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Last Updated: Feb 01, 2024

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Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

You need TikTok views to jumpstart account discovery and generate profile views and video engagement. It’s the very first barrier to growth in any platform and opens the door for brand awareness. It’s far easier to get video views on TikTok than on other channels, but you may still need the help of a TikTok views generator to fuel your momentum. Keep reading to learn how to get free views.

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Organically Increase TikTok Views

Organically increasing your views is your bread and butter on TikTok. It should be your main foundation when building your presence and growing an engaged audience on the platform. Observe these best practices to help you generate organic views that convert.

Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience goes beyond identifying their demographic profile. On TikTok, you must also understand what types of content they enjoy and how your content can be relevant to their interests. You can get a good idea of your audiences’ preferences on the platform by checking out pages similar to yours and their most engaged fans.

Choose Three or Four Niche Topics

Based on your audience research, pick a few subject areas that will be the basis for most of your videos. You must base your choices on what’s most relevant to your target audiences’ interests. Ideally, they should also fill a need within your niche, i.e., not many creators are creating videos on these topics.

Again, you can get inspiration from similar creators. You may hitch a ride on a popular topic, but make sure you can add a unique spin on it.

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Identify the Best Combination of Hashtags for Optimization

The hashtags you use will inform TikTok’s algorithm of who your target audience is. They’re a means of categorizing every video you share and also serve as discovery tools for users looking for content like yours. Three to five hashtags per post is the ideal number.

Hop on Relevant Trends

TikTok Creative Center to stay up-to-date on videos that are rising in popularity and those that are currently going viral. Participate in trending challenges. Use trending hits and effects. Create a Duet or Stitch using a trending video.

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Identify the Best Times To Reach Your Target Audience on TikTok

To make sure interested viewers will see your videos, you must know when they’re actively browsing through their TikTok feeds. Your analytics will help you identify the different hours for every day of the week when your content gets the most views. If you don’t have enough analytics data yet, visit popular creators in your niche to see what times they usually post content.

Utilize TikTok’s Creative Tools To Create Quality Content

Take advantage of the platform’s wide array of creative tools and features to create outstanding videos that users will enjoy watching from start to finish. Always offer the sound-on option and explore TikTok’s massive music library to find the perfect background audio for your content. Make your content accessible to more users with captions, voiceovers, or text-to-speech. Use trending filters and effects to produce visually stunning videos.

You can also explore third-party editing apps for TikTok to generate professional-quality videos.

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Free TikTok Views Generator

There are two ways to get free TikTok views. The first involves generating good, old-fashioned quality and relevant TikTok videos to expand visibility and reach organically. The second is a quick fix that utilizes a free TikTok views generator. 

Most times, a video generates tons of interest because it has amassed an impressive number of views. People get more curious about content when the numbers show them that lots of users are watching it. If you need to stimulate such curiosity in your content, you can utilize a TikTok growth service to “seed” it with views.

  • InstaFollowers. You need a public account to use the site’s free service. Just input the video URL that you want to receive 100 free views. Come back after 24 hours to get another hundred for the same video or a new one. 
  • Like4Like. The site lets you earn credits by completing simple tasks, such as following accounts and liking videos. You can then use your credits to boost your videos with views. Creating an account is free. 
  • Celebian. The site has a one-time-only offer of 100 free TikTok views per account. Provide your username, and then select the post you want to boost. 
  • Allsmo. Enter your video link to get 100 free views. You can claim another thousand views for free when you share the site on social media.
  • PubTok. The site is giving away one million free TikTok views daily. An account can receive 1K views just by providing their username, email, and video link. You can claim 1K free views once a day. 

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From Views to Genuine, Accelerated Growth

Video views on TikTok represent a crucial juncture that may lead to follower and engagement growth if you play your cards right. You can try bluffing your way to a “win” by buying views. Or you can ensure your content reaches genuinely interested audiences who will likely become engaged fans. 

Creating content that aligns with your target audiences’ preferences should be at the core of any TikTok SEO strategy. Your videos must also be relevant in terms of current trends in your niche, industry, and social media platforms. 

The good news is that TikTok has a low barrier to generating views. TikTok’s algorithm does an excellent job of finding the right viewers for videos — given the right targeting signals and optimization. To convert your views into follows and engagement, make sure you’re delivering content your target audiences will truly enjoy and appreciate.

A TikTok views generator allows you to simulate popularity for your videos. But for guaranteed popularity that brings accelerated growth, sign up for a High Social plan. Give yourself an added audience-targeting advantage with High Social’s advanced, proprietary AI technology. Highly experienced TikTok growth experts will help you deliver your videos to genuinely interested users so you can get more views that convert. Start growing your TikTok today!

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