Why Is My TikTok Not Getting Views?

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Last Updated: Jan 29, 2024

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Is your TikTok not getting views? Did your reach and viewership decline? Many factors may affect your viewership on the social media platform. It’s true that TikTok has a low barrier to gaining views. But remember that users post countless videos daily. The competition for a prominent spot on For You feeds is fierce. Answering the question, “Why is my TikTok not getting views?” should guide your content and targeting strategy.  

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Why Is My TikTok Not Getting Any Views? 

If you’re a new user, TikTok may still be collecting information about you to match you with more potential followers. TikTok considers the interests you selected when you created your profile when recommending content for your For You page. The accounts you follow, and videos you watch and engage with help the algorithm give you a more personalized feed.  

Your expressed interests and interactions with others also work the other way around. That is, TikTok also uses these insights when recommending your account and content to other users. However, your privacy settings may limit your discoverability. You can update the following settings to help magnify your visibility to other users:

  • Switch from a Personal to a Business Account: A Business Account gives everyone access to your videos. This means TikTok can recommend your content to a wider audience. Anyone on TikTok can also easily discover your videos through search or on their For You feeds. 
  • Switch from a Private Account to a Public Account: If a Personal Account suits you better than a Business Account, consider switching to a Public Account. With a Public Account, anyone can follow you and access your content. You can still change the privacy settings of individual videos. Again, TikTok will have more “wiggle room” when recommending your content to other users. 
  • Allow TikTok to “Suggest your account to others:”  Turn on the various settings for this option within your Privacy settings to reach more people on the platform. 

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Why Is My TikTok Not Getting Many Views?

Even if you are just starting on TikTok and don’t have many followers, your videos should still generate some views. TikTok’s recommendation algorithm matches all videos with viewers who may enjoy them based on their interests. If you’re asking, “Why is my TikTok not getting many views?” the most likely reason is an ineffective targeting strategy. You need to understand how the algorithm works to figure out why your content is not getting views. 

Here’s a quick run-through of how the recommendation process works:

  • TikTok looks at key signals in your content, particularly the hashtags and keywords in the description. These signals tell TikTok what your video is about. 
  • TikTok also considers your bio, niche, industry, location, and followed accounts to categorize your content further. 
  • The algorithm finds viewers with interests and interactions that indicate a preference for content like yours. For example, TikTok may recommend lots of food videos to someone who likes to watch cooking tutorials. The user may also get video recommendations based on what hashtags appear in the videos they watch.  

Here are six tips to help you align your content strategy with TikTok’s recommendation process:  

  1. Identify hashtags that are most relevant to your niche and target audience. 
  2. Figure out the best hashtag combinations to get the best results. 
  3. Use the right keywords in your video caption for TikTok SEO
  4. Optimize your TikTok bio to help TikTok recommend your account to the right users. 
  5. Follow more accounts and engage with more content similar to yours. 
  6. Dive into your Analytics to figure out how to improve your performance.  

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Why Is My TikTok Not Getting Views Anymore?

If you lost your viewership, Community Guidelines violations are the most likely potential reason for your question “Why is my TikTok not getting views anymore?”. 

“Why are my TikToks not getting views?” you say. Make sure you have not committed any of these content violations:

  • Posted inappropriate content that may have adverse effects on behavioral health.
  • Shared content with sensitive, sexually suggestive, or mature themes.
  • Shared content showing dangerous activities.
  • Posted content showing significant body exposure of adults or moderate body exposure of young people.
  • Shared shocking and graphic content.
  • Shared content based on unverified information or claims aimed at misinformation.
  • Posted content designed to manipulate engagement and metrics.
  • Shared unoriginal content, especially without proper attribution. 
  • Posted content promoting regulated goods, such as alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. 

You receive an account strike for every content violation, and TikTok also removes the content in question. You will also most likely experience a significant drop in views. If you receive three strikes within the same category, TikTok may temporarily suspend your account. If you repeatedly commit violations or one very severe violation, TikTok may ban your account. So, watch out for sharing sensitive content.

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Get Video Views That Count Towards Lasting Growth

With content that offers genuine value to your target audience and proper optimization, you can get views that count towards lasting growth. TikTok offers everyone equal opportunities for viewership. Regardless of your follower count or your video’s popularity, you’ll get a fair shot at reaching potentially interested viewers. But you need to correctly inform TikTok’s recommendation algorithm of who your content is for. 

If you’re just starting on the platform, it’s best to employ a narrow audience-targeting strategy. Focus on your niche audience’s interests when developing content and optimizing your posts with hashtags and keywords. You should do the same when selecting trends in which to participate or sounds to use in your videos.

Prioritize the needs of your niche community to ensure that you get views that convert. Build high engagement and higher viewership, and more followers will follow. Maintain high content relevance among genuinely interested audiences, and you’ll always get rewarding views. 

“Why is my TikTok not getting views?” Answering this question will help you develop a content strategy that boosts your reach and converts viewership into engagement. To get better results, why not sign up for a High Social plan? Instantly magnify your audience-targeting capability with High Socials’s advanced proprietary AI solution. Reach more genuinely interested viewers who will likely become lifelong fans! Start growing your TikTok today!

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