How To Get Sales From TikTok: Converting Like a Pro

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Last Updated: Dec 07, 2023

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TikTok, one of the most popular social media platforms, possesses a wide user base across the globe. It has over a billion active users, which keeps increasing by the second. Though mostly composed of Gen Z and millennials, other age classifications use TikTok to mingle and learn about new products. Therefore, TikTok is perfect for advertising your skills, brand, and product. But despite this, many users do not know how to get sales from TikTok.

Sadly, this lack of knowledge is a big problem for business owners on the app. It limits them from taking advantage of short-form videos for advertising. As a result, while some profit from showcasing their niche expertise through TikTok ads and other means, others don’t. Imagination and wishes can’t make your dreams come true; you must be proactive. That’s why I’m here to show you how to get bigger returns from TikTok.

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Is TikTok a Good Sales Platform? Selling Products on TikTok

Some people find it difficult to believe in the possibility of growing and expanding their business through TikTok. However, their belief or lack of belief doesn’t change the fact. Several companies keep gaining sales leads, making conversions, and retaining customers, all through the power of TikTok. For example, the Cornetto brand got a greater ROI through Ask Atesi first full-funnel campaign.

MECCA, the Australasian beauty retailer, and Aeropostale also created a TikTok trend, leading to a massive sales boost. So, it’s high time you realize that social media marketing is a big strategy to leverage in our digital world. You may think TikTok is solely for creating and watching funny videos, duets, tutorials, comedy, prank videos, etc. But the platform has more depth beyond all that.

Besides, even those creators aren’t just putting in all that effort for fun. They receive financial gains thanks to their effort, so how much more do you who have a product to market? TikTok gives you all the basic requirements for success. You can develop yourself in a TikTok niche, select a suitable target audience, and connect with them through engagement.

Don’t worry; engaging them is a lot easier with TikTok’s creator tools, ensuring you have a quality content output. The app also gives valid suggestions such as hashtags, sounds, and music to help you promote your TikTok videos.

Through TikTok analytics, you can measure your post performance to find your best-performing TikTok posts and check your audience’s interaction. This app is an all-in-one toolkit for marketing, advertising, and connecting with the right audience. As you should know, all these facilitate brand building.

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4 Tips on How To Get Sales From TikTok Swiftly: Getting High Returns

If you’re already into advertising, you know it requires much work. You’ll try several strategies to find the one that works. But to cut the chase and make the process seamless, you can replicate the strategies of TikTok brands. So your question should be, what do they do, and how can I do it too? Luckily, several helpful tips exist to help out.

Set Up a Business Account

While you can sell on TikTok with your regular account, the process won’t be as seamless. Also, the result won’t be the same. So, it’s pertinent that you set up a TikTok business or professional account. You can easily switch your regular account to business mode if you don’t want to start growing followers from scratch.

But I’ll advise you to create another account. Don’t worry about needing a second device. TikTok allows its user base to operate up to three accounts from one device. A business account can skyrocket your marketing game by giving you access to various useful features. Utilizing these new features will produce positive results, including sales. Are you curious about the nature of the features?

Here they are. Firstly, one perk of a professional account is the ability to optimize your TikTok bio with e-commerce links. That’s a brilliant advertising option for those aiming at sales. With this feature, you can add links to your online store or website, thus increasing click-through rates and fostering sales. From just a glimpse at your profile, sales begin.

Another advantage of a TikTok professional account is access to advanced analytics. You’ll see your engagement rate, post impressions, views, and more explanatory details. With these, you can fish out functional and non-functional strategies and decipher areas to improvise. Having all these metrics at your fingertips, tracking and assessing your performance becomes super easy.

More features include the email button, business creative hub, and professional lead generation Call To Action for collecting customer details. Others include the TikTok ads manager, auto messaging, and commercial music library. TikTok tailors professional accounts with these functions for businesses and organizations, so why not enjoy them?

Set Up a TikTok Shop

Gone are the days of traditional advertising. Now, everything’s better with social commerce in marketing. Before now, merchants and brands induced customers to buy through external links. However, these links were disruptive as using them required leaving the app temporarily. Customers who don’t want to disrupt their viewing streak find shopping challenging.

But luckily, TikTok has taken control of the matter and brought in the shop feature. TikTok shop is a feature that allows traders to sell their products directly on the app through in-feed videos. Aside from videos on the feed, you can also sell through the new product showcase tab. Alternatively, you can sell through live TikTok sessions with your audience.

This feature is possible thanks to TikTok’s partnership with Shopify. Their integration has broken frontiers and led to in-app shopping on TikTok. This prospect can help brands, businesses, and traders amass more sales. What’s even better is that the investment is low, but the profit is high. Now tell me, who doesn’t want that?

But to access this feature and set up a Shopify access, you must apply through the TikTok shop creator. Then, proceed to set up a shop from the TikTok seller center. To utilize the TikTok shop feature, you must organize your catalog and announce your TikTok shop to your audience. Therefore, your audience will be buying as they scroll. It’s a mixture of entertainment and sales through short-form videos. So jump on this and convert views to sales!

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Influencer Marketing

There are various classes of individuals on TikTok. We have brand owners like you, regular users who are all about fun and entertainment, and TikTok influencers. You can collaborate or partner with top TikTok influencers as you introduce new products to regular users. Doing this will help you create awareness for your product(s).

TikTok influencer marketing is a viable strategy as influencers are symbols of social proof due to their expertise in niches. Due to this, they often have a large TikTok follower count. Unlike conventional celebrities, these influencers have deeper ties with their audience because of their relationship.

Influencers carry their followers through their personal lives and routines, building trust. With influencers’ trust and validity, brands can leverage these resources to boost sales. You can strike a deal with one or more influencers to use your products in their lifestyle videos.

This act will promote publicity and awareness of your product. When the public sees an influencer with a new product, curiosity arises. The audience then seeks to purchase the same product. That’s why over 55% of brands prefer using influencer marketing on TikTok compared to other social media platforms.

Through influencer lifestyle marketing, traditional advertising gradually gives way to new and improved sales methods. However, since several top TikTok influencers exist, you must find the right one to represent your brand. Consider niche and target audience when selecting an influencer. With these in place, your reach will increase, and potential customers will see, like, and buy your products.

Paid Ads

TikTok business allows business owners to create TikTok ads and launch campaigns by simplifying the process. The algorithm will promote and display these ads on users’ feeds to publicize your product.

Since many people search for products on TikTok, they may encounter tours and decide to patronize. This is why your ads need to highlight the solutions your products offer in a fun and exciting way.

We all know that not everyone enjoys watching ads. Some find them disruptive, so your ad placement matters. Therefore, you should explore the placement of ads and experiment with them. You can create in-feed TikTok ads through the ads manager. Also, another option is to make a video ad that links directly to your product.

You can also use spark, playable, image, shopping, spangle, or carousel ads. Luckily, there are numerous advertisement formats, which makes it easy to choose the most suitable. Besides these, the package also contains branded effects and hashtag challenges. Interestingly, you can control your spending when using TikTok ads. So, what are you waiting for to try it out?

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TikTok Product Marketing Strategies

Several marketing strategies have worked for social media managers, brands, and businesses since the inception of TikTok. These strategies have proven efficient and effective when sellers apply them properly. Read these if you’re looking for more ways to increase your revenue through digital advertising on TikTok.

Use Hashtags

As a brand, you build and accumulate sales through several efforts. While individual efforts are important, there’s great power in collaboration. Collaboration here is in the sense of people coming together to use or popularize something. For example, it becomes a trend when several users use a particular sound for their videos.

But, beyond music, there is a factor that can launch your products to the spotlight. Due to its amazing possibilities, it’s a part of every brand’s marketing strategy. This factor is hashtags. Funky as they seem, there’s a lot of permanence in them. Relevant TikTok hashtags are an excellent medium for gaining visibility and views, which you can convert to sales.

There are various hashtags with amazing track records in reinstating changes in business growth on TikTok. A good example is the #TikTokmademebuyit hashtag. Seeing how hashtags attract crowds and boost performance, brands are creating personal hashtags to promote their products. Through this, their reach multiplies geometrically as fans and followers create content using their hashtags.

Therefore, brands can reach a wider user base indirectly through strategic planning. How much you can achieve through advertising with the right hashtags is so exciting. A sure-fire strategy for success is investing in tags on TikTok because they mostly become trends or hashtag challenges.

User Generated Content

Any salesperson on TikTok must invest in user-generated content because it’s crucial to their success on the app. The term user-generated content is self-explanatory. As the name implies, it refers to original videos, images, and text users create and publish on TikTok. The enticing part is that you won’t pay the users for this.

Therefore, positive UGC depicts customer satisfaction in the face of the general public. It’s a beautiful review with great potential to entice more customers. Imagine you sell a high-heeled shoe to a customer who makes a video of the shoe with a gorgeous outfit. Then, the customer addresses how comfy the heel is and how it fits. With more such videos, people will be curious about the new shoe.

If you’re lucky, this might spark a trend that will hitch interest in your heels. Then, as popularity heightens, more people will begin to place orders for the pair. Therefore, from a simple video, you can make mass sales. Interestingly, this strategy works for any product, good, or service.

It doesn’t even have to be a review video to induce sales. Your customers can feature your products in their regular day-to-day videos. If they do, this is great for visibility. However, a common challenge with user-generated content on TikTok is how to begin the streak.

If facing this challenge, consider asking your family, friends, and associates to make promotional videos. It’s a favor that they’d be willing to undertake. When it comes to your customers, you can go about it like you ask for reviews. If your service is super enjoyable, they will indulge. With this, you can enjoy the benefits of indirect advertising for your brand or product.

Know When To Post

If you’ve read about TikTok marketing, you should know that when you post is as important as what you post. Whatever product you’re selling on TikTok is for a particular target audience. That’s because they need your product and are most likely to buy it.

For example, selling swimsuits and bikinis to guys would be foolhardy. Though some may buy these items for their significant others, most males do not need them. So your target audience for such a product should be females, particularly young ones.

Depending on your region, you may target young females in your location. If you’re focusing on selling to Gen Z, you should find out their most active times on social media. Then, you can know when to post and engage them. For example, if you post your videos in the morning, they will most likely be in class. But evenings are the time to cool off and relax. You’ll catch most of them browsing through the TikTok For You Page then.

So, posting at the right time can attract wider audiences, leading to more views, engagement, and sales. Therefore, you should find the best time to post on TikTok according to your target audience and stick to it.

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High-Quality Videos

Another important factor to consider when strategizing is your content quality. You should consciously invest in upgrading the aesthetics and appeal of your videos. If your content isn’t attention-worthy, no one, or rather, very few, will stop to watch. The majority will scroll past. So, it’s important that your video quality is top-notch and your content is attention-grabbing.

You’ll need to invest in quality equipment for your video and image to achieve these. Make a list of content creation equipment and go shopping. Whatever you buy, don’t forget to get an amazing camera and a ring light. Your tools can help you set the scene and capture various angles perfectly.

Aside from the physical items, you’ll also need a lot of apps and AI content-creation tools to simplify your work. These include TikTok editing software and applications like CapCut, content schedulers, and hashtag generators. You can always produce exceptional videos with the right tools that suit your needs. 

Above are several strategies on how to get sales from TikTok. You should apply them if you seek a higher Return On Investment or want to grow your business financially. However, the ultimate strategy for sustainable growth is follower retention. You should convert potential customers to followers who will maintain patronage.

But you’ll need the help of an expert TikTok advertising agency like High Social for this. At High Social, we help users find suitable target audiences by interest. We promote your content to those who will love it, resulting in genuine followership and connections for growth. Start growing your TikTok followers today!

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