TikTok Views: Every Detail About Reaching More For You Pages

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Last Updated: Jan 26, 2024

TikTok 101

Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

Every TikTok content creator’s dream is to have an audience that genuinely engages with their content. The platform has millions of users, so everyone expects to get viewers with similar interests easily. However, this mission may be impossible without really understanding TikTok views. Anyone looking to grow on the platform must understand how to get the right audience.

Your ability to create interesting content will influence your view count. But there are tricks you can apply to make the value soar higher. Before you realize it, you will cement your place as an outstanding TikToker. This article provides everything you need to know about views on TikTok.

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What Are TikTok Views?

Like other social media platforms, TikTok has a way of measuring views on every content. A view on TikTok begins the moment a video starts to play. Even if the viewer scrolled away immediately, the few seconds they watched counted as a view. It also counts as a new TikTok view if the video auto-plays or one user watches it multiple times. This way, anyone can easily rack up that metric. However, your views don’t count if you are the video creator.

The Most Viewed TikTok Video

There is always someone getting the most out of everything on social platforms. You may be wondering if there is a most viewed TikTok video to level up. Well, Zach King has taken the crown recently. His video showing him flying around on a broomstick without touching the floor has more than two billion views. Don’t let this surprise you; he is an American-based filmmaker and illusionist.

Apart from getting the most views on the platform, this video has over 564,000 comments. It is also popular on other social platforms. The video looks real; no wonder it got the highest number of views.

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Can You See Who Views Your TikToks?

The truth is seeing who exactly has viewed your videos is impossible. The only information available is the number of video views, which indicates how many times people viewed each video. Sometimes, people may use the username of commenters to determine who watched their content. After all, we expect whoever is commenting to have watched the video. However, you may get the wrong results using this method.

Anyone using the TikTok platform will notice the engagement metrics at the first glance. Each video metrics contain the number of likes, view count, and comments from other users. The idea of getting higher views sounds nice. But the question, ‘Can you see who views your TikToks?’ still lingers in people’s minds. Many people want to know who views their content to measure their popularity.

You will have different values for the number of views, comments, and likes on TikTok. In most cases, you may have a higher view count than other TikTok engagement metrics. This happens because most viewers tend to watch and not comment. So, checking the comment section to locate the names of viewers will only give you an idea. The result will never be accurate.

How To Turn On Profile Views on TikTok

Knowing more about your views and the people who show interest in your TikTok account is essential. This information is helpful for your content strategy. Most video viewers check content creator profiles before becoming loyal followers. Similarly, most creators like to keep tabs on profile visitors to know their audiences. Knowing how to turn on profile views on TikTok can allow you to get this information.

You can turn on profile views in your settings to see the username of people who viewed your profile. The only limitation is that you only get to see accounts that have activated this feature. In addition, these accounts must have viewed your profile in the last 30 days. But you can still try out the feature. 

Here is how to do it in five steps:

  1. Launch your TikTok app and tap Profile in the bottom-right corner.
  2. Tap the three-line menu icon in the top-right corner to go to settings.
  3. Select Settings and Privacy, then Privacy.
  4. Tap Profile Views on the privacy page.
  5. Tap the toggle button beside Profile View History to turn it on. The color of the toggle icon will change to indicate you’ve activated it. By default, the profile view button is always off.

Alternatively, you can turn on the feature from the profile views page.

This is achievable in four steps:

  1. Tap Inbox at the bottom of the page in the TikTok app.
  2. Tap the message notifying you that someone has viewed your profile.
  3. Tap the Setting icon at the top-right corner of the next page.
  4. Tap the toggle button beside Profile View History to turn it on.

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How To Get Views on TikTok

Everyone has to make some effort to boost their engagement rate. Fortunately, you can get positive results if you understand how to get views on TikTok. This part of the social platform is all you need to grow and reach a larger audience. With the right steps, your content will soon get more TikTok views.

1. Create Short and Interesting Videos

There is no recommended limit for TikTok videos, but keeping them short is best. Videos under 30 seconds will most likely appear on the For You page. Your audience is also more likely to rewatch short videos multiple times. However, you can create longer videos if this better fits your message, story, or niche. Just make sure to keep it interesting and engaging.

2. Add Popular Sound Effects and Music Clips

TikTok sounds are one of the most popular items in the social media space. You can monitor the trend of sound clips and use recurring ones in your content creation. You can also discover popular TikTok songs on the app. You only have to tap the Create button and select the Add Sound option. You will see a collection of the trending, most popular sound clips on the platform.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are powerful tools on all social platforms. These platforms use these tags to identify the type of content and people who might like it. Hashtags are also useful for helping users find content through search. Using niche and topic-related hashtags is another advantage to your content. It will help people identify the content or message in your videos.

Some evidence also proves that trending topics are more likely to appear on the For You page. Therefore, using the relevant hashtags will help you get your desired views. You may be wondering how to know all the popular trends. Don’t worry; you can easily find all the trending hashtags on TikTok. Just tap the Discover tab, then select trends at the top of the screen to see popular tags.

Or, if you’d like to find specific tags around a certain topic, subculture or niche, try out a TikTok Hashtag generator. Just type in a topic or a single hashtag, and these handy generators will spit out a long list of other trending hashtags worth trying.

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4. Partner With Other Content Creators and Celebrities

Partnerships and collaborations are powerful tools to reach a wider audience for organic TikTok growth. Teaming up with a popular influencer or celebrity guest star helps you to reach a new audience. The other party will help you gain the attention of your target audience. At the same time, their audience will get to see your videos.

5. Use a Catchy Caption

Creative content isn’t enough; you need the right caption to reach the right audience. Your caption should gain your viewer’s attention and explain the details of your video. The caption is also an opportunity to include relevant topic keywords for TikTok SEO. (But this is a more advanced strategy you should build up to.) This allows you to get more views by ranking at the top of the list of search results.

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6. Post at the Right Time

As a content creator, you should know when your target audience is online to see your videos. This tells you the best time to post on TikTok. Posting your videos within this period will allow you to get quick views. You can post multiple times daily to remain relevant in content creation. However, people may begin to find your content overwhelming if you post too frequently.

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Top 2 Places To Get Free TikTok Views

As mentioned before, there are powerful tools that offer an audience to TikTok users. A lot of these apps offer various packages at a cost. But, some specific ones consider creators who can’t afford it. Getting free TikTok views is possible with the services of these third-party tools. The only challenge is identifying these free tools. But don’t worry; we have identified some for you.

1. InstaFollowers

InstaFollowers is a credible service provider that helps people grow on social platforms. It offers various growth tools such as views, likes, comments, and shares across different platforms. Not only does this site offer free views, but it also makes sure they come from real users. You can get up to 100 free genuine views from InstaFollowers.

This site prioritizes quick service delivery, so you will get your order almost instantly. More than this, the process is straightforward and safe. You only need to put your TikTok video link on the site to get the free audience.

2. Like4like

Like4like is another site that offers free views on TikTok. Using this site, you can get hundreds of views quickly. You only need to register an account on their website and earn credits by performing tasks. These tasks include liking, watching, and following other TikTok users. These credits are useful for getting free views on your TikTok videos. You can also buy credits if you want the easy way out.

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Top 2 Sites To Buy TikTok Views

Although free sites provide views, they have limitations. Most sites can’t exceed a specific limit when offering free services. Fortunately, you can buy TikTok views to get a higher value. Some sites offer paid packages that can increase your engagement regardless of budget.

1. UseViral

UseViral is a credible site that sells views from genuine users. This site also sells TikTok followers, comments, and likes. Views bought from UseViral are always high-quality and long-lasting. There have been many positive customer reviews about the service delivery. They also have an outstanding customer support team willing to meet your demands.

If you’re looking for the peace of mind of a secure payment method, this site has you covered. There is also a money-back guarantee if you don’t like their service delivery. For $1.49, you can buy up to 1000 views on UseViral. If you want something bigger, this site offers other large packages.

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2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia is a popular social media growth service provider. This site is popular for delivering only high-quality views and its effective customer service. They offer multiple packages ranging from 1000 up to 500,000 views. You can buy 1000 views for $1.49 to begin your journey. This site ensures safety and accepts all major payment options. So, you shouldn’t worry about anything.

There is also a money-back guarantee for customers who don’t like the service delivery. However, you may not need this because the site prioritizes instant delivery. There is also an efficient customer support team to attend to customers.

Buying TikTok views may help you grow, but building genuine connections is more rewarding. The expertise and high-level targeting skills of a TikTok growth service like High Social can help boost your account. High Social ensures you reach the right viewers and create genuine and meaningful connections. So, start growing your TikTok today.

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