Best TikTok Usernames: How To Pick Your Handle

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2024

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TikTok will be breaching the two-billion mark in worldwide users this year. So, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the best TikTok usernames are no longer available. 

How do you pick the right username for your TikTok page? It’s already a big mental challenge to come up with a handle that perfectly suits you. And then you find out that somebody is already using it! 

Don’t worry. There are ways to get the username you want and ways to generate more options that are just as good. Keep reading to learn more!

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Best Usernames for TikTok: What’s the Magic Formula?

What makes a TikTok username a good one? How do you formulate a TikTok handle that drives high traffic, follower numbers, and engagement? 

Don’t get us wrong. Coming up with the perfect username for any platform is not enough to guarantee success. However, it can get you started on the right track. So, is there a magic formula you can use to generate a superb handle for your TikTok page? 

Much like a strong brand name, a solid username contains the following three elements:

  1. Unique.
  2. Easy to remember.
  3. Clearly descriptive of the brand or the creator’s identity.

It seems simple enough. However, TikTok “hands out” usernames on a first-come, first-served basis. So, the sheer number of people using TikTok complicates the process. The real challenge is formulating a handle that none of TikTok’s nearly two billion users have thought of. Of course, you still have to include the above elements when generating a decent name. 

How do you pick a name that suits you and around which you can successfully build a loyal following? How do you make a name for yourself on TikTok, both literally and figuratively? 

Good TikTok Usernames: 5 Tips To Help You Name Your TikTok Page 

Finding the right username for your TikTok page is an important step. You shouldn’t just gloss over it. You shouldn’t minimize the role of your username in achieving your goals on the platform.
You need to sit down and really think about it. You need to be clever and creative when generating good TikTok usernames to choose from. Here are five tips to help you formulate a TikTok ID that meets all your needs.

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1. Make a List of Words That Best Describe You

How would your family and friends describe you? How would you describe yourself? What are your passions? Do you have a worldview or a strong sentiment that influences how you live your life? Make a short list of adjectives that define your key traits, skills, interests, or beliefs. 

At the same time, consider how much of yourself you want to reveal in your username. Do you want to have a professional-sounding name? Or do you want to be as relatable as possible? What effect do you want to have on your target audience? Do you want them to find you funny, smart, serious, or bold?

If a username you like is no longer available, you can simply add a modifier to make it your own. If you have a handicrafts page, for example, and you want to use “crafty,” you can modify it to:

  • TheCraftyMistress
  • CraftyCat
  • CraftyArchitect

2. Come Up With Buzzwords Relevant to Your Niche or Industry

Following the herd may seem counterintuitive when you want a unique TikTok ID. However, you also want to ensure your username fits your niche/industry. Users who discover you for the first time should immediately figure out from your username what your page is about.

Using terms relevant to your niche/industry also lets you optimize your page for higher visibility in searches and recommendations. It can help TikTok’s algorithm find more suitable viewers for your content.

Check out established brands and creators in your niche/industry if you need inspiration to jumpstart your creative juices. Pick pages with usernames that appeal to you and use these to play around with different word combinations for your handle. 

3. Create a Username That’s Simple and Easy To Remember

A catchy username is good, but a simple one works just as well. You want to promote easy recall among your followers and users who are discovering you for the first time. 

When people want to search for your page or one of your videos, you want them to remember your name quickly. When TikTok users see something related to your page/content, you want them to think of your handle instantly. 

Avoid using complicated spelling or unnecessary numbers or symbols in your TikTok ID as much as possible. You don’t want people to feel inconvenienced when typing your username when visiting your page.

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4. Keep Your Username the Same Across All Social Media Platforms

Ideally, your username should be the same on all your social media pages to help you build a cohesive online presence. This will make it easier for your followers on one platform to find your other pages. Using a single handle also facilitates consistent marketing everywhere online.

But this may not be possible if somebody beats you to the punch and takes the handle first. When this happens, you can make a slight alteration to your name. For example, you can add _TikTok to it or use underscores between words. 

If you have a business, stick to your business name or as close to it as possible. This will prevent confusion among your customers and target market. Making it easy for people to remember you is always a no-fail marketing strategy. 

5. Try a TikTok Username Generator To Discover the Best TikTok Usernames

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! At the very least, a TikTok username generator can give you excellent ideas on potential handles

These online tools generate username suggestions based on your description and specified category/niche/industry. If you’re lucky, you might even find a creative username you really like and that’s still available.

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Cool TikTok Usernames

Are you looking for cool TikTok usernames? Here are some refreshing and cool usernames to inspire you:

Here are ten username ideas for a health and wellness business page on TikTok:

  1. ZenWellnessCo
  2. ChillHealthBiz
  3. RelaxReliefCo
  4. EasyBreathesCo
  5. SereneLivingCo
  6. TranquilTikTokBiz
  7. BalanceBodyCo
  8. CalmMindSolutions
  9. PeacefulWellCo
  10. HarmonyHealthBiz

Here are ten username ideas for a personal coaching page:

  1. TranquilBlissCoach
  2. PeacefulJourneyGuide
  3. ZenfulPathfinder
  4. SereneSoulMentor
  5. HarmonySeekerCoach
  6. CalmReflectionGuide
  7. TranquilityWhisperer
  8. SerenityChampion
  9. PeacefulMindCoach
  10. ZenLifeNavigator

These are ten awesome username ideas for a lifestyle influencer:

  1. ChillVibes[insert name]
  2. TikTokTrendster
  3. TheCoolLifestyle
  4. LaidBack[insert name]
  5. TrendyTikTokLife
  6. Chillax[insert name]
  7. LifestyleGuru[insert name]
  8. TikTokCoolCat
  9. EasyGoing[insert name]
  10. TrendyLifestyleChic

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Unique TikTok Usernames

Coming up with unique TikTok usernames may be the toughest brain exercise you’ll ever engage in. Check out these one-of-a-kind ID suggestions!

Here are twelve of the best username ideas for a personal or business jewelry page:

  1. BespokeBaubles
  2. TikTokTreasures
  3. GemGenius
  4. JewelJava
  5. TikTokTrinkets
  6. LuxeGemCreations
  7. SparkleCraftStudio
  8. GemstoneArtistry
  9. BijouxBespoke
  10. UniqueBlingCo
  11. GemGoddessDesigns
  12. ArtisanChicJewels

Below are ten username ideas for a nail salon business page:

  1. NailArtTrendz
  2. TrendyNailHaven
  3. FashionableNailista
  4. CreativeNailBar
  5. ArtisticNailVogue
  6. TrendingNailStudio
  7. PaintedNailTrend
  8. NailChicTikTok
  9. FashionNailSpot
  10. TrendSettersNails

Here are ten cool username ideas for a personal ceramics page:

  1. ClayCreations
  2. PotteryPalette
  3. CeramicCanvas
  4. ArtfulVases
  5. DecorativeClay
  6. SculptedHome
  7. EarthyElegance
  8. ClayCreations101
  9. CeramicChic
  10. HomeDecorCrafts

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Aesthetic Usernames

Aesthetic usernames are great for optimization and niche targeting. Try on some of these to see how they fit! 

Here are ten ideas for a personal beauty page:

  1. AestheticVibeBeauty
  2. TrendyChicGlow
  3. ChicAndStylishBeauty
  4. GlamAestheticTrend
  5. BeautyBeyondTrend
  6. TrendyGlowUpBeauty
  7. ChicVibesBeauty
  8. GlamorousAestheticChic
  9. TrendyBeautyInspire
  10. AestheticGlowUpQueen

Below are thirteen unique username ideas for a personal or business fashion page:

  1. AestheticChicX
  2. TrendyVogue
  3. CasualCouture
  4. StylishSwift
  5. ChicAndSleek
  6. FashionFlair
  7. ChicStylista
  8. AestheticApparelCo
  9. CasualChicCo
  10. FashionFiestaCo
  11. FastFashionFusion
  12. CasualCoutureCo
  13. TrendyVibeFashion

Here are twelve good username ideas for a personal or business lifestyle page:

  1. AestheticVibeLifestyle
  2. CreativeMinimalistLife
  3. SleekVibesCo
  4. MinimalistElegance
  5. StylishVibeInc
  6. ArtfulLivingCo
  7. ModernMinimal
  8. AestheticAura
  9. MinimalMaven
  10. ZenChic
  11. ArtfulEssence
  12. SereneStyle

Funny Usernames

Here are ten clever username ideas for a personal reviews page:

  1. ReviewRoastMstr
  2. SnarkyReviewStar
  3. LaughNReview
  4. SassyReviewQueen
  5. ComicalCritique
  6. HilariousReviewGuy
  7. WittyReviewGuru
  8. SarcasticScreen
  9. JestfulReviewer
  10. SillyReviewSquad

Here are ten catchy username ideas for a personal cooking page:

  1. LaughingChefHacks
  2. QuickBiteJokes
  3. EasyPeasyChef
  4. RecipeJoker
  5. HilariousCookingHacks
  6. QuickLaughRecipes
  7. ChefComedyHacks
  8. TastyJokeChef
  9. LaughAndEat
  10. FunChefTikTok

Below are ten witty username ideas for a personal comedy page:

  1. LaughHackVids
  2. CandidComedian
  3. FunnyLifeHacks
  4. TikTokGiggles
  5. ComedyCandid
  6. HilariousHacks
  7. CandidLaughs101
  8. LifeHackLolz
  9. TikTokFunnybone
  10. ComedyCraze_

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“Sorry, that TikTok Username Is No Longer Available.” 

TikTok has crushed many hopes and dreams with this message. Should you just settle for a mediocre handle? Should you ruin a perfect username with numbers or symbols? Or do you go back to the drawing board and use complex mathematical formulas to generate a unique ID? That rare and mythical TikTok username that has escaped billions of users? 

If building a solid and lasting presence on TikTok is your goal, picking the right username is a huge deal. When you get your 15 seconds of fame and achieve viral status, countless people will remember you by your username. When users compare your page against the competition, will your TikTok handle score higher or lower? 

Your TikTok username is more than just your identity. If you’re a creator or brand on the platform, your name also eventually defines your community. So, put in the time and effort to formulate a suitable handle. Consider both your short-term and long-term goals. Do exhaustive research and get all the help you can to come up with a fitting handle. 

Coming up with a list of the best TikTok usernames for your page will be a true test of creativity and patience. Why not make it easier on yourself and get help from High Social’s TikTok experts? 

High Social’s team of specialists will help accelerate your growth with the right username and audience. Boost your audience-targeting advantage with High Social’s advanced, proprietary AI solution. Start growing your TikTok today!

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