Average Likes on TikTok: What’s a Good Number Versus Views?

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Last Updated: Apr 30, 2024

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TikTok’s recommendation process fuels every new post’s initial rounds on For You feeds. But how does the algorithm decide when to continue recommending a piece of content and when to stop? One of the things it looks at is the video’s average likes on TikTok, particularly vis-a-vis its number of views. Keep reading to learn more!

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Average Likes per View on TikTok 

How do you keep your video circulating on TikTok? Every creator, of course, wants TikTok to keep recommending their content ad infinitum. The algorithm looks at the video’s performance to analyze its relevance to viewers. One way it measures a video’s relevance is by its average likes per view on TikTok.

TikTok’s low barrier to views is a double-edged sword. While you can easily rack up video views, your engagement has to catch up to establish your content’s relevance. Consider the following scenario:

Your content piece generates dozens of views but only a handful of likes. This tells the algorithm that your viewers don’t find your content interesting enough to tap your like button. It may also indicate that your audience targeting is off and you’re not reaching the right viewers. 

So, what’s a good like-to-view ratio on TikTok? Most experts agree that a good like-to-view ratio is 1:10, or one like for every ten views. If your video content gets 100 views, it needs at least ten likes to maintain its visibility on feeds. 

TikTok will stop recommending your post if the like-to-view ratio dips below the minimum required for relevance. A ratio higher than the required minimum, on the other hand, ensures increased exposure and potential engagement. 

The higher your like-to-view ratio, the greater its potential to drive more engagement as it appears more prominently on more feeds. More likes from more views can create a snowball effect that pushes your content to viral status. 

Knowing your average likes based on views will help you identify areas in your strategy that need fine-tuning. Check your analytics regularly to keep track of your like-to-view ratio per post and specific date range. 

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Average Likes on TikTok Calculator

You can gauge a page’s relevance and popularity based on their total likes, which you’ll find on their profile. Their total view count, however, is not visible to others. Do you want to find out a creator’s average amount of likes on TikTok? You can use an average likes on TikTok calculator or engagement rate calculator. 

There are tons of sites online that instantly calculate an account’s engagement rate based on publicly available data. There are several ways to calculate average likes:

  • Total likes versus total views
  • Total likes versus total number of videos
  • Total likes versus total follower count
  • Total likes versus total comments
  • Total likes versus total shares

Instantly calculate TikTok engagement rates using these sites:

  • MaveKite. Enter the TikTok username, then click Get Analytics. You can use the tool for free and get basic average engagement metrics based on the account’s last 20 posts. The site will also give you graphs for the account’s follower growth covering several months, individual engagement rates for the last 20 posts, etc. 
  • HypeAuditor. The free service gives you an account’s average engagement rate based on number of followers, likes per video, and total videos. You can sign up for a free account to access extended reports with 30+ essential metrics.
  • Influencer Marketing Hub. The site calculates both engagement rates and potential earnings per post based on engagement. The tool lets you input the number of likes, followers, and videos instead of asking for the username. This means you can use the calculator to forecast potential earnings based on projected performance numbers.
  • High Social’s TikTok Engagement Rate Calculator. High Social’s free tool actually gives you an account’s average likes and views in addition to its engagement rate. You’ll also see graphs for likes per post and comments per post. 

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Increase Your Average Likes for Higher Visibility Through Proper Targeting

Your chances of reaching your target audience are highest on TikTok compared to other social media platforms. Furthermore, connecting with suitable audiences is crucial to generating a high like count and a good like-to-view ratio. 

TikTok’s algorithm can work in your favor and consistently deliver your content to viewers whose interests align with yours. All you have to do is give it the right signals every time you post. 

Use effects, filters, and music your niche community will appreciate. In your post description, use hashtags and keywords that appropriately sum up your video and are relevant to your intended audience’s interests. TikTok looks at these elements to identify suitable viewers for every post. 

Of course, it’s just as important that you create likable content. Take advantage of TikTok’s Creator Search Insights to identify trending search topics around which you can create new content. Videos on topics that rank high on your preferred audience’s searches guarantee not only their likes but also their comments and shares. 

Increase your average likes on TikTok through proper targeting to ensure higher visibility on feeds. Sign up for a High Social plan to boost your audience-targeting capability. 

High Social’s advanced, proprietary AI technology works perfectly alongside TikTok’s algorithm. It ensures your videos reach genuinely interested viewers who are likely to engage with your post. Start growing your TikTok today!

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