TikTok Audit: Analyzing TikTok Performance

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Last Updated: Apr 01, 2024

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Do you want to know how well you’re performing on TikTok? A TikTok audit is a thorough and accurate evaluation of your metrics vis-a-vis your goals and industry standards. 

Brands also perform these evaluations on influencer/creator profiles they’re considering for collaboration. 

Here’s your complete guide to TikTok profile auditing.

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What Is a TikTok Audit and Why Is It Important?

Auditing a TikTok profile involves a comprehensive review and analysis of its content, followers, reach, engagement, relevance, etc. The audit measures a profile’s performance based on the creator’s goals and established standards, and it also compares the profile to similar pages. 

An audit can help you identify strategies that deliver your desired results and understand why certain strategies don’t work. It gives you a clear picture of what works and how you can make changes to get better results.  

An audit delivers the following five benefits:

  1. It helps you see what works and what doesn’t to fine-tune your strategy and get your desired results. You can look at how many views you receive when you post at different hours on different days. This will help you identify the best hours to reach more people. You can compare your engagement against your video views to see what types of content resonate more with your audiences. 
  2. An audit allows you to rank your posts from the most popular to the least liked. This will help you develop a content formula that always converts. You can identify topics, themes, and styles that appeal most to your viewers and create more of them.
  3. An audit helps you analyze the effectiveness of your hashtag strategy. You can identify the best hashtag combinations that get you on more For You feeds and search results. A hashtag review will help you narrow down niche hashtags that deliver more views and engagement.
  4. Auditing your audience reach will give you insights into their demographic, interests, and even their TikTok habits.

If you’re looking for a collaboration, an audit will get you all the information you need about a potential partner. You can check their reach and engagement. You can evaluate the quality of their followers and make sure their numbers are not fake. 

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How Does an Audit Work?

A complete audit of a TikTok profile looks at key performance metrics separately, vis-a-vis each other, and as a whole. 

Remember that you’ll be looking at your profile review within the context of a specific goal or your overall goals on TikTok. 

So, it’s important to first establish the goal/s against which you’ll be measuring your performance. 

Let’s take a look at the TikTok metrics crucial to a thorough audit.  

TikTok Profile Audit

Here’s a checklist of the various elements you need to look at when auditing a TikTok profile page:

  1. TikTok PFP: Is your profile image clear when it appears as a smaller image on feeds? Does it fit well within the circular frame? Is your profile picture eye-catching, and does it authentically represent the page and its content?
  2. TikTok username: Is it easy to remember? Does it represent the page, its niche/industry, and its content? Is it optimized for search and discovery? 
  3. TikTok bio: Is it concise and interesting? Does it provide adequate information about the creator/brand? 

Do a TikTok search using keywords related to the profile and its niche/industry. Does the profile appear among the top results? 

Content Audit

What should you look for when doing a content audit? 

  1. Popularity: Which posts get the most likes and comments? Identify similarities among your most popular posts. Is it the subject matter, sound, or content style? 
  2. Quality: Make sure you’re not losing video quality after uploading. Your videos must have the right TikTok dimensions to preserve good resolution and keep all key visual elements unobstructed. You should also check the sound quality and lighting of your videos. Analyze the views versus engagement of your content based on quality. 
  3. Video length: Compare how longer videos fare with viewers versus shorter videos. 
  4. Video description: Are your keywords and hashtags helping your content land on the right For You feeds and high in searches? Are your captions clear and interesting? Do a TikTok search using your keywords and hashtags to see if they’re helping enhance your discoverability. 

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Followers Audit

An audit can unlock invaluable insights about your followers. What should you look for?

  1. Follower count: Track your follower growth in the past few weeks and months. Identify growth spikes and plateaus. Check if there were periods when you lost followers. Find correlations between these significant periods and your posts. 
  2. Top engaging followers: Take note of your most engaged fans. They offer excellent opportunities to build rewarding, long-term relationships through your content.  
  3. Inactive or passive followers: Verify if these are real accounts. If they are, try to find out if they’re actively engaging with other pages. If they are, find out further what types of content they enjoy to understand why they’re not engaging with you. 
  4. Suspicious/fake accounts: Scroll through your follower list. Look for accounts with generic or meaningless usernames and anonymous PFPs. Take the time to check the account activities of these accounts to verify if there are real people behind them. 
  5. Followers versus views: Typically, you should receive more views than your number of followers. If the numbers are reversed, then your posts are not reaching viewers. 
  6. Followers versus engagement: If you’re not receiving decent engagement from your followers, this may indicate that your videos are not resonating with them. This may also mean you’ll have to go back to the drawing board and rethink your content strategy. You can also go to your fans directly and ask them what they want to see from you.

Engagement Audit

An audit can help you understand why and how to turn things around if you have low engagement rates. You can get them higher by refining your content and targeting strategies if you consistently receive good engagement. These are the key points you should focus on:

  • Followers versus engagement per video and specified timeframe: How many followers interact with your posts? Your numbers would indicate how well your content is resonating with your fans.
  • Views versus engagement per video and specified timeframe: Your numbers indicate how well your content converts views into engagement. 
  • Engagement per video: Your numbers would indicate how much value viewers find in your content. You can also identify hashtags, sounds, effects, content styles, and topics that are generating higher engagement. 
  • Engagement based on posting times: Identify hours when your highly engaged viewers are active on TikTok. 

Hashtag Strategy Audit

You can perform a hashtag audit on your videos or any specific hashtag. Here’s what you can learn:

  • A hashtag audit on your video will inform you which hashtags delivered the most views: Go to the video and tap Insights in the bottom right. Find Top Hashtags to check which hashtags helped capture the most views
  • Performing a hashtag search will show you the hashtag’s use volume on TikTok: You can also analyze the types of videos that use the hashtag and the engagement it generates. This type of hashtag audit will also help you discover trends. You can do a direct search for a specific hashtag via TikTok’s search tool. Or choose any video and tap on a hashtag to view its dedicated page. TikTok’s Creative Center is the best resource for staying up-to-date on trending hashtags. 

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What Does Your Audit Say About You?

Good or bad, the results offer opportunities to improve your performance on TikTok. A regular TikTok audit will help you keep your page in tip-top shape. 

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