TikTok Makeup Trends: Ready To Try a New Look?

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Last Updated: Jan 08, 2024

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Just as you perfected that trending eye shadow palette you saw on TikTok, it goes out of style! Thanks to social media influencers, beauty trend cycles are cycling too fast. Today’s TikTok makeup trends will most likely fade into obscurity tomorrow. The good news is there are tons of in-vogue beauty and makeup styles to choose from. Pick a few that suit you best and wear them until you want a new look. And then go on TikTok to check out the latest fad. Keep reading to discover the hottest makeup looks this 2023.

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A Revolving Door of Makeup Looks

If you’re like most TikTok users, your day won’t be complete without scrolling through your For You feeds in search of the latest in beauty trends. And you won’t be surprised by how makeup looks blend from one trend to the next, day in and day out. 

From dozens of pumpkin spice makeup tutorials to the tomato girl, strawberry girl, latte, and tons of other food-themed makeup aesthetics for the summer, the sheer volume of options is dizzying. It’s obvious that beauty influencers are coming up with cute, weird, or silly names for cosmetic shades because they need new names for new trends every week!

What’s great about the continuous whirl of cosmetic fads is that there’s always something for everybody. Whatever your skin tone, skin type, sense of style, fashion influence, age, budget, or access to beauty products, you’ll find a look that suits you. While bewildering, the perpetually spinning wheel of beauty tutorials also promotes self-expression and confidence. 

If you’re one of the many who have run out of drawers for your overflowing collection of products, then you have everything you need (and more) to try any new look you want! Just go on TikTok to discover countless how-tos, tips, tricks, and inspo to help you hop on the trending beauty bus. If the current trending makeup tutorial isn’t to your liking, just wait until a new one replaces it in a few days or so!

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TikTok Makeup Trends: Micro-Trends Ruled 2023

They’re called micro-trends because of their short lifespan. While it can get exhausting trying on a new makeup look every week, it’s also exciting to wear a slightly different face for a few days. 

Forget the editorial trends that supermodels wear on the runway or for their magazine glamor shots. You can give them a go for a special occasion or just to see if you’ll end up looking like your favorite Jenner. But these bold looks rarely find their way onto the faces of non-celebrities IRL. For day-to-day life, easy micro-trends in makeup are a godsend for cosmetic enthusiasts. 

In addition to the DIY simplicity that delivers stunning results, these micro-trends also often feature products that are affordable and versatile. You don’t have to agonize over buying something you may only use once. Even after one makeup trend goes the way of the pencil-thin eyebrows, the products coupled with it aren’t throwaways. You’ll always find new ways to use them. You may just have to wait for another week or two until a new trend lets you take them out of your drawer again. 

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Versatile Makeup Products That Trended in 2023

These products sold out as soon as the makeup trends they were featured in rolled out on For You feeds. Check to see if they’re available again, and add them to your TikTok shopping cart pronto!

  • Summer Fridays’ Lip Butter Balm in cherry. Stock up on this shade of the balm if cherry red is your go-to makeup shade. The product went out of stock thanks to the cherry makeup and cherry-cola lips makeup trends. 
  • Benefit’s Benetint. This is an excellent alternative to Summer Friday’s Cherry Lip Butter Balm. 

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2023’s Biggest Makeup Trends

Cue the drumroll. Here’s the definitive list of the biggest makeup trends this 2023! And if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest TikTok trends, make it a habit to visit the TikTok Creative Center.

  1. Coquette Beauty amassed nearly two billion views on TikTok. The trend features a pink blush for your cheeks and more pink hues on your eyes and lips that make a stunning contrast against thick eyeliner a la Lana del Rey for a doe-eyed look. 
  1. Grunge Makeup circa 1990s made a huge comeback with more than 900 million views. Thanks to Netflix’s original series, Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega, grunge makeup featuring smokey eyes and nude or dark lips became popular again.
  1. Budget Beauty is exactly what it is — without looking cheap. The trend has close to a billion TikTok views and prompted shoppers to fill their carts with budget-friendly but reliable makeup products. 
  1. Monochromatic Makeup has been in style forever, and it will remain so indefinitely because the sophisticated, monochromatic finish will always be tres chic! You can wear a different monochrome look for every season and occasion.
  1. Brown Eyeliner gives you a soft and minimalist look while still beautifully accentuating and adding depth to your eyes. It also goes well with either a natural look or a bold one. 
  2. Strawberry Girl Makeup lets you express your femininity. It’s all about pink shades and faux freckles on your cheeks. The final look delivers a soft and dewy effect. If you want to go for glamor, add a winged eyeliner.

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TikTok Trends Come and Go; They’re Also Here To Stay

Trends come and go in the blink of an eye; as one trend fades away into obscurity, however, you can always expect a new one to take its place. In this sense, trends also demonstrate permanence. Whether you’re a brand or creator on the platform, you can always rely on trends when you want to boost your visibility and relevance.

Not all trends are right for you and your audience, of course. You also have to be picky before hopping on one. You need to consider, first and foremost, if it fits into your target community’s scope of interests. It must also be consistent with your identity on the platform. 

You’re allowed to step outside of your comfort zone and surprise your fans by joining the latest craze that’s not your usual cup of tea. You can use it as an opportunity to show your followers a new side of you. It also opens the door to a different kind of audience. But always find a way to remain authentic even when trying something new because authenticity is a TikTok trend that’s here to stay.

TikTok makeup trends are as unpredictable as the weather, so it’s important to always be on the lookout for related content that’s quickly rising in popularity. Trends are fickle things because users’ interests are often fickle, too. This is why building a core community of followers with lifelong passions and ideals similar to yours is crucial to lasting TikTok success. Get expert help in identifying users who are right for your content by signing up for a High Social account. Enhance your audience-targeting precision with High Social’s advanced, proprietary AI technology. Start growing your TikTok today!

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