Best Hashtags for TikTok 2023 To Stay Trendy and Visible

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Last Updated: Nov 09, 2023

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A social media post won’t be complete without a sprinkling of hashtags. Want to inform people what your TikTok post is about within seconds? Use hashtags. Want to optimize your content for your target audience or to rank high in searches? Hashtags are a huge help. Are you interested in what users in your niche are discussing these days? Look at the hashtags they’re using. If you want to stay trendy and visible, make sure you’re well-versed on the best hashtags for TikTok 2023.

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How Do You Pin Down the Best Hashtag for TikTok 2023?

Is there a way to stay on top of emerging hashtags on TikTok? What hashtags are trending on TikTok these days? How do you pin down the best hashtag for TikTok 2023?

You can build content around trending hashtags. Or you can create your content first and then find the most popular hashtags related to it. Either way, using the right hashtag combination can help your video’s visibility and discoverability on TikTok and beyond. Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about hot-as-coals hashtags on TikTok.

Where Can You Keep Track of Popular TikTok Hashtags?

If you want to discover hashtags that are currently trending and those that are rising in popularity within an industry, visit TikTok Creative Center. You can filter your search by country and industry. Limit your search to the last seven, 30, or 120 days.

The Trends section in the Creative Center is a great resource if you need content inspiration and guidance on creating relevant videos. Results for trending hashtags will show you the number of posts and views related to each hashtag. You’ll also see the top creators using them.

volume. Just type the hashtag sign and the keyword. You’ll see an exact match, plus similar hashtags you may also consider.

Another way to identify popular hashtags in your niche or industry is through top creators and brands. Visit their pages, check out their most popular videos recently, and see what hashtags they’re using. Tap the hashtag to view more videos and accounts using it.

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How Many Hashtags Should You Use Per Post?

Limiting the number of hashtags you use may be a difficult decision. You don’t want to use too many. At the same time, you don’t want to miss out on the potential reach of the hashtags you leave out. So, how many hashtags should you use per post?

The consensus is between three to six hashtags. This means you need to choose your hashtags wisely. You should also keep in mind that these tagged keywords count towards your video description’s 2,200-character limit.

On TikTok, most users don’t bother reading video descriptions. Unlike on Facebook, posts on TikTok typically don’t come with overly long captions. People use TikTok to watch the videos, not read about them. But this doesn’t mean you should maximize the character limit and cram your post with hashtags. Too many, and you’ll confuse the algorithm when it tries to categorize your content and find interested viewers.

#LessIsMore should always be your mantra.

How Do You Choose Between Niche and Popular Hashtags?

How do you choose what hashtags to combine in your post? Popular and generic ones have hundreds of billions of videos attached to them. With so many videos using them, the odds are against yours getting featured based on these tags alone. 

Trending hashtags, across industries or within a single one, also have massive use volumes that often run up to hundreds of millions. These are useful in categorizing your content. However, the number of videos competing for attention may still be too high for a new post hitching on their popularity.

Niche hashtags exist within less saturated categories. While their reach is limited, they’ll give you the best chance of appearing on the For You feeds of interested viewers. 

So, with the ideal number of three to six hashtags per post, combining trending industry tags and niche tags is your best bet. 

Here are a few more tips to remember when choosing tags:

  • Make sure the hashtags are relevant to your brand, content, and target audience. Remember that your preferred keyword would also have several iterations. You can choose the exact hashtag match and one or two with the highest use volume for niche-specific ones. For popular ones, you can stick with the top-ranking tag. 
  • To round up your three to six tags, add one or two that target a different but related category. Doing this will help you diversify your audience reach while still taking advantage of common interests. Make sure these tags are still appropriate for your content.
  • Join hashtag challenges now and then. Even if they’re ultra-popular, they can help drive engagement from your fans when you add your tried-and-proven niche tags.

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Best Hashtags for TikTok To Go Viral

What are the best hashtags for TikTok to go viral these days? Here’s what is trending for October 2023 in the United States, according to TikTok Creative Center.

Top Ten Hashtags in the Last Seven Days Across All Industries

Here’s the list of the top ten hashtags for the last seven days of October:

  1. #fnaf, 146K posts and 901M views (up 1 spot and likely to trend in the next 7 days)
  2. #girls, 339K posts and 441M views (new entry and likely to trend in the next 7 days)
  3. #jujutsukaisen, 165K posts and 461M views (new entry and likely to trend in the next 7 days)
  4. #fnafmovie, 71K posts and 503M views (down 1 spot, but likely to trend in the next 7 days)
  5. #insane, 257K posts and 167M views (new entry)
  6. #halloweekend, 39K posts and 104M views (up 8 spots)
  7. #typ, 265K posts and 176M views (new entry and likely to trend in the next 7 days)
  8. #algorithm, 253K posts and 202M views (new entry)
  9. #truestory, 251K posts and 163M views (down 4 spots, but likely to trend in the next 7 days)
  10. #minecraftbuilding, 244K posts and 138M views (new entry)

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Top Ten Hashtags in the Beauty and Personal Care Industry

For beauty influencers, here’s what is trending in Beauty and Personal Care:

  1. #longhair, 36K posts and 72M views
  2. #makeuplook, 98K posts and 11M views (new entry)
  3. #halloweennails, 11K posts and 24M views (down 1 spot)
  4. #mask, 6K posts and 34M views (down 1 spot)
  5. #fragrance, 3K posts and 53M views (down 1 spot)
  6. #elf, 4K posts and 39M views
  7. #fallnails, 4K posts and 16M views (up 3 spots)
  8. #lips, 4K posts and 28M views (down 1 spot)
  9. #blackhair, 4K posts and 34M views (down 1 spot)
  10. #protectivestyles, 3K posts and 40M views (down 1 spot)

Top Ten Hashtags in the Food and Beverage Industry

For all things related to food and drinks, the latest trending hashtags are as follows:

  1. #pumpkin, 25K posts and 143M views
  2. #pumpkinseason, 25K posts and 89M views
  3. #pumpkinspice, 8K posts and 43M views (up 3 spots)
  4. #candycave, 35K posts and 6M views (down 1 spot)
  5. #packanorder, 33K posts and 6M views (down 1 spot)
  6. #candieslebanon, 33K posts and 5M views (new entry)
  7. #prepareanorderwithme, 33K posts and 5M views (new entry)
  8. #christmascountdown, 6K posts and 64M views (down 3 spots)
  9. #keithlee, 693 posts and 22M views (new entry)
  10. #cupcake, 2K posts and 18M views (new entry)

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Top Ten Hashtags in Home Improvement

‘Tis the holiday season, and holiday-related tags are dominating this list:

  1. #christmas2023, 8K posts and 73M views (up 1 spot)
  2. #halloweendecor, 8K posts and 50M views (up 1 spot)
  3. #christmasdecor, 6K posts and 80M views (down 2 spots
  4. #decoration, 15K posts, and 40M views
  5. #christmastree, 4K posts and 58M views
  6. #pumpkins, 6K posts and 20M views
  7. #halloweendecorations, 4K posts and 22M views (up 2 spots)
  8. #halloweendiy, 3K posts and 29M views (up 2 spots)
  9. #cleanwithme, 3K posts and 59M views (down 2 spots)
  10. #cleaningmotivation, 2K posts and 70M views (down 2 spots)

Top Ten Hashtags in Travel

If you’re a travel influencer, check out these top tags to inspire your travel plans or posts:

  1. #disneyland, 12K posts and 125M views (new entry)
  2. #holiday, 10K posts and 70M views (down 1 spot)
  3. #pumpkinpatch, 12K posts and 32M views
  4. #disneyadult, 39K posts and 32M views (down 2 spots)
  5. #holidays, 5K posts and 35M views (down 1 spot)
  6. #manhattan, 5K posts and 39M views 
  7. #scenery, 12K posts, and 18M views (down 2 spots)
  8. #universal studios, 3K posts and 37M views (down 1 spot)
  9. #halloweenfun, 3K posts and 8M views (up 1 spot)
  10. #epcot, 3K posts and 24M views (down 1 spot)

Black letter tiles spell the word “#TREND.”

Use the Best Hashtags for TikTok 2023 for High Visibility

An up-to-the-minute hashtag strategy is a good hashtag strategy across all social networks. Using trending and relevant hashtags increases discoverability and visibility. Popular hashtags are always a crucial element of any marketing campaign. Niche hashtags are a must for regular, organic posts.

As a trendsetting platform, TikTok is the best source for the hottest hashtagged catchphrases, battle cries, or modern aphorisms. Hashtags are more than just SEO categorization tools. Hashtags jumpstart causes, initiate conversations, and drive awareness and actions. They unite communities and highlight popular thinking. If you’re a creator or brand, staying on top of trending hashtags will also stay ahead of the competition.

Adding a pound sign in front of a keyword helps algorithms identify the right audience for content. And with the right hashtagged keyword, users can quickly discover your content through search. On TikTok, the recommendation algorithm relies on hashtags when picking up videos for For You feeds.

Ensure you’re up-to-date on the best hashtags for TikTok 2023 to guarantee high visibility. Use hashtags that are most relevant to the audiences in your niche and industry to stay connected. You can also ensure that your videos are showing up on their For You feeds by signing up for a High Social plan. High Social’s advanced, proprietary AI technology lets you double your AI-powered, audience-targeting capability. Get more fans on board. Start growing your TikTok today!

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