How Many Views Is Viral on TikTok?: Going Viral Today

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2024

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Creating viral videos is one of the fastest ways of gaining quick success on TikTok. However, what it means to go viral on the platform isn’t always clear. How should your posts and profile perform? How many views is viral on TikTok?

There is no specific number of views to get before people consider your content viral on TikTok. You’d expect the number of interactions on posts to vary depending on your audience and content. But usually, viral posts gain hundreds of thousands to millions of views within short periods. Now, what marks going viral? 

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What It Means To Go Viral on TikTok

Generally, growth takes many different forms on social media platforms like TikTok. While some users have slow, steady, and consistent growth, others blow up or go viral within short periods. However, the concept of virality is not always clear enough. So, what does it mean to go viral, and how many views makes a video viral on TikTok? 

Gaining massive popularity within a short period is what most people refer to as going viral. For this to happen, your posts or profile must quickly attract massive views and engagement. These quick bursts of views and engagement trigger more engagement, creating a ripple effect. 

TikTok’s algorithm pushes your content to reach more people when you go viral. In return, the number of views, likes, shares, and comments goes over the roof. Usually, TikTok’s viral content also spreads to other social media platforms. 

So, going viral strongly affects the growth and presence of your brand or business online. Your increased visibility usually translates to increased engagement, customers, and sales. From the results, you can also determine how many views on TikTok is viral.

Instead of targeting slow and steady growth, some TikTok pros employ different strategies to go viral. You may consider going viral as a holy grail for social media marketing. This is because it attracts so much attention to your profile that you generate instant exposure, prompting great results.

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How Many Views Are Viral on TikTok in 2024?

No specific number of views show that you’ve gone viral on TikTok. Of course, you’ll have to get a significant number. However, it can range between hundreds of thousands to millions of views. The time frame is usually important in terms of how many views are considered viral on TikTok. 

Quick bursts of views over a couple of days to a week indicate that your video has gone viral. Although views are not the only factor showing that you’ve created a viral video, they are crucial. The overall activity on a post determines how much more the app recommends it and its subsequent reach.

One thing about going viral is the way things flow automatically for you. Without spending a cent on advertising, your content spreads around the site, collecting more views and engagement. But it does not end there. 

More people will begin to share the content on and off the platform. This activity also triggers an increase in the number of views and engagement. Subsequently, it becomes as though your video is in turbo mode, boosting itself quickly. Because of the advantages, everyone wants to go viral on TikTok. This helps you, as a content creator, build a larger audience primarily consisting of active users. Luckily, several tactics can help you increase your chances of going viral on the social media app.

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How To Go Viral on TikTok Using 8 Helpful Tips

Anyone’s video can go viral on TikTok. You do not necessarily need to have many followers before this happens. While this can be tricky, it is also rewarding. Luckily, several helpful tips expose your content to the kind of attention that results in significant results. 

Are you thinking of how to go viral on TikTok? Here is how: 

1. Join Hot Trends on TikTok

One way to create content that attracts massive attention is to participate in popular trends. For instance, TikTok is popular for its sound effects and use of music. So, adding popular sounds to your content is one way to increase your chances of massive growth. 

Trending sounds are effective because they are usually catchy and follow a particular theme. So, your viewers sometimes know what to expect even before they start watching. Also, since TikTok allows users to discover videos through sounds, more people can access your content.

 You can still add trending sounds to your videos, even using your sounds. You can adjust the volume here to make the sounds blend better. You can access a limited sound library if you manage a brand account on TikTok. So, double-check to confirm that trending sounds are available.But besides using trending sounds, consider joining trending challenges and using trending hashtags. Ultimately, you might get the push you need to go viral on the app.

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2. Create Engaging and Entertaining Content

The type of content you share on TikTok greatly determines how your posts perform. So, creating engaging content that people can share is one excellent step toward going viral. But which classes of content should you consider focusing better on?

First,  consider creating funny or entertaining videos. From experience, people mostly share and tag friends on funny and relatable content. Users can easily download and repost such content on other platforms. 

Educational content is another popular theme on the social media platform. So, consider teaching your audience about a specific subject or topic. The effect is always better if the topics you cover are surprising or jaw-dropping. Of course, more views, shares, and general engagement trigger more recommendations. 

Finally, inspiration is another massive topic that draws attention to your content on TikTok. Consider creating content that inspires people to improve their lives, health, or looks. If your content touches people, you can attract the attention you need to go viral. 

3. Start With a Catch and Keep Your Videos Short

The TikTok algorithm considers the average watch time when recommending videos to users’ timelines. You must optimize your videos to catch users’ attention from the first few seconds. Then, you must ensure they are on the video for as long as possible. But remember to start with a strong hook.

Despite the social app increasing the length of videos over time, always keep your videos short and sweet. Well, some videos require full-lengths. However, in such cases, ensure the use of a cohesive storyline to keep the viewer engrossed. 

You can check which formats work better if you’ve been a content creator for a while. Go to your TikTok analytics and check your highest-performing videos. Then, mirror the hooks you used on them. 

4. Use Hashtags Correctly

Hashtags are crucial to your experience on TikTok. Using them correctly can help boost your visibility on the app. Using relevant hashtags in your posts can increase your reach, pushing your chances of going viral. 

When using hashtags, employ a mix of niche and high-use ones. Avoid using one class of these tags or generic tags. Also, use only a few hashtags. Three to five tags work just fine.

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5. Master Video Editing

TikTok mostly focuses on visual content, especially videos. Mastering video editing can help you create better content that attracts more attention. In return, you’ll be in a better position to go viral. Here, editing involves adding stickers and captions, mastering special effects, and video transitions

TikTok’s in-app video editor and other third-party editing apps come in handy for this role. You may have to study the trends and transitions that popular creators use and mirror them. While this is usually challenging initially, you can master it with practice. 

6. Collaborate With Other Brands and Creators

Joining hands with other brands and creators is one effective way of increasing your visibility on TikTok. By forming teams, you can get access to other users’ audiences. As a result, you’ll reach new viewers that would have remained inaccessible.

But before you partner with other TikTok accounts, always do your research. Go through your potential collab’s feeds and discover the kind of content they share. From there, try to understand the content that would complement theirs. This technique pushes your chance of reaching more people and going viral.

Instead of focusing on collaborating with larger brands, keep it down to base. Only reach out to users with similar audience sizes or slightly larger audiences. In these situations, you’ll increase your chances of getting favorable replies. This is because such collaborations would benefit both parties instead of one.

7. Be Consistent With Your Posts

While you may not get the results you crave fast enough, you must remain consistent with your posts. There is no holy grail to going viral on TikTok. However, if you keep up, you’ll hit the jackpot eventually. 

Consistency brings useful results even if your posts do not go viral as you expect. Remember that the TikTok algorithm plays a game of numbers. If you post interesting content more often, you’ll gain more followers. Once you reach your target audience, your chances of going viral will increase. 

This is a major drawback for most users who struggle with consistency. However, you can always use third-party services to schedule your posts. Always target the best times to post on TikTok for better results. 

8. Promote Your TikTok Videos on Other Platforms

Although you can go viral by exclusively sharing your content on TikTok, other platforms offer an advantage. Pushing your content to other social platforms exposes you to a new audience, attracting more followers.Consider how Twitter or X screenshots have become popular on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Your TikTok videos can do the same to your advantage. You’re good to go if you cross-post without appearing spammy.

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The growth service helps you target real and organic followers on the platform. While it also implements AI-targeted growth, you’re certain of no bots or fake users among your followers. 

Per its customers, High Social has gotten a 4.85/5 star rating out of over 2,000 reviews. The agency has helped users scale their profiles, attracting millions of followers. It supports accounts focusing on different niches, including music, fitness, fashion, pets, inspiration, motivation, and photography. When considering how many views is viral on TikTok, High Social helps to push the number. Targeting specific audiences offers a useful advantage, bolstering organic growth. You can also reach the right people and build authentic connections. So, start growing your TikTok profile today!

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