Free TikTok Influencer Search Tool: Creator Discovery 101

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Last Updated: Nov 27, 2023

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Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms, attracting lots of GenZs and millennials. Even grannies are now on TikTok, so there’s a place for every age grade. Due to the app’s popularity, brands are building a strong social media presence and using the platform for digital marketing. Interestingly, influencer marketing is a prominent TikTok ad and growth strategy. Therefore, it would be good to have a free TikTok influencer search tool.

Though you can use Google to search for top TikTok influencers in your niche, the results won’t be 100% authentic. Why? Because Google ranks people according to their search engine optimization proficiency instead of their abilities. So, even after Googling, you’ll still have to conduct research, necessitating an influencer search tool. So, a search tool is an indispensable asset in your quest to find the right influencer for your brand.

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The Best Free TikTok Influencer Search Tool: Fishing Out Creatives

The growth of TikTok has led to the formation of a class of celebrities more popular than the conventional ones. People revere TikTok influencers and listen to their every word. So they can provide you with social validity. But how do you find them? Although numerous tools can help you search for popular, tested, and trusted influencers, they aren’t free.

While this charge may not be an issue for some, not all can afford it without batting a lash. And even those who can may want first-hand proof of the tool’s effectiveness. So this makes startup brands, individuals, and agencies that want to collaborate with influencers ask about free tools. 

But although there are some free search tools, you may have to pay after a while. The reason is that what you’re getting is a free trial. But if you want freebies all through, I’ve got the perfect influencer search tool for you, which is HypeAuditor.

HypeAuditor is a free AI tool for finding and connecting with TikTok influencers via different filters seamlessly. You can filter your search by location, demographics, gender, niche, etc. Besides that, you can also check their TikTok engagement rates and follower counts of influencers to compare their productivity. HypeAuditor also has an account comparison and a like-to-follower ratio calculator.

Using these tools, you can gain deep insights into the analytical performances of influencers for free. With all this information at your fingertips, pairing with a perfect influencer will be easy. Interestingly, this influencer discovery tool’s interface is easily navigable. So, waste no time, save your resources, and immediately connect with influencers using Hype Auditor.

Spectacular TikTok Influencer Search Tools: Five Must-Haves

If you’re ready to spend some bucks chasing what you want, this section is for you. Though many paid TikTok influencer search tools exist, I’m sure you want the best. That’s why I handpicked the tools below based on their features. Therefore, I’m certain you’ll have a good time using them. So, in no particular order, here they are.

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Promoty has a limitless global database of TikTok content creators, which you can explore to find the perfect match. With this tool, you can find an influencer whose followers and fans fit the criteria for your target audience. The audience targeting filter will enable you to discover influencers with a relevant audience. Thus, this will help you in getting committed viewers for your brand.

With Promoty, you can find influencers that are new to you. Alternatively, you can search for the ones you know to see their profile insights and grade their capabilities. You can filter through search results and access an influencer’s follower and engagement information. Search filters include location, metrics, and keyword/niche.

There is no influencer anywhere in the world whose details you can’t find using Promoty. You can even discover which prominent people (celebrities, industry experts, multimillionaires, etc.) follow an influencer. So, by harnessing the power of influencing, you can get some verified TikTok followers as your fans.

Promoty doesn’t just help you search for influencers and leave you stranded. The tool has a Customer Relationship Management feature that you can use to connect and work with influencers. This feature lets you monitor your TikTok influencer campaigns, ads, collaborations, and more. So, Promoty also equips you with a management tool.

Though it’s a paid tool, there are different pricing plans. However, the features you can access depend on the plan you subscribe to. Some of Promoty’s prominent features include tracking posts, stories, and reels, email integration, and API access, among others. Furthermore, Promoty works with other social media platforms except Twitter. Therefore, you can cross-check an influencer’s social profile across platforms.

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Collabstr is a user-friendly TikTok influencer search tool for meeting vetted influencers. This tool allows you to run influencer campaigns and make payments without any upfront charges. There’s also an in-chat feature that enables you to contact and communicate with these influencers frequently.

After finding relevant influencers, the next move is striking a deal. This influencer marketplace will also help you conduct payment activities. You can pay through Collabstr. After finalizing the content, they’ll hold on to your money and then transfer it to the influencer.

By this, you can be sure of the quality of the end product of your collaboration. Over 30,000 brands, including McDonald’s, have used Collabstr. Interestingly, the reviews for this tool are excellent. So browse influencers that fit your criteria, view their profile, and purchase their work with Collabstr today.

High Social’s screenshot of Upfluence’s homepage.


TikTok influencer marketing is a profitable strategy for growing your followers organically. But luckily, home are the days of manually searching for influencers on the app. The urgency and spike in demand for influencer campaigns and collaboration for branded content has led to a feasible solution. This solution comes in the form of search and discovery tools like Upfluence.

Upfluence makes the search process enjoyable with more than twenty search filters. These filters can help you streamline your results and find an influencer faster than most platforms. With Upfluence, you can quit looking outside and search inward within your network for the next big potential influencer.

Surprising right? But if you think about it, you already have many followers promoting your brand with user-generated content on TikTok. Interestingly, some of these persons have a wide reach. So, why not collaborate with someone who truly loves your brand and product? This way, the passion will be genuine.

Besides search and discovery, Upfluence has campaign management tools to relieve you of the stress of monitoring and compiling reports. The analytic feature can provide insight into post and campaign performance, helping you identify effective campaigns and posts.

Upfluence also has social listening tools to enable you to understand customers’ opinions of your brand and services. You can also access competitor data that will help you restrategize properly. So besides influencer searches, there are many other beneficial tools packed in Upfluence to make digital marketing stress-free for you.

High Social’s screenshot of the TikTok Creator Marketplace.

TikTok Creator Marketplace

If we’re exploring other tools, it’s only fair to include TikTok’s Creator Marketplace. TikTok built this platform, so it’s among the best search and discovery tools for locating influencers. Above all, this platform has everything you need for influencer marketing on TikTok. So you don’t have to switch between apps when running campaigns.

TikTok wants the best for its users, so it thoroughly screens influencers with profiles on the Creator Marketplace. Their scrutiny is one of a kind such that only efficient and effective influencers with experience can scale through. So, you can be confident in any influencers you connect with on the TikTok Creator Marketplace. Moreover, each influencer’s profile holds enough detail to help you decipher whether their persona and vibe are what you need.

There’s also a swift payment solution that facilitates partnerships between brands and influencers. Also, you can track any influencer’s portfolio and monitor campaigns closely. If you need inspiration, a quick dash to the case study section of the website will fill you with ideas. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up, create a profile, and use the TikTok Creator Marketplace.

High Social’s screenshot of Tokfluence’s homepage.


All tools for searching for TikTok influencers operate similarly, as does Tokfluence. However, there are several attention-grabbing aspects of Tokfluence. For starters, this tool shows weekly video views and likes of influencers. By this, you can tell how many views your collaborative content will get. Though you can’t figure out the exact amount, you’ll know the average TikTok video views to expect.

Aside from analyzing influencers’ reach, Tokfluence also provides an analysis of audience demographics. You may wonder how this helps. It can save you from large pitfalls by revealing the truth about the audience. For example, not all influencers have organic TikTok followers. Some buy followers from notorious websites that may supply fake TikTok followers consisting of bot, spam, and inactive accounts.

But without knowing this, a large audience will impress and drive you to collaborate with certain influencers. So, audience analysis saves you from disappointments and ensures you build genuine relationships with authentic influencers. Plus, there’s also the option to filter by mentions, which is quite interesting. And if you’re wondering about managing your campaigns, do not worry; Tokfluence covers everything.

Why You Should Use a TikTok Influencer Search Tool? Are There Any Benefits?

The fact that influencer marketing is making big waves is indisputable. People listen to influencers and do their bidding because of trust. Influencers attain popularity through their expertise in a particular niche. They carry the audience along in their journeys; therefore, the audience knows, loves, and trusts them.

So, if you have a word of validation from someone they trust, you’ve won your way into their hearts. But doing all this without an influencer will be difficult. So, you need to find an influencer. Though you can use search engines to identify influencers, how sure are you that they’re right for you/ your brand? Securing an influencer through manual search is tedious and may require a collective effort.

But you can forgo the stress and automate the process with filters available on TikTok influencer search tools. Using these tools, you can find an influencer whose listeners match your TikTok target audience in a few minutes. Some of these tools also have analytical, campaign management, and influencer relationship management features to make the entire transaction seamless.

So you stand to gain from using a paid or free TikTok influencer search tool. However, while influencer marketing can help grow your followers, you shouldn’t depend solely on it. Incorporating strategies enables success, and one plan you mustn’t fail to implement is hiring a TikTok growth agency.

Interestingly, High Social is the best you can find regarding organic TikTok growth and affordability. We target users’ passions and interests, thus linking you up with engaged and interested TikTokers. This way, you’ll reach the right followers and build genuine and meaningful connections. So, start growing your TikTok today!

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