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Last Updated: Mar 11, 2024

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Would you change your name if you could? On social media platforms, the good news is that you can pick any name you want — well, almost any name. The bad news is that coming up with the perfect username somebody isn’t already using is tricky. If you need help finding a unique TikTok handle that fits you like a glove, try a TikTok username generator!

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Why Should You Use a TikTok Username Generator?

Why do you need a TikTok handle generator when you can just name yourself without any help? Because the odds that your username options are still available are slim to none. TikTok has close to two billion users worldwide. You’ll need to be creative to come up with a handle that none of these two billion users have already taken. Or you can settle for the random, meaningless, and forgettable username that TikTok suggests. 

Shakespeare famously asked, “What’s in a name?” For the prolific bard, names have no worth or meaning other than distinguishing people or things. On social media, however, your username can say a lot about who you are. Especially if you’re a creator, influencer, or brand, your name should embody your identity or what you offer.  

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How To Pick the Right Username

How do you pick the right username for your TikTok page? Here are the top three things to keep in mind:

  1. Your handle should represent who you are: It should immediately inform people who are not familiar with you yet of your identity as a creator or brand. Your TikTok tag may describe your expertise, passion, skill, or belief. It should sum up what viewers can expect to see from your page and content. 
  2. It should promote easy recall and top-of-mind awareness: People should immediately remember your name when they see or want to find content related to your niche.
  3. Your handle should be unique: It should help you stand out from similar TikTok pages in your niche/industry. Your name should set you apart from the competition, especially if you’re still building a solid presence on the platform. 

String together words related to your interests, skills, or niche to formulate a good username is not as easy as it sounds. Your username is just one of the cards you need to play a good hand on the platform. 

And if you want a winning hand, your username card must perfectly complement the rest of your cards. This means you need to plan ahead and consider your long-term goals. Pick a handle that will suit you while you’re just starting on TikTok and when you reach TikTok fame

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TikTok Rare Usernames Generator

Try a username generator for TikTok to come up with options for rare handles. Here are brilliant TikTok rare usernames generator results for various categories. 

Usernames for wellness category:

  1. ZenHealthJourney
  2. SereneFitnessFlow
  3. HarmonyHealer
  4. TranquilHealthQuest
  5. ZenithWellness

Username ideas for travel/adventure category:

  1. WanderlustJourney
  2. SereneExplorer
  3. DreamyNomad
  4. JourneyInStillness
  5. SlowMotionExplorer

 Business handle options for fast fashion category:

  1. TrendyThreadsCo
  2. RapidRunway
  3. StyleSprint
  4. ChicQuickFix
  5. FashionFrenzyCo

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Funny TikTok Usernames Generator

Are you looking for a handle that will make people chuckle? Try out these TikTok usernames generator ideas!

Funny username ideas for a clothing brand:

  1. LOLFashionCo
  2. SnickerStyle
  3. ComedyCloset
  4. WittyWardrobe
  5. FashionFunnies

Comical TikTok tags for a review page:

  1. HighVoltageLaughs
  2. ReviewLaughMaster
  3. JovialCritiquer
  4. ChucklesAndReviews
  5. FunnyReviewRater

These funny handles are perfect for a comedy life hacks page:

  1. LaughHackPro
  2. JokeGeniusTips
  3. GiggleGuru
  4. WiseCrackTips
  5. HahaHelper

Cute Username Generator for TikTok

If you’re going for an aww-inducing, cute username generator for TikTok, check out these TikTok names generator suggestions!

Cute and catchy usernames for life tips category:

  1. LifeHackLover
  2. DailyHackster
  3. TrendyLifeTips
  4. CreativeHacksGirl
  5. HacksNMore

Here are ideas for a personal page that delivers a daily dose of pet cuteness:

  1. CutePawsDaily
  2. PurrfectlyCute
  3. PawfectlyAdorable
  4. CuddlyCreatureCraze
  5. WhiskerWonderland

For a fashion page that’s all about cute chic, check out these username inspos:

  1. LovelyThreads
  2. DarlingDresser
  3. PrettyInPastels
  4. ChicAndSweet
  5. StylishlySweet

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How To Make a Name For Yourself on TikTok 

Making a name for yourself on TikTok starts with, well, your username. It’s the name everyone will remember you by. It’s the name your fans will tag and mention in their posts. It’s the name they’ll recommend to their family and friends. When you consider your dreams of TikTok fame, you need a handle you can proudly attach to a viral video

Put as much time and effort as you need to come up with a list of names you can work with. Look at more successful creators and brands in your niche for inspiration. Don’t limit yourself to TikTok. Expand your research across other social media platforms. 

Some might say that a name is just a name. It’s what you make of it that matters. This perspective may prove helpful when you have to settle for the lesser username choices. Having a powerful name can help propel your page into higher visibility. Or, you can make your name powerful with compelling content. Either way, the quality of your content will still determine your success or failure on TikTok. 

A TikTok username generator can help you create a perfectly optimized handle for your page. With an optimized username, potential new followers can discover you more easily on TikTok. Signing up for a High Social plan will also boost your visibility among interested users. 
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