TikTok Voice Effects: New Ways To Play With Sound

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Last Updated: Aug 31, 2023

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One of the reasons that TikTok is super fun is its wide range of effects, filters, and sounds. You can easily get lost among the layers of visual filters or the myriad audio effects and songs available. And the app is constantly adding new video editing features to help users create awesome TikToks. Have you heard the fascinating TikTok voice effects? Find out how to access the voice effect feature and learn new ways to play with sound on TikTok.

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What Is the Voice Effect on TikTok?

What is the voice effect on TikTok? TikTok voice effects are one of the many ways you can play with sound when creating videos on TikTok. This feature allows you to choose from a range of voice effects to change how your voice sounds.

The voice effect is a simple select-and-apply feature. You can sound as if you’re speaking into a megaphone or inhaling a helium mouthful. Choose a robot or giant voice, or try a baritone. The feature also lets you record sounds or an additional audio layer to mix with your voice.

More recently, TikTok also sneakily introduced a new voice-changing tool. If you’ve seen videos of some of your favorite creators sounding more masculine or feminine, they’re using the limited-release feature. According to one report, the “Jessie” and “Deep” voice-changing effects are still in the testing phase. They’re not yet available to everybody.

How To Add Voice Effects on TikTok

Are you excited to start experimenting with voice effects in your videos? Here’s how to add voice effects on TikTok.

  1. Open the TikTok app and tap the Create button. 
  2. Record your video. 
  3. Find the Voice option/microphone icon in the editing tools available on the right side. You may have to tap the down arrow to reveal more options. 
  4. Tap the TikTok Voice effects tool. 
  5. Try the various voice filters and tap Save in the upper right after you make a selection. Alternatively, you can tap Record to add your own sound. Tap Done, then tap Save when you’re satisfied. 
  6. Keep editing your video as you like. Tap Next when you finish editing. 
  7. Add your caption, etc., then tap Post. You can also save your video as a Draft and post it later.

You can find more audio editing options within the main Effects menu (beside the create button). Here’s how to access them:

  1. Tap the create button and select the duration of your video. 
  2. Tap Effects on the left of the record button. 
  3. Swipe left and select Music from the Effects options. 
  4. Try the different Music effects with the microphone icon. These are the ones that allow you to use voice filters.

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TikTok Voice Effects: What Are Your Options?

What TikTok voice effects can you use? Here are your options.

  1. Literature 
  2. Philosopher
  3. Chipmunk
  4. Baritone
  5. Mic
  6. Megaphone
  7. Robot
  8. Battery Draining
  9. Vibrato
  10. Electronic
  11. Echo
  12. Synth
  13. Helium
  14. Giant

Take note that these effects are only available for personal use. What this means is that you can’t use voice effects in branded or sponsored content.

Whether you’re a creator or a brand, these voice effects are an excellent way to show followers your fun side. Keep in mind that you can only use them in organic content. When can you use these amusing audio filters? Here are some ideas!

  • When you’re sharing an anecdote about your day
  • When you’re doing a tutorial video
  • When you want to entertain your viewers with a song
  • When you’re narrating in the background for your travel video
  • When you’re doing an unboxing video

When posting your video, you can use any of the following hashtags:

  • #voiceeffects, with 384B views
  • #voiceeffect, with 1.9B views
  • #voiceeffectsforyou, with 985M views
  • #voiceeffectstiktok, with 258 views
  • #voiceeffects😂, with 155M views
  • #voiceeffectschallenge, with 48M views

TikTok Voice Effects Update

Some users have discovered a TikTok voice effects update, with the addition of two new effects: Jessie and Deep. These new options are also available via the Voice Effects tool. However, access to the Jessie and Deep filters is currently limited. You have to keep checking your voice editing tool to see if you finally have them.

The Jessie voice filter gives you a higher pitch and makes you sound more feminine. The Deep voice filter, on the other hand, lowers the pitch and makes you sound more masculine.

Are There Other Audio Editing Tools Aside From TikTok Voice Effects?

  1. Create your video as usual. 
  2. Tap the Edit tool on the right. 
  3. Tap Sound at the bottom.

The Sound tool gives you three options:

  1. Add sound. This lets you add a commercial sound to your video. Selecting this option will take you to the Commercial Sounds page.
  2. Voiceover. Add a voiceover to your video. Use this option for narrations, commentaries, background dialogues, spoken thoughts, etc. 
  3. Sound effect. Choose among several categories of sound effects. Mechanical sound effects include typing, a clock, taking a photo, a pendulum clock, and more. Daily Life sound effects include bicycle bell, door closing, printer printing, footsteps, etc. Human Voices include buzz and screams of zombies, breathing, and various “wows.” Other categories are Amusement, Transition, Musical Instruments, Fight, BGM, Horror, Animals, Ambience, and Gaming.

When editing, you can also adjust the volumes of the original sound and added sounds’ volumes.

  1. Tap the down arrow on the right to reveal more tools. Scroll up and tap Volume. 
  2. Adjust the volume of your video’s original sound by dragging the slider. 
  3. Adjust the volume of the added sound. 
  4. Tap Done.

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How To Add Sound Instead of TikTok Voice Effects

Remember that TikTok voice effects are only for personal use. TikTok’s Commercial Music Library is a priceless asset for creators and businesses. Always give viewers the “sound on” option when they’re watching your videos. After all, the TikTok experience is not complete without the audio element.

Here’s how to add sound when creating a new video from the app:

  1. Tap + on the bottom of the screen to create a video.
  2. Tap Add sound at the top. 
  3. Browse through the Commercial Sounds selection. 
  4. Tap Play to preview the sound or Bookmark to save the sound.
  5. Select Check to add the sound to your video. Select the scissors icon to clip the sound before adding it to your video.

The Commercial Music Library contains over one million royalty-free music. So where do you even start exploring this massive collection? And how do you choose the right sound for your videos?

You may find it easier to search for the perfect soundtrack on a PC or your phone via a web browser. The Music Library in Creative Center allows you to search for sounds using various filters.

You can find the hottest music in your region and browse according to recommended playlists and top music. You can further narrow down results with additional search filters.

  • Search by Usage, whether it’s for commercial use or a TikTok Series. Select Usable Placements, such as TikTok or Helo. 
  • Search according to Themes, such as Food, Sound Effects, Spring, Beauty & Fashion, or Healing. 
  • Select a Genre, such as Folk, Metal, Latin, Soul, Classical, or Easy Listening. 
  • Select a Mood, such as Chill, Romantic, or Inspirational. 
  • Filter results according to sound duration, from zero to 20 seconds or longer than 60 seconds.

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TikTok Voice Effects Using Third-Party Apps

Perhaps you don’t want to sound like everyone else who’s using TikTok voice effects. Or maybe you want to use a speech filter in a video you’re planning to promote. You can explore more voice filter and audio editing options on third-party apps. Here are two of the most popular apps out there.

Add TikTok Voice Effects Using InShot

You can find more TikTok voice effects and sound editing tools on InShot. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Among InShot’s amazing editing tools are sound and music tools. The main features include the following:

  • Free Vlog Music
  • Add your own music
  • Sound Effects
  • Add Voice-overs

If you’re looking to enhance your video, you can also use InShot’s video editing tools:

  • Trim video
  • Remove the middle part
  • Split video
  • Merge clips
  • Adjust speed
  • Add filters and effects
  • Add animated stickers and text

Add TikTok Voice Effects Using CapCut

CapCut is a more advanced third-party editing software that’s widely popular among TikTok users. You can do much more than add TikTok voice effects to your videos. And you’ll be able to produce professional-quality TikToks with CapCut’s cutting-edge tools.

CapCut has smart tools for video, audio, text, and image editing. Let’s take a look at your options for each.

Video editing tools include the following:

  • Video effects and filters
  • Background remover
  • Video resizer
  • Video trimmer
  • Video converter
  • Video upscaler
  • Video stabilization
  • Super slow motion

Audio editing tools include the following:

  • Text to speech
  • Add trendy music
  • Add sound effects
  • Audio extractor
  • Noise reduction
  • Split audio
  • Add audio to video

Text editing tools include the following:

  • Transcribe video
  • Add subtitles
  • Speech to text
  • Ad scripts generator
  • Add text to video
  • Add text to image

Image editing tools include:

  • Image upscaler
  • Portraitor generator
  • Old photo restoration
  • Color correction
  • Photo colorizer
  • Background remover
  • Background generator
  • Image resizer

It offers the option to edit your TikTok videos directly and then share them right away. You can also use it to create your TikTok ads.

On the CapCut website, you’ll find a wide range of tips, tutorials, and how-tos, including:

  • How to add subtitles
  • Create a makeup video
  • Create a cooking video
  • Create an exercise video
  • Make a short video
  • How to make a challenge video

CapCut is the perfect choice for creators who are serious about video editing. The software is available for download for Windows and mobile.

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Foster Fun and Creativity With Sound Effects and Other Editing Tools

Why do people spend hours each day watching TikToks? Because the app offers a wide range of content that satisfies a wide range of consumer appetites. Even more importantly, the app makes sure that the algorithm feeds users exactly what they ordered. If you know how to optimize your content for your target audience, the algorithm can be your best friend.

TikTok voice effects and other editing tools make videos on the app highly entertaining and compelling. Creators and brands can use these tools to set the mood for your video or showcase your lighter side. Give your active TikTok followers more fuel to engage with your content with delightful video enhancements. Add color to humdrum tutorials with the green screen effect or a funky beat. Make your behind-the-scenes or travel video more exciting with fascinating transitions.

You don’t have to perform “digital sleights of hand” like @ZachKing to start conversations and go viral. Experiment with the editing tools on TikTok. Explore third-party editing apps to give your videos more oomph and foster fun and creativity in your community. But don’t lose sight of what your target audiences need. Always keep your eye on the prize — your audiences’ content preferences — when creating content. Keep them coming back for more, and keep the algorithm sending you more followers with consistent optimization.

And how would you like to double your AI-powered audience-targeting power? You can do so when you team up with High Social and leverage their advanced, proprietary AI tool. Sign up for a High Social account to get your videos in front of more genuinely interested viewers. Make sure your TikTok voice effects are entertaining audiences who will likely become dedicated followers. Start growing your TikTok today!

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