Why Am I Not Getting TikTok Notifications?: Explore Fixes

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Last Updated: Mar 08, 2024

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Following top influencers, creators, and real-world celebrities on TikTok allows us to live vicariously through them. We may also rely on them for motivation, inspiration, information, or entertainment. Naturally, we want to always be in the know about what they’re up to. When it comes to our profiles and posts, getting timely updates about views, interactions, and messages is even more essential. But, “Why am I not getting TikTok notifications?”

Keep reading to discover the answers and potential fixes! 

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Why Am I Not Getting TikTok Notifications?: 5 Potential Answers

The reasons for not getting TikTok notifications may vary from device settings management to TikTok app glitches. The solution may be as simple as installing the latest TikTok update or enabling push notifications on your device. Let’s explore the top four potential causes and fixes. 

1. You Don’t Know Where the Notifications Are

Take note that TikTok does not have a dedicated notifications button, unlike Facebook and Instagram. You won’t find the familiar alarm bell icon on the For You feed screen or your TikTok profile screen. All TikTok notifications go straight to your inbox. 

So, if you’re wondering why you’re not getting notifications, it’s likely that you just don’t know where to look. To access your notifications, just tap your Inbox from the navigation bar at the bottom. Depending on how you set up your notification settings, you’ll likely find the following activity updates:

  1. New followers
  2. Activities, such as profile views, suggested accounts, comments, etc. 
  3. System notifications
  4. Direct messages 

If you have new notifications for any of the above, a red dot will appear next to it. 

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2. Your TikTok App Notification Settings Are Not Properly Set

Not getting the alerts you want while using the app? Make sure your app notification settings are set to your preferences. Follow these steps to manage your app alerts:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Tap the three-line icon in the top right. 
  3. Select Settings and privacy
  4. Under Content & Display, tap Notifications
  5. You’ll find all the options for app notifications after/below Push notification schedule.
  6. Tap the toggle beside each one to turn it on or off. 

Do you want to receive alerts about your favorite TikTok accounts? Make sure to open Posts from accounts you follow under Post suggestions. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the toggle beside Get post notifications from accounts you follow to turn it on. 
  2. Tap the accounts you want to receive notifications for. 
  3. Select the kind of notification you want: All, Personalized, or None

3. Your Push Notifications Are Not Enabled

If you want to receive alerts on your device while you’re not using TikTok, you need to enable TikTok push notifications. You can do this via the notification settings in your TikTok app or device. 

Here’s how to do it in the TikTok app:

  1. Go to the profile icon in the bottom right of the screen to go to your profile page
  2. Tap the three-line icon in the top right. 
  3. Select Settings and privacy
  4. Under Content & Display, tap Notifications
  5. Tap Push notifications
  6. Tap the toggle beside Allow notifications to enable the function.
  7. Select the type of Alert you prefer: Allow sound and vibration or Silent
  8. Select your preferred Notification type: Lock screen, Badge, or Pop-up
  9. Tap Notification categories to select what notifications you want to receive.

To enable push notifications on your device:

  1. Open your device Settings
  2. Find Notifications>App notifications>TikTok
  3. Alternatively, you can open Settings>Apps>TikTok.

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4. TikTok Software Updates or System Issues

TikTok rolls out software updates to fix bugs, introduce new features and tools, and ensure that the app runs smoothly. Depending on its settings, your device may or may not be automatically installing the latest updates. If you’re not getting app notifications for TikTok, you may simply need to update the app.

Here’s the fastest way to check if a new TikTok app update is available:

  1. Open the Google Play Store or the App Store
  2. Search for TikTok.
  3. If an update is available, the Update button will appear. Tap it. 

For good measure, close all running apps on your device once the update is complete. Then, relaunch TikTok to see if the fix worked and if you have new notifications. 

Another possibility is that TikTok is down. Go online to find out if TikTok is currently experiencing issues. If this is the case, you’ll just have to wait it out. 

If you tried all possible fixes for your notification issues and nothing worked, submit a report to TikTok. 

5. Device OS Updates

Like apps, devices also require OS updates to introduce software enhancements and run more efficiently. It’s also possible that your device did not update automatically, which means you need to do it manually. The process varies depending on the type of device you have. But you’ll typically find what you need within your device settings. Follow these steps to do so: 

  1. Look for the gear icon/Settings folder in your Home screen or Apps screen
  2. Find Software update or something similar. 
  3. Tap Download and install and enable the auto-download option. 

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Manage Your Alerts To Keep Tabs on Your TikTok Community

Notifications for your posts can tell you right away how well they are performing. They’re also a good way to keep track of your followers’ TikTok activities. Notifications for other content creators in your niche can help you stay current on what they’re up to.

Why am I not getting TikTok notifications? Once you figure out the why and solve the issue, take advantage of the data you gather from your alerts. Respond promptly to video comments and DMs. Engage with your favorite creator or brand’s latest video. Stay on top of the hottest trends.

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