TikTok Comment: Fully Leverage the Power of Words

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Last Updated: Oct 24, 2023

TikTok 101

Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

Views and likes count toward your engagement on TikTok, but TikTok comments hold the most weight regarding the relevance of your content. Here’s your ultimate guide to managing the comments section on your videos and fully leveraging the power of a TikTok comment. 

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What User Comments Say About You

TikTok’s robust algorithm ensures that For You feeds are properly curated according to users’ interests and constantly adapted to their changing preferences and behaviors. Engagement in the form of views, likes, and TikTok comments is one of the primary considerations of the For You algorithm. But TikTok considers these different types of engagement in varying degrees.

Views are mostly passive engagement. TikTok videos automatically play as soon as they appear front and center on your screen, and one second of play is already one view. So even as a user scrolls through the videos on their feed, a slight pause can instantly translate into a video view. However, if a person watches a video for over a few seconds or until the end, TikTok takes this as a sign of interest. 

Likes are more indicative of a user’s interests than views. A like means the viewer appreciates the content. It indicates that the video delivered some value to the person. The number of likes you receive on a video is a good measure of the effectiveness of your messaging and the quality of your content. You can look at your number of views vis-a-vis your number of likes to understand better how audiences receive your content. 

TikTok comments are the gold standard of engagement. Compared to views and likes, comments require more of a person’s time and effort. A TikTok comment signifies stronger interest from a user and higher relevance of your content. Comments can push a video to greater visibility, broader reach, and heavier engagement. Comments often translate to sustained and meaningful conversations about your content and brand. The more comments a video receives, the more significant it becomes to TikTok’s algorithm. 

Managing Comments on TikTok

There are many ways to manage TikTok comments to maximize positive engagement and foster a safe, inviting, and constructive environment for your audience. Here’s your ultimate guide to navigating TikTok’s comments feature. 

Choose Who Can Comment on Your Videos

Follow these steps to choose who can leave TikTok comments on your videos:

  1. Go to your Profile, and tap the Menu in the top right. 
  2. Tap Settings and Privacy, then tap Privacy. 
  3. Tap Comments. 
  4. Select Everyone if you have a public account and you want to allow everyone to comment on your videos. 
  5. Select Followers that you follow back if you have a public account. This setting means you want to allow only this group of people to comment on your videos. 
  6. Select Followers if you have a private account and want only people following you on TikTok to comment on your videos. 
  7. Select No one if you want to turn off commenting on all your existing videos all at once. 

You can turn commenting on or off for individual videos. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the video you want to update. 
  2. Tap the three dots to show more options. 
  3. Scroll to the left and tap Privacy settings. 
  4. Toggle the Allow comments setting to turn it on or off.

The setting you select for “Who can comment on your video” will automatically apply when you turn on commenting for an existing video with the comments turned off or a new video you are about to post.

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Filter TikTok Comments

You can filter TikTok comments to keep conversations around your content friendly, respectful, and on-topic. You can automatically filter out specific keywords, inappropriate or offensive content, profane words, advertisements and spam. 

Follow these steps to filter all comments on your videos. Filtering all comments means you must approve them before they appear to the public/your followers in your video’s comments section. If you don’t approve a comment, TikTok will hide it from everyone else. 

  1. Go to your Profile and tap the menu in the upper right. 
  2. Tap Settings and privacy. 
  3. Tap Privacy, then tap Comments. 
  4. Below Comment filters, tap Filter all comments. 

To filter certain types of comments, follow steps 1 to 3 above, then:

      4.   Below Comment filters, tap Filter selected comment types. 

  1. Turn filters on for any or all of these comment types: Inappropriate or offensive content, Profanity and curse words, and Advertisements and spam. 
  2. You can select Automatic to show all comments, Less control to hold fewer comments for review, or More control to hold more comments for review. 

You can also filter selected comment types on a single video:

  1. Select the video you want to update. 
  2. Tap the Comments icon on the right side. 
  3. Tap the Filters icon at the top. 
  4. Tap Filter selected comment types. 

If you want to filter specific keywords:

  1. Under Comment filters, tap Filter keywords. 
  2. Add keywords you want to hide. TikTok comments with these keywords will need your approval before appearing in your comments section. 

You can also review filtered comments under the Comment management section. You can Approve or Delete any of the comments that TikTok is hiding from others according to your selected filter settings.

Delete a TikTok Comment

You can delete a TikTok comment posted on your video or delete comments in bulk. 

To delete a comment:

  1. On the right side of your video, tap the Comments icon. 
  2. Find the comment you want to delete, then long-press on it. 
  3. Tap Delete. 

To delete comments in bulk:

  1. On the right side of your video, tap the Comments icon. 
  2. Tap the Filters icon at the top. 
  3. Tap Manage multiple comments. 
  4. Select the comments you want to delete. You can select up to 100 comments. 
  5. Tap Delete, then tap Delete to confirm. 

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View Your TikTok Comment History

You can view your TikTok comment history and review the comments you left on your and other people’s videos. 

  1. Go to your Profile, then tap the menu in the top right. 
  2. Tap Settings and privacy. 
  3. Tap Comment and watch history. 
  4. Tap Comment history. 

Report Comments

Reporting comments helps keep TikTok a friendly, positive, and safe community. If you think a comment goes against the platform’s Community Guidelines, you can submit a report so TikTok can take appropriate action. You also have the option to block accounts that repeatedly post inappropriate or spam comments on your videos. 

To report a TikTok comment on your video:

  1. Go to the video and tap the Comments icon on the right side. 
  2. Tap the Filters icon at the top. 
  3. Tap Manage multiple comments. 
  4. Select the comment/s you want to report, then tap More. 
  5. Tap Report comments. 

To report a comment on another person’s video:

  1. Tap the Comments icon on the video. 
  2. Long-press on the comment you want to report. 
  3. Tap Report. 
  4. Select the reason for your report. 
  5. Tap Submit. 

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TikTok Comments: Other Common Issues

If you want to know what people think of your content and brand, read the TikTok comments on your videos. What viewers say in your comments section will also tell much about their needs and preferences. Check out profiles with the highest TikTok followers, and browse through the comments on some of their most popular videos. You will quickly get a picture of what the brand is about and what its audiences are like. 

To better grasp how commenting on TikTok helps build strong and engaged communities, let’s address some of the most common issues and questions about TikTok comments.

What Do “Crop” Comments on TikTok Mean?

Typing “crop” in a TikTok comment was widespread back in 2021. If you’re a TikTok newbie, you may encounter “crop” comments on TikTok and have no idea what the commenter is trying to say. 

When a user types “crop” in their comment on your video, they request a re-upload of your video without the menu options, like the Like, Comments, and Share icons, covering part of it. The purpose of their request is so they can take a screenshot without anything obstructing the image. 

TikTok Comments Not Showing

If TikTok comments are not showing, this is most likely a technical issue, such as a slow internet connection or a TikTok glitch. Try the following quick fixes:

  • Check your internet connection speed. The TikTok comments are loading longer than usual because of a slow internet connection. 
  • Disconnect and reconnect to your WiFi. 
  • Turn your WiFi router or mobile data connection off for a few seconds, then turn it on again.
  • Exit TikTok, close all the open applications on your phone, then re-launch TikTok. 
  • Clear your TikTok cache, then re-launch TikTok. 

TikTok Comment Character Limit

The TikTok comment character limit is 150 characters. You can post successive comments if your words require more than 150 characters. 

TikTok Comment Viewer

Is there a TikTok comment viewer that allows you to see all your comments on the platform? You can view your comment history by following these steps:

  1. Go to your Profile.
  2. Tap the menu in the upper right. 
  3. Tap Settings and privacy. 
  4. Below Content & Display, tap Comment and watch history. 
  5. Tap Comment history. 

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Quick Tips To Encourage More TikTok Comments

Do you want to encourage users to leave comments on your videos? Here are some tips to help you generate more TikTok comments. 

  1. Ask questions. Asking questions is the most direct way to get people to interact with your content by leaving comments. It’s also an opportunity for you to learn more about your audience. Questions about users’ interests, preferences, dislikes, and the like will earn you lots of answers. You can also pose a question as part of a guessing game. 
  2. Prompt your audience to leave a specific comment. Ask viewers to comment with an emoji to share their mood or reactions to your video. If you’re sharing a life hack, ask your audience to share similar hacks via the comments section. 
  3. Get feedback and suggestions. Perhaps you need help deciding between two outfits or where to eat while traveling somewhere — ask for input from your followers. You can ask for product recommendations or the next Netflix series to binge-watch. If you just released new merch or featured one in a video, prompt your fans to share their feedback by commenting on your video. 
  4. Reply to comments. This is standard etiquette, especially if you’re a creator or a business on social media. Replying to comments is crucial when you’re still building your audience and working to generate high engagement. Every time you respond to a TikTok comment, you increase your video’s visibility. Adding your comments through replies will also create the impression that there are relevant conversations around your content. 

Keep Those TikTok Comments Coming With the Right Connections

You know you’re doing something right when you receive tons of TikTok comments on your video. More than views and likes, comments signify enthusiastic interest in your content. When viewers post comments on your video, they see you and hear what you have to say. And your voice and message are resonating with your audience. 

While TikTok has the highest engagement and viewing retention rate than other platforms, getting people to leave comments remains challenging. Users are endlessly scrolling and constantly looking for new and worthwhile content. If you can make their thumbs stop scrolling, their mental wheels start turning, and their fingers begin typing, you may have a viral video. 

What’s the fastest way to earn comments on TikTok? The most common answer is via the For You feed. And to land on the For You feed, you need to create videos that will appeal to your target audience. This means knowing who your audience is and what they want. When you succeed in reaching interested viewers on TikTok, you’ll have the highest chance of getting comments on your videos. 

You can further improve your odds of connecting with users suitable for your brand when you team up with High Social. High Social’s advanced, proprietary AI technology will enhance audience-targeting precision. When you subscribe to one of High Social’s growth plans, this technology will help deliver your content to your target audience. You can rest assured that your videos will reach users whose interests immediately translate into follows and engagement. 

Grow your TikTok community with interested, engaged, and loyal fans. Level up your TikTok game and get the exposure you need. Start growing your TikTok today!

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