Why Are My TikTok Views So Low? Explanations and Solutions

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2024

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You heard somewhere that making viral video content on TikTok is easier than on other platforms. So, what gives? You see that other content creators are flourishing. Or, at least, they are growing. Why isn’t your content doing the same? You’re asking, “Why are my TikTok views so low?”

The reason could be more than just not posting enough high-quality videos. We offer a potential diagnosis or two in this article. Then, we give you some solutions based on our extensive research. 

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Solutions for Those Who Ask, “Why Are My TikTok Views So Low?”

It seems like everyone is racking in those views but you. You’re asking, “Why are my views so low on TikTok?” Where is that viral moment everyone else seems to get but you? Well, we think you should have a moment as well. We have a list of potential reasons that you don’t see the result that you want on TikTok.

1. It’s Still Early Days

If you just joined TikTok, you have to give it some time. Hopping on the app immediately, hoping for virality, will disappoint you. Sure, some people get lucky. But other people have to post consistently before they see that day. The key is to maintain consistency and not grow weary when posting. 

Maybe the TikTok algorithm must see that you’re serious about posting on the app before pushing your content to people. If it’s still relatively early, keep at it.

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2. Your Engagement Is Low

For TikTok to promote your content to other people, it has to see that people already like it. TikTok has to see that the engagement rate is strong. When it sees people talking about the video, it posts it to others. 

What are you doing to keep your engagement rate high? Are you posting engaging content? Are you interacting with the comments that you did get? The most random videos inspire comments. 

You should make sure that you’re getting people to like and comment as much as possible. This could be the first step for TikTok to take the reins from you. Then, it will share your content with other people.

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3. TikTok Is Hiding Your Content

You don’t want to attract negative attention for the sake of engagement. Just because TikTok seems liberal doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have some boundaries. If you are posting overly sensitive content, they can levy some punishment against you. It’s a private entity, after all. 

One way they can do this is by shadowbanning your content. This means you’ll notice that your videos don’t get the views they usually do. If overall viewership is down, it might be that TikTok didn’t like something you posted before. You could’ve violated one of their user policies and found yourself on their bad side. 

Go through and look at the videos that do not bring in the views that they should. There may be sensitive content in them. It may not have even been intentional. However, TikTok is largely computer-based. You may get it wrong on occasion.

If TikTok shadow banned you, you may have to remove the offending content. Then, it’s best to wait two weeks and see if there are any changes to your page reach.

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4. You Are Not Following Trends

Sometimes, TikTok decides to focus on pushing a certain trend. This could be trending audio in the form of a song or audio clip. It could even be a TikTok challenge involving a dance or a prank. 

It could be a response to a video that went viral. If the app pushes that kind of content, your content may not get the views it could have. 

That is why it’s important to pay attention to the trends on the platform. Keeping up with what is going viral can keep your page relevant. You may not have to attach yourself to every TikTok trend. Still, being aware of the ones relevant to your brand that would be useful for you. 

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5 Ways To Increase Your Views on TikTok

By now, you should have some possible explanations for your concerns. You have an answer to the question, “Why are TikTok views so low?” Now it’s time for some solutions. We need to get your content on an upward trend. Consider our list below and try out solutions that could work for you. We hope that you see a noticeable change soon.

1. Post at the Best Time

You should have a good understanding of the type of audience your content attracts. When you know the type of audience that you have, you know the best time to post online. There are just some people who are likely to be using their phones at a certain time. 

There are early risers who go to work out at 5 am. They differ from the party animals that sleep at 5 am. Think of the mothers who raise children and go to TikTok for advice. They may wake up extra early and scroll the app while their coffee boils. 

Maybe you cater to the 9-to-5 corporate baddies. Seeing your content on the way home from work would be nice for them. Maybe they could use some motivation before they go to work. 
It could make things so much easier when you know your target audience. Then, you know the best time to post your content online. You will immediately see views on your post when you’re likely online. Carve out some time to create a good posting schedule for your TikTok content.

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2. Post Consistently

You don’t have to be shy about posting on TikTok. Don’t you dare wonder if people are getting tired of your content? People go on the app to scroll endlessly. They know what they get into when they go on the platform. They can never get too much content. If someone likes your content, they want to see more of it. Don’t leave them hanging!

In addition to this, remember that other creators post often. You don’t want people to forget about your content because they see you too much of another creator. You need to ensure your content is part of the constant flow. 

You can even post on your stories on occasion. This allows users to respond to the comments if they want. There are many ways that you can keep your engagement healthy. 

And all of these actions give you an opportunity for engagement. You should always encourage opportunities for further engagement on your page. Posting consistently is a good way to do that. Don’t overload your followers with irrelevant content, though. No one likes that.

3. Incorporate Hashtags

Putting your two cents in on a trending topic is not enough. How will people know that you’re talking about it? You have to find a way to get on people’s radar. If they want to hear about this trending topic, you need to make sure that your comments will come up. Luckily, hashtags are a powerful tool to do that. 

You have been hearing about this mechanism since the days of Instagram. They’re still effective on this platform, as well. Adding hashtags to your posts helps TikTok categorize your content. Grouping with other users will show them that the content is relevant to a particular topic. This way, when people search that topic, your content will likely appear. 

You may not get it very far if you simply post about a topic and leave it on your page. Someone may have to go to your page to find out what you say about the topic. But you want to reach new viewers and don’t know you exist yet. Using hashtags could be the best way to do that. Consider incorporating it as part of your content strategy.

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4. Do a Duet With Another Creator

Some people on this platform already have a viral video or two. That is great for them, but what about you? What does their success have to do with you? Well, you can use their success on the platform to your advantage. You do this by performing a duet with viral content. This doesn’t entail reaching out to the creator to collaborate on content. 

All you have to do is use the duet feature on TikTok’s platform. This feature splits the screen in half. You will be on one side and the viral content on the other. 

Then, you can use your side of the screen to entertain viewers. You can joke about the viral content or give your opinion. You could react to it in a way that people find entertaining. This is a great way to hop on a trend on the platform.

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5. Hop on Trends

As a creator, you may take pride in being original. You love that TikTok allows you to share your unfettered creativity. You like to move to the beat of your drum, so you came to TT. So the idea of having a new trend just for some attention may give you the ick. 

We understand, but it is simply a means to an end. Trends are very important to the TikTok platform. Many creators expand their reach and secure new followers on the platform this way. After you get a strong follower base, you can treat them to 100% original content.

Some of the trends will perfectly align with your brand identity. There are dance challenges that you could join. There are cooking challenges that could give your followers a laugh.

If you think that TikTok challenges are corny, you could also consider using trending audio. This is almost a must for every creator looking to expand their reach. You might think that much of the music is disappearing on TikTok. However, there are audio clips that are going strong. Some of them are funny, and some of them are inspirational. 
The best part is that some of them require very little effort. Sometimes, all you have to do is attach a b-roll shot to a trending sound. The trending audio does most of the work for you. This is too good to pass up for any creator at any time. You won’t keep asking, “Why are my views so low on TikTok?”

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We Want To Help You Reach Your Full Potential

We agree with you. You shouldn’t ask, “Why are TikTok views so low?” You have the potential to be doing so much more on TikTok. You just need the right tools to start meeting your full potential. We’ve given you some excellent suggestions in this article. You just need to know how best to implement the tips now. Of course, some professional help couldn’t hurt either.

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