How To Go Viral on TikTok: Tips and Tricks for You

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Last Updated: Jun 13, 2024

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TikTok’s wide popularity comes with several perks you may want to take advantage of. For instance, over one billion active users have turned the app into the hub for viral posts. For this reason, there are questions about how to make viral posts and how to go viral on TikTok. 

Going viral on social platforms like TikTok involves attracting great attention, popularity, and engagement within short periods. This popularity usually comes from jumping on trends, creating entertaining content, and other techniques. 

Since this topic is quite interesting, this article discusses all the valuable strategies. Read on as we unpack them!

What Is Considered Viral on TikTok?

Viral TikTok posts are those that have become so popular on the app. Such posts enjoy significant attention and receive massive engagements. However, there is no exact number or goal for what is considered viral on TikTok

What counts as a viral video on TikTok also varies among different groups of users or niches. Still, most social media experts consider viral posts to be those that have gotten millions of views within a week. This is usually the same for TikTok and other social media platforms.

For instance, if you post a video with millions of views within three days, it’s gone viral. By attracting high views and engagement, your posts enjoy extensive popularity. 

In this case, the post must have also fallen in line with the requirements of the TikTok algorithm

As a result, this algorithm recommends the post on the For You Page (FYP). This factor makes your post visible to people who may or may not follow you. 

This is why posts that go viral tend to attract more attention. You’ll notice that such posts garner more views and engagements than before. This rippling effect pushes its popularity and overall reach. 

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How Long Should a TikTok Video Be To Go Viral?

TikTok videos that are 15 to 30 seconds long perform better than videos of other lengths. Experts have insisted that this length is enough to deliver an interesting video. On average, the app’s target audience prefers shorter videos to longer ones.

So, how long should a TikTok video be to go viral? The length of your video matters to a high degree. However, it does not determine your video’s performance solely. In this case, you must add the hook to the beginning of the video. This addition will help you keep viewers through the length of the video.

Most videos that go viral on TikTok are usually under 30 seconds. However, this does not mean that longer videos do not go viral on the app. Such videos contain exciting stories, unique routines, and catchy dances. 

Shorter videos do better because they keep viewers through the entire length. Since the average watch time increases, the platform’s algorithm recommends the content more, making it more popular. 

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How Many Views Are Considered Viral on TikTok?

No specific number of views determines if a post has gone viral. There is no exact figure since different users and niches define it differently. However, most people consider a post to be viral if it has gotten a million views or more within less than a week. 

There are also some factors to consider regarding how many views are considered viral on TikTok. For instance, different niches on the app attract varying engagements. For some niches, posts with as low as 5,000 views fall within this viral category. 

For posts to go viral, they typically garner a few thousand views within their first few hours. 

From there, the social media app’s system takes over, pushing the post to more users. This is not always the case since some posts gain traction months after publishing. 

How Many Likes To Go Viral on TikTok?

There is no specific number of likes required to go viral on TikTok. Although they are crucial in pushing content, they aren’t the only factor at play. 

The algorithm considers total engagement, including views, comments, shares, and likes. 

So, there is no limit to how many likes to go viral on TikTok. Instead, it would help if you focused on getting to as many people as possible. This way, you can attract as many likes and engagement as possible. In this case, your content strategy plays an important role. 

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How To Make Your TikTok Go Viral

While the type of content you share determines whether you go viral on TikTok, other factors are also essential. Achieving this can be tricky, especially since no clear-cut way exists. 

However, six helpful techniques will help you get that viral content on the app.

So, here is how to make your TikTok go viral:

1. Begin Your Video With a Sharp Twist

As far as social platforms go, TikTok is relatively fast-paced. For this reason, you must capture viewers’ attention before the swipe to the following video. You can use this factor to your advantage in creating viral content.

If there is no exciting twist or action at the start of your video, most viewers may skip it. So, to increase your chances of going viral, you must place the bang right at the beginning. For instance, placing the twist within the first few seconds sets you up for virality. 

2. Keep Your Video Short

While most TikTokkers do not realize it, keeping videos as short as possible increases their chances of going viral. 

Unless you’re telling a long story that requires a full video length, shorter videos usually attract more attention. This is quite pronounced in funny videos, where shorter is better.

Over time, the social media app has increased its video length from 15 seconds. Users can now share videos of up to ten minutes. Still, the platform favors shorter videos over their longer counterparts. 

For instance, people typically find 30-second dance videos more interesting than one-minute videos. 

This factor generally affects your watch time and determines how much the app recommends your content. You can use this to your advantage since the average watch time length is higher for shorter videos. 

3. Add Strong Calls to Action to Your Videos

Using solid calls to action is an excellent strategy that prompts viewers to take relevant action after viewing your post. This strategy not only helps your TikTok post go viral but also benefits you in a number of ways. 

For example, a compelling call to action can help you grow your followers with a viral post. Once a post goes viral, the social platform recommends it to many others. Consider adding prompts that remind viewers to share the post or follow your profile. 

Remember to make your call to action a few seconds long to give viewers time to perform the action. However, your video must be compelling and exciting enough for this strategy. 

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4. Use TikTok Sounds Effectively 

Have you ever noticed that most viral videos on TikTok contain prominent sound? The platform pays much attention to sounds and audio since they are essential to its usage and experience. 

Fortunately, you can access TikTok’s commercial music library to find valuable sounds.

The app tends to recommend videos with specific audio and sounds. Popular sounds can increase your reach and chances of going viral. TikTok’s creative center provides valuable insights into the type of audio you’ll use.

5. Share Entertaining and Relatable Content

Regarding TikTok, you cannot guarantee that particular types of content will go viral. However, posting entertaining and relatable content can increase your chances of getting the popularity you’re looking for. 

Posting funny content is one way of boosting your popularity. However, if you scroll through TikTok, you’ll see many uninteresting, embarrassing, or deprecating pieces of content. Your priority should be mixing value, fun, and creating high-quality content. 

6. Leave Open-Ended Questions and Discussions

Attracting many comments and replies on your posts can help you go viral. For instance, adding a very applicable question to your post can attract multiple comments. The key here is leaving an open comments section to help your post perform well. 

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How To Go Viral on TikTok Overnight

Going viral on TikTok does not always happen overnight. While it usually takes some time, you can always fast-track the process. Several helpful techniques push your post to virality. 

Instead of patiently waiting to see results, here is how to go viral on TikTok overnight:

1. Post Something a Bit Controversial

Attracting many comments on your post is one of the fastest ways of going viral on TikTok. Posting controversial content can help drive engagement and reach. Like other platforms, people love sharing their opinions on trending topics and events on the app. 

While you must not necessarily do crazy things for attention, you can still go for everyday topics. For instance, regular topics that cause frequent arguments can be compelling. Arguments about the better one among two athletes can make you go viral. 

Simple discussions about how much ketchup to add to your eggs can also draw massive user interaction (UI). When this happens, you should also jump into the comments to join the conversation with the larger audience.

2. Use Trending Music and Sounds

Even when adding audio to your video posts on TikTok, always find some trending music and sounds. While it is advisable to go for music that fits your post, trends help to reach a wider audience.

Since people pay a lot of attention to the trends on this platform, you must also cater to their needs. The app’s inclination toward current events and flow has made this an effective way for creators to blow up. The app’s library contains some popular music for this purpose. 

3. Use Trending Hashtags in Your Posts

Hashtags are crucial to TikTok’s ranking system. These tags allow the app to place posts into different categories easily. For this reason, you must understand how to use these tags to your advantage if you wish to go viral.

Using the right hashtags in your posts is quite important as well. Usually, popular hashtags that align with current trends help push your content better. Although generic hashtags like #FYP are also helpful, you should only add them minimally. 

So, it would help if you use relevant hashtags related to your brand’s niche instead. These provide a higher potential for your post to go viral. 

You can search for hashtags on the TikTok app and other third-party analytics sites. This is one effective way around how to go viral on Tik Tok.

4. Post Memes on TikTok

Memes are big on social media platforms, including TikTok. Memes are some of the most viral content on the app. So, consider posting interesting memes if you intend to go viral overnight. 

Memes based on social issues, political occurrences, or entertainment are quite prevalent on the platform. While they do not always create the desired effect, they take off significantly when people love them. 

5. Join Popular Challenges on TikTok

TikTok challenges are a big part of the social media app, so newer ones emerge daily and attract much attention. 

Joining trending challenges is one way to go viral on the app overnight. Note that one challenge can draw thousands of entries, attracting millions of views. 

They are a great way to link users with common interests. While some challenges are dangerous or controversial, they still attract attention. With one crazy entry, you can go viral and push your popularity over the roof.

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How To Go Viral on TikTok Without Followers

Unlike most people imagine, you do not always need millions of followers to go viral on TikTok. Many posts that go viral over shorter periods come from people with a low follower count. 

So, when considering how to go viral on TikTok without followers, there are a few strategies to follow. 

Most techniques for going viral without followers also apply to popular creators. For instance, joining trending conversations, using popular music, and adding trending hashtags are great ways to go. However, these tips are not exclusive to smaller creators. 

In the same way, posting memes and joining trending challenges can push your popularity as a growing creator. 

Overall, you must focus more on activities that will push your content to the FYP. You’re good to go once the app’s algorithm picks your content. 

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