What Is Considered Viral on TikTok? Let’s Talk Goals!

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Last Updated: Mar 12, 2024

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The dream of creating a viral video that attracts millions of views is one that lots of influencers have. Gaining internet fame from just one piece of content could greatly boost success. This is why a content creator would ask, “What is considered viral on TikTok?”

It’s a fair question since we all want to know what to do. We are all trying to find a type of content that works on our social media platforms. We must keep our target audience in mind when creating this viral content. It can get pretty tricky. How do we know that we’ve attained the status of virality?

This article aims to shed some light on this longstanding topic. Sit tight! You’re in for a good read. 

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What Is Going Viral on TikTok Going To Do for My Brand?

Wanting to go viral on TikTok doesn’t make you shallow. It’s not some silly goal that teenagers have for bragging rights. Achieving what counts as viral on TikTok could mean financial freedom for years to come. Some of you may ask, “What is going viral on TikTok going to do for me?” We can give you some ideas.

1. Access to the Creator Fund

You may have a number in your head when it comes to what’s considered viral on TikTok. To access the creator fund, you just need to keep 100,000 views within the last month in mind. This is the number that you should focus on. This fund is responsible for paying creators based on the views and likes on their TikTok videos.

Aiming to have a lot of use in a short space of time could be a business goal. The platform compensates creators for their creativity. This is why people post so often. They want to increase their chances of achieving this viral moment.

2. Visibility to Brands

Of course, you want your target audience to see your content. You want to find your tribe. TikTok is for building communities of like-minded people. It’s about expanding perspectives. Still, it would be extra nice if an established brand noticed you. 

Think about that brand that has become a household name. Yes, that one. Brands need people just like you to promote their content. They have realized that consumers like the personable nature of the TikTok influencer. They are very earnest and are a little messy. Best of all, they have a direct link to their ideal market. 

They will use these influencers to promote their products to their following. It comes off as genuine, but don’t drink the Kool-Aid. It is 100% transactional. These brands pay these influencers to promote their products. 

So many influences are involved in this arrangement. This means that you will be competing against quite a few of them. How do you get noticed? Producing viral content is a good way to get on these brands’ radars. Who knows? The marketing manager for the brand might be scrolling in TikTok right now. It would be ideal if your video was on their For You Page (FYP).

3. Access to Affiliate Link Earnings

You may not take the route of becoming an ambassador for a brand. Promoting sponsored content is not for everyone. However, you could take the route of promoting affiliate links for brands

Essentially, brands will give you discount codes or links to promote your following. These give members of your following discounts on products that they buy. And, the brand will be able to trace whether you are securing sales for their products using these codes or links. You will only get a payment upon the sale of the brand’s products. 

You’ll have to work very hard to market these products to your following. It helps when you have a lot of traffic on your videos. Naturally, this increases the chances of getting a prospective sale. A viral video with loads of views and comments has a higher chance than just an average video.

This is why it is important to note what is viral on TikTok. See if some of the trends match the brands you’re promoting.

4. Market Your Products

On TikTok, you can be your boss. You don’t have to wait until the platform gives you some money. You don’t have to hope for luck with brands. You could take the reins of your financial freedom and advertise your products. 

Digital products are a huge market. There are no delivery fees and no need for brick-and-mortar. You can create e-books and then sell them on a site outside of TikTok. You just need to use your page to market the products. 

If you are creating viral content, this increases your chances of making sales. So many people have done it before you. You just have to be willing to create content consistently and hope you go viral one day.

Your content can prove how useful your digital product is. Did you make a huge transition to living abroad? Release an e-book that explains how to do it step-by-step. Did you finally get your weight under control? Create an e-book that explains all the recipes and workouts that you did. You have so many options to go viral on TikTok. 

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How Many Likes To Go Viral on TikTok 

Of course, it’s not enough to just attract a lot of use to your videos. You won’t be able to engage in the video in other ways. It would be great if they liked the video and had some comments. All of these actions add to the engagement of your video. It pushes your video to even more virality on the platform. So how many likes to go viral on TikTok? Let’s talk about it.

You should keep your total number of views in mind. According to Intensify Now, you have a strong engagement rate if your likes are 4% of your overall views. It is difficult to say what number of likes equals virality. I could depend on the category of videos on TikTok. You could also depend on the overall number of views the video has garnered.

When Is a Video Considered Viral on TikTok?: It Depends on the Niche

Your latest video is racking up a lot of views. You’re getting more views than you’re used to getting. This is a great experience for you, but you’re wondering if you can say the content is viral. When is a video considered viral on TikTok? You’re not sure if you can call it just yet.

Hitting the 1 million mark could be a great goal to have in mind. It looks good on your page, too. But if you don’t reach 1 million views on your video, does it mean you did not go viral? You’re not a failure if your video didn’t reach millions of TikTok accounts. Your success could be relative to the people whom TikTok would show the content.

What’s considered viral on TikTok could depend on the sector of TikTok that you’re in. You have to remember that there are many different communities. There is a subculture for every interest that you can think of. Then, there is a subculture that goes against that interest. The standard for virality in each of these sectors could be different.

You may have a good idea of the community that enjoys your content. It could be a very specific target audience. When you share niche content, you have to remember that TikTok may not show your content to everyone. 

It still has to make reasonable guesses as to who may enjoy your content. Because of this, you may need to have reasonable expectations for how viral you can go on TikTok. Maybe half 1 million views are viral enough in your neck of the content woods.

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How To Produce Viral TikTok Content

Some creators do stumble upon virality by chance. They produce a piece of content that they thought was just average. They may not have used a filter or even edited it. Somehow, that piece of content makes its way all around TikTok. It was not intentional, but it was effective. Well, until luck finds you like that, let’s try to create our luck.

There are some deliberate ways to attain what’s considered viral on TikTok. Here are four ways to create viral content on TikTok.

1. Use Trending Sounds

So many musicians credit the success of their music to TikTok. It may be only a few seconds worth of a song, but it stays in people’s minds. Content creators use new songs on the Billboard charts for their videos. They also revive music from the generations above them. 

It doesn’t matter when the music comes out. What matters is that TikTok is currently pushing that audio on your FYP. When TikTok is aggressively pushing content with a particular sound, that’s the time that you should hop on the trend

By the way, this doesn’t have to be an actual song. It’s okay if it’s just an audio clip of someone talking. Those can go just as viral and increase the reach of your content as well.

2. Take Part in the Challenges

When you think of TikTok, you think of the viral challenges, don’t you? The app has certainly gained a reputation for this form of entertainment. Perhaps it is quite proud of that fact, so it pushes challenges on the app. These could be dance challenges. They could also be viral recipe cooking challenges as well.

Maybe there is a type of TikTok challenge that you could join in on as well. They don’t have to be awkward or corny. Find one that works with your particular brand. If you see a challenge on the horizon making the rounds, see if you could put in your entry. It could be what counts as viral on TikTok.

3. Keep Your Engagement Rate Up

The comments on your TikTok videos are also important to going viral. When TikTok sees that there are lots of comments in a video, it deems the content as engaging. It will share content like this with other users since it sees that people tend to like it. 

When you see comments on your videos, try your best to engage with them. You do this by liking or replying to the comments. Negative comments count as engagement. This is why some creators are okay with putting out controversial content. In a way, they still win when it comes to their engagement rate

However, you don’t have to take that road. To encourage responses, ask a question in your TikTok video. 

4. Stay On TikTok’s Good Side

TikTok has the power to ensure millions of people see your content. In the same way, the platform has the power to ensure that no one ever sees your content. 

Some creators suspect that TikTok has shadowbanned their accounts. They notice that their videos don’t get the same reach they usually do. This could be due to TikTok deciding that it wants to punish the creator. It could be because they violated the community guidelines on the platform.
This is a severe action to take against a creator. It could result in content creators’ content losing reach for weeks at a time. You cannot go viral if your content isn’t even getting in front of TikTok users. Always be mindful of the content you post; that is one way to ensure that your content reaches new heights.

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How Many Views Makes a Video Viral on TikTok: Going Viral in Your Niche

Are you feeling ambitious? If you know how to increase your reach on the platform, virality is possible. You just need to know how many views make a video viral on TikTok. Is it that easy? Can you just aim for a particular number at all times? Depending on the content, it can be that easy. We will suggest an option for you to get an idea of the number to aim for.

You need to go to the Discover section on TikTok. Take a look at the trending hashtags on the platform. Select relevant hashtags at random. Look at the first video underneath that tag and go to that creator’s page. Now, compare the views on that video to the other videos on her page. Note the disparity in views. Now you know how many views it took for this creator to go viral.

This is how you get an idea of the views required for a specific type of content. Content under different hashtags may require different numbers of views for virality. 

Search for a hashtag that you are interested in. Ideally, it should pertain to the content that you want to put out on the platform. Look at the videos underneath that hashtag. The top videos will show you the views you need to go viral under that hashtag.

You Could Go What Is Considered “Viral” on TikTok

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