok tools and the influencer’s social strength to create brand awareness. 

Influencer marketing is effective on TikTok for various reasons. The influencer’s role is the most important factor in this type of strategy. This is because the influencer plays multiple roles, which can draw sales to different degrees.

First, the influencer acts as an advocate for your brand. In this case, the influencer becomes the brand’s face, engaging the audience and establishing its profile. Influencers also create content, challenges, and trends to push brand awareness.

In addition, TikTok influencers who join marketing campaigns influence brands’ styles. The ultimate role of influencers in campaigns is to connect the brand with an audience. Honest reviews, adverts, and dedicated posts effectively achieve this. 

When running an influencer marketing campaign on TikTok, it would be best to stick to several ideas. 

First, you must determine your niche and only work with influencers and creators. Then, you must be authentic and consistent, follow the right trends, and engage with the correct audience. Finally, you must monitor your progress.

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4. Market Merch and Other Products

Another massive marketing opportunity on TikTok is the sale of merchandise and other associated products. Many creators and brands have made a fortune through this strategy. 

No matter your niche, you can always branch into this market and still make substantial amounts. 

You can sell merch even if you’re a comedian, a dancer, a singer, or an artist. Loyal followers will always buy your products, especially if it’s something they can relate to. Merch typically carries your logo, favorite quote, or artwork. 

If you’re unsure what to sell, you can always get inspiration online or from your followers. To make it fun, create polls and ask followers to choose what kind of merch they need. Merch like stickers, patches, phone cases, mugs, shirts, pillows, and tote bags are more popular among creators on TikTok. 

Many companies print merch based on instant demand. Besides this strategy, you can also link your account to third-party stores. This is only possible if you have a business account. BigCommerce and Shopify connect to TikTok, prompting sales from there.

You may also need to create a shop on the app when marketing your merchandise on TikTok. The shop helps you promote your products and sell them conveniently. One good thing about this marketing strategy is its flexibility, even for smaller creators. 

You do not necessarily need millions of followers to make significant profits. It is an excellent option for smaller creators who don’t qualify for the creator program. 

Still, having a larger audience is an added advantage. The more people you reach, the greater your chances of making sales.

How To Build Your TikTok Marketing Strategy

To use TikTok for business activities, you must build a marketing strategy that works. While you may not necessarily get instant results, sticking to one strategy helps you remain consistent enough to make sales. 

The first step toward building a marketing strategy for your brand involves creating and setting up your TikTok account. Here, you should design a suitable profile photo, name, email address, category, and other social profiles. 

Then, you must also choose your brand’s target audience. Defining your audience is crucial because it helps you target users who will buy from you. This avoids garnering traffic that may not translate to sales.

Then, you must also create quality content for your page. Creating content involves writing, shooting, and editing videos to capture viewers’ attention. In this regard, do a bit of trial and error tests before you get a style that works. 

While organic content is excellent for pushing your brand, you can use ads to reach new audiences. Also, consider using influencer marketing and user-generated content (UGC) to reach more people and optimize sales.

Extra activities like hashtag challenges, joining trends, and using live videos push your popularity as well. 

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