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Last Updated: Jan 23, 2024

TikTok Growth

Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

It’s always exciting to see your video’s view count going up. It’s every content creator’s goal on TikTok to produce videos that people will want to watch. There are many ways to get free TikTok views. But the most rewarding ones are those that lead to sustained follower and engagement growth. Learn how to grow your viewership the right way.

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How To Get Free TikTok Views

Do you want to know how to get free TikTok views? Check out TikTok views free offers from the following sites!

  • InstaFollowers: Get 100 instant views for your TikTok video for free. You can come back after 24 hours to claim more. Take note that the account must be public to avail of the free service. 
  • Like4Like: If you don’t mind completing some tasks to get free views, this site helps you grow your social presence for free. Earn credits by watching or liking other people’s videos or following their accounts. Exchange your credits for TikTok views or follows. You can test the service today and claim 50 free views. 
  • Celebian: This site has a one-time offer of 100 free views per account. Provide your username, and then select the videos you want to get the views for.
  • Trollishly: Get 100 free views for a single post. Enter your TikTok username, and the site will prompt you to choose one of your recent videos to get free views. 
  • Allsmo: To claim 100 video views for free, just enter the post URL. You can claim another thousand views at no cost simply by sharing the site on social media.

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Free Views TikTok: Tips for Claiming Free Video Views

Increasing your viewership when you know how to get TikTok views for free is an easy fix. And there are wrong ways and right ways of doing it. Here are a few tips to help ensure you’re doing it right. 

  1. Be patient: Unless you’re a top TikTok influencer, organically amassing 100 views doesn’t happen soon after posting a new video for most users. So, it’s not a good idea to get 100 free views just minutes after you publish your video. Doing so will most likely set off TikTok’s spam alert. Wait an hour or so after hitting the post button to get your free views.
  2. Use different sites to boost viewership for different posts: Frequent posting every day is ideal if you want to maintain high visibility on feeds. Take advantage of the free service offers from various sites to boost viewership for multiple posts. 
  3. Boost a top-performing post with free views: Do you have a top-performing post with a viewership that’s beginning to lag? Push it into greater relevance again with free views.

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How To Get More Views on TikTok for Free

Do you want a better guarantee of views-to-engagement conversion? You should know how to get more views on TikTok for free organically. Adopt these organic strategies for how to get free views on TikTok and watch your metrics skyrocket!

  • Stay up-to-date on what your target audience enjoys watching: Like TikTok trends, user interests can change in the blink of an eye. Niche communities thrive on TikTok, but your niche followers likely have interests that overlap across other niches. Or their content preferences may evolve over time. You also have to evolve with the times to stay relevant and visible in your community and beyond.
  • Share creative content that stimulates reactions and interactions: Don’t just aim for passive viewing. Stimulate your audience. Make them laugh or go, “Aww!” Spur them into action, whether by liking your post or commenting on it. Give them something worth talking about. 
  • Post content when your target audience is active on TikTok: Familiarize yourself with the TikTok habits of your highly interested and engaged viewers. Their TikTok browsing hours are the best times to post your content
  • Ask your fans what they want to see more of: If you want to know what your viewers want, go straight to the source. Get feedback and ideas from your audience. When they feel heard and that their ideas are appreciated, you can guarantee they’ll be watching out for your future posts. 
  • Perfect your optimization strategy: Make sure you’re properly informing TikTok’s algorithm of who your videos are for. Use hashtags relevant to your niche, content, and target audience. Use keywords in your video description that will boost your rank in TikTok SEO. Always add sound to your content to enhance your audience’s viewing experience and further optimize your discoverability.

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Get Viewership That Converts

Content creators and brands aiming for sustained growth must focus on building viewership among genuinely interested audiences. A video can easily generate tons of views. Without accompanying high engagement, however, views become more like passing, disinterested glances. 

More views often mean higher visibility on more feeds. But this trend quickly comes to a full stop and reaches a dead end when there’s very little to zero engagement. When you’re able to put your content in front of viewers who find value in it, you’ll get views that convert. 

Once you have engaged viewers, their likes and comments will create a positive feedback loop, generating more views and more engagement. This is why targeting the right audience each time you create content is a crucial step. 

Free TikTok views, whether organic or from growth sites, give your video’s visibility a much-needed boost. But getting the right views is a different story. Why not get expert help targeting audiences who will likely become engaged followers? 

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