Apps for Content Creators: Building Your Toolkit

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Last Updated: Nov 23, 2023

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Many people think content creation is a walkover. However, there are lots of complexities involved. These include posting at the correct times, getting the right image sizes, branding, automation tasks, and theme and color selection. With several requirements and little time to spare, you must search for ways to speed up your work. Even so, you may need special apps for content creators.

Whether you’re a social media manager, top TikTok influencer, creator, blogger, podcaster, or designer, you’ll agree that content is king. And to facilitate your “behind-the-scenes activities,” you’ll need some help. Luckily, several applications cater to different content creation needs. It’s up to you to create a personal toolkit, depending on your requirements.

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How To Select the Most Suitable Apps for Content Creators: Things To Consider

Depending on the nature of your target audience and the tasks you handle, the appropriate tools for you differ. For example, some applications may be challenging to use for large projects. Some may work better with specific social media networks. Therefore, you should conduct basic research in consideration of certain factors. Are you wondering what to check for? Well, here they are.

Utility and Features

It would be foolhardy to download an application or sign up on a website without understanding its purpose. So first, you have to assess your requirements and conclude what you want. For example, if your primary concern is posting at the right time on TikTok, you need a scheduler. You need an image or video editor to create illustrations or add graphic designs to your visuals.

In fact, with the introduction of artificial intelligence technology, more automation tools are available. Furthermore, each category of content creation apps has various tools. While these tools being under the same category may have similar features, there are some differences. Check the features of tools under each category to enable you to make the best choice.

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Pricing and Affordability

When considering factors by which to select content creation applications, you should always consider the price, especially when budgeting. You might find a perfect tool, but when you’re about to pay, you’ll discover it’s above your budget. But you can easily combat such occurrences by checking the pricing.

You can try Google searching for affordable content creation tools. But affordability is relative. Asking for recommendations or checking every website’s plan and pricing page is better. Doing this will help you confirm the various packages and their respective prices.

Device Compatibility

What device do you use for creating and editing content for your social media posts? Is it a PC; what kind? It could be a laptop, desktop, or MacBook. Or do you use your smartphone? It’s also possible that you have an Android or iOS mobile device. Better still, you may use both your PC and smartphone simultaneously for ease of operability.

But whatever the case, you need an app compatible with your device. So, you need to check for a suitable version of the content creation app that you want. Most apps are available on the Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS. But if you’re using your PC, you need an app that can work with your PC’s operating system.

For those who use several devices, do not worry. Several apps have different versions for mobile devices and personal computers. But in such a case, you should ensure both app versions can link. This way, you can simultaneously work on the same project from your mobile device and system.


Another important factor to consider before choosing a content creation app is its integration properties. Some apps integrate seamlessly with others, while some don’t. Any application that lacks integrative abilities will make your work arduous. You’ll have to frequently go through the stress of downloading, uploading, and transferring files. This process is not just stressful but also time-consuming.

Contrarily, apps that offer integration simplify the process and optimize productivity. With app integration, your content creation tools can be more efficient and effective. Ultimately, this enables better workflow, resulting in a swift production process. Working with content creation tools that offer integration is a big plus for you.

While the major factors you should consider when getting a content creation app are above, there are still others. For example, you can add the user interface to your checklist. If you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll want a simple user interface design that’s easy to navigate. Thus, you won’t have a hard time creating content.

And if your budget is slim, check for apps that allow offline usage. Simply put, these extra minor criteria are little details to ensure your satisfaction. If you have any other personal needs, be sure to factor them into your considerations.

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Best Apps for Content Creators in 2024: The Choicest Editing Tools

You’ll need to work with certain tools to ace strategies for your social media marketing campaigns. While each social media platform has built-in tools to help you, they aren’t efficient enough. You’ll have to look to third-party applications for help. However, since numerous third-party tools exist, you have to find the best. Luckily, I’m here to save you from a tiring trial-and-error process. Stick with me and learn the best apps for content creators in 2024.

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Buffer is one exceptional tool. It simplifies the content creation process with its ability to schedule post timing across and on every social media platform. Therefore, it’s excellent for cross-promoting content and can enable you to post at the right time. You can even consistently automate posts at specific times if you want. Thus, this leads to exponential follower growth on TikTok and other social networks.

Besides post-scheduling, Buffer is an analytical tool that can help you calculate your engagement rate, reach, and frequency on TikTok. With the tracking feature, you can easily discover your top-performing posts and work the magic again. The scheduling calendar makes tracking much easier as you can toggle within various timeframes to monitor post performances.

Many people love Buffer because of its wide range of marketing tools and versatile functions. You can use it to edit pictures, schedule and publish content, and gain insight. Additionally, it facilitates collaboration as your entire team can work with it. Furthermore, this app offers an AI assistant to help you with creative ideas. All these can help you formulate better social media and TikTok growth strategies to upscale your content game.

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Canva is a top-rated and user-friendly content-creation app for designing creative assets. It’s an excellent tool for professionals and newbies that helps with pictures, videos, and GIFs for social media and websites. This is an invaluable tool to create your designs. You don’t need to worry about size with the available social media templates, as they’re custom-made for each social platform.

Consider this application your one-stop location for all social media content and business marketing campaign needs. You can easily create engaging, professional standard content with access to a large photo and font library. That’s exciting because it’ll drive engagement on your profile. It also doubles as an image editing tool for adding visual graphics and effects to enhance image quality.

This tool is also a movie maker; you can edit and even stitch TikTok videos. With technological progression, Canva lets users create AI designs ten times faster and easier. If you’re a social media manager, you’ll find Canva’s content helpful calendar. Why? It can help you stay on track with your projects.

Interestingly, Canva is compatible with various devices and seamlessly integrates with numerous apps. Such apps include Slack, Dropbox, Microsoft PowerPoint, WordPress, Hubspot, Hootsuite, and Typeform. Canva is a must-have graphic design tool for content creators.

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Ripl is an excellent content creation app for making video ads, branded posts, and more on your mobile device. The fact that you can use it with your smartphone is exciting because you can work on the go. Besides mobile versions (Android and iOS), there is also a desktop version.

I recommend this app for business owners harnessing social media’s power for brand building. What’s best is that you don’t have to start designing from scratch. There are already ready-made templates from which you can select. Each template serves different purposes. For example, there’s a template for testimonials and another for questions. You can even brand these with your logo.

The list is endless, and interestingly, these templates do not have a rigid design. So you can modify them to fit your context better. You can explore the text, font, background, and color options to create relatable content for your Instagram stories. You can also create thrilling stuff for Facebook feeds, Twitter timelines, and TikTok videos. A library of professional stock photos also constitutes excellent visuals for your content.

After creating attention-grabbing posts for your socials on Ripl, you can decide to share them directly on your chosen platforms. Alternatively, you can use Ripl’s scheduling tool to schedule the post in advance. Doing this will prevent you from missing the time you want to post. Ripl has successfully served over 3.5 million small businesses; yours can be part of these.

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WordPress is an excellent Content Management System that people use to build sites. It’s well known among bloggers, but besides blogging, it has several tools to uplift your content creation game. It’s also compatible with several plugins, including giveaway, survey, and poll plugins, making it easy to use. Among its most exceptional features for content creation is its SEO friendliness.

We all know that word artistry is crucial to posting on social media. WordPress can help you target the right keywords which you can use for captioning your social media posts. You can also tweak this knowledge to help you find the right hashtags for TikTok and other social platforms.

Also, it has many photo themes on the block editor. You can use them to create astonishing content that will engage your TikTok followers. Without followers, every other activity will waste time and resources. It is challenging to devote yourself a hundred percent to all these responsibilities.

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