TikTok Video Uploaded But Not Showing: Explore Your Options

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Last Updated: Feb 06, 2024

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Are you looking for a solution to “TikTok video uploaded but not showing?” You have come to the right place! Did your video fail to upload, or did it upload but is nowhere to be found? Keep reading to find out the possible causes and how you can fix each one. 

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TikTok Video Upload Failed

If the problem is a failed video upload, the good news is that you haven’t lost your work. Depending on the cause, TikTok may simply bring you back to the Post page. If the app suddenly closed after you hit the Post button, chances are good that TikTok automatically saved your work as a draft. 

Here are the possible causes for a failed video upload:

  1. Poor or no internet connection: Turn off the WiFi on your phone, then turn it back on. Or disconnect and then reconnect. Try uploading your video again. You can also try restarting your modem. If nothing works, contact your service provider to find out if there is an outage in your area. 
  2. An app or device technical issue: Did the TikTok app suddenly close? Your app or device may need an update. Or you may have too many apps running in the background. It’s also possible that your app/device cache is full. Make sure you have the latest version of the TikTok app and your device OS. Close all apps in the background. And clear your cache. 
  3. TikTok may be down: TikTok may be experiencing server or bug issues. Check for updates online. 

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Troubleshooting, “Uploaded Video on TikTok But Not Showing”

Is your TikTok video posted but not showing? Did you post a video, but your followers are not seeing it? Let’s go through the potential whys one by one. 

1. Video Under Review

TikTok’s Trust and Safety team reviews all content under one or both of these conditions:

  1. Every time a creator publishes new content. All new posts automatically go under review before TikTok makes it available on feeds. TikTok makes sure the content complies with its Community Guidelines. 
  2. When a post suddenly gains popularity. If there’s a sudden increase in a video’s engagement, TikTok reviews it a second time to make sure the engagement is legit

2. Your Content May Be Infringing on Intellectual Property Rights

TikTok takes intellectual property rights (IPR) very seriously. Any of the following qualifies as an infringement on IPR and may be subject to a penalty on the platform:

  • Using another creator’s content without their consent and proper attribution
  • Using copyrighted stock footage or images without proper licensing
  • Using copyrighted music (i.e., not from TikTok’s Commercial Music Library) without proper licensing

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3. You Did Not Identify Your Content as AI-Generated

TikTok requires all creators to label their content as AI-generated when applicable. If you fail to label your post appropriately, TikTok will take it down after posting. Where do you accomplish this step?

  1. Create your video. 
  2. Tap Next when you’re finished editing. 
  3. On the Post page, tap More options
  4. Tap the toggle for AI-generated content

4. You Did Not Identify Your Content as Sponsored or Promotional

Is your post commercial in nature? You need to turn on the Content disclosure setting to identify it as such clearly. TikTok requires this level of transparency for all commercial posts to help build and maintain “TikTok users’ and advertisers’ trust.”

You must turn on the Content disclosure setting when you post content that promotes a brand, product, or service. TikTok promptly removes posts without proper disclosure. To turn on this setting, just follow these steps: 

  1. Create your video. 
  2. Tap Next when you’re finished editing. 
  3. On the Post page, tap More options
  4. Tap Content disclosure and ads
  5. Select all appropriate options.

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5. Your Content May Be Inaccurate, Misleading, or Based on Fake News

TikTok may not show your videos on feeds when you share inaccurate, misleading, or fake content. The shadow ban is only temporary, but your reduced reach may have a cascading effect even after the ban is over. 

Be careful when sharing unverified facts, conspiracy theories, or content with misleading/inaccurate descriptions. It will only take you a few minutes to verify the information on Google. No matter how compelling or mind-blowing something is, always verify its validity before participating in its dissemination. 

6. Your Content May Be Inappropriate

TikTok’s  Community Guidelines provide a full list of inappropriate content you should avoid. Violation of Community Guidelines may result in the removal of your post and a strike against your account. Here’s a quick summary of the types of content that TikTok prohibits on the platform:

  1. Content that promotes or facilitates youth exploitation or child sexual abuse material (CSAM). 
  2. Content that depicts non-consensual sex acts. 
  3. Content that facilitates human trafficking. 
  4. Content that depicts real-world torture. 
  5. Graphic or sensitive content. 
  6. Content that may negatively impact mental or behavioral health. 

Keep in mind that TikTok may permanently ban accounts for any of the above violations. When TikTok removes content that violates guidelines, it will notify you of the content removal. You’ll receive the notification via the Account Updates section in your Inbox

Each violation will earn you a strike against your account. Three violations within a single policy area or feature may lead to an automatic account ban. A single, severe violation may also lead to a permanent account ban. 

If you believe that TikTok made a mistake in removing your content, you may appeal the decision. Just go to the notification pertaining to the content removal and follow the steps to submit an appeal. 

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TikTok Video Uploaded but Not Showing: How to Not Lose Your Work

If a failed upload is due to a technical issue, you’ll likely go back to the previous step. The app may stay on the Post page, where you can save your content to your drafts. Here are other ways to make sure none of your work becomes irretrievably lost in case of upload issues. 

  1. Save your video: You can save your video at any stage during the editing process. After recording, tap the down arrow on the navigation panel on the left. The Save button is at the very bottom. 
  2. Turn on the Save to device option: On the Post page, tap More options, then tap the toggle next to Save to device to turn it on. This will automatically save your video to your device when you post. You can also turn on the Save posts to the device without a watermark.
  3. Save your video to Drafts: On the Post page, tap Drafts instead of Post. This will save your video to your Drafts folder instead of your device. You can save your post as a draft if you want to go back to editing and try a different set of filters/effects. This way, you won’t have to start from scratch, and you won’t lose the first draft. You can have multiple versions of the video to choose from. 

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Make Sure Your Uploads Show Up on the Right For You Feeds

A successful video upload on TikTok almost always guarantees views. Whatever your niche and type of content, there’s an audience for you on the platform. And TikTok’s recommendation algorithm does a really good job of matching videos with interested viewers. 

But it’s your job to inform TikTok’s algorithm properly of who your audience is. TikTok uses the information you provide in your post to identify the most suitable viewers for it. This information includes the hashtags and keywords you use, as well as other tags and mentions, when available. The algorithm also considers certain elements in your video, as well as your location and niche. 

You have lots of optimization opportunities that will allow you to reach audiences who are a perfect fit for your community. These are TikTok users who will genuinely appreciate your content, gladly become followers, and give you their engagement. 

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