How To Add Amazon Storefront to TikTok: 2 Quick Ways

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Last Updated: Apr 08, 2024

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Storefronts allow you to market your products directly to customers. You can promote your products by linking your stores to social platforms like TikTok. So, you might wonder how to add Amazon storefront to TikTok. 

The easiest way to add your Amazon storefront to TikTok is by adding the storefront link in your bio. But first, you must create a storefront on Amazon. You must also create a TikTok profile that aligns with the products you sell. So, this guide explores how to add this store to your TikTok and how to promote your products.

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What Is an Amazon Storefront? 

An Amazon storefront is an online page showcasing your brand and products to potential customers. It is primarily a smaller site within Amazon’s marketplace, allowing sellers to showcase their products and grow their brands. 

You can always customize your Amazon storefront. Besides that, you can also share your store’s unique URL to attract customers. This feature allows you to take control of your brand. It also helps you create a more appealing shopping environment for your customers. 

Besides showcasing your products more appealingly, you can also offer extra information about them. Information not usually available on your product pages fits well in this environment. 

You can create different product categories when using Amazon storefronts. This feature makes it easier for customers to browse your catalog and find what they need. Your storefront also provides an excellent avenue to publicize your deals and promos. 

But besides promoting your products, you can add extra content to your storefront. For instance, consider adding relevant images, videos, and blog posts. You can use this content to spread the word about your brand or its products. 

Storefronts on Amazon provide a pretty effective way to stand out and build a solid presence on the site. You can boost your brand awareness, attract attention to your product listing, and push sales through this. 

Why You Should Add Your Amazon Storefront to TikTok

After creating your storefront on Amazon, you must attract customers to generate sales. Social media platforms like TikTok offer a valid option for attracting potential customers who would buy your products. But why do people consider TikTok attractive for such a task?

1. TikTok Has a Large User Base

TikTok’s large user base of over a billion monthly active users makes it attractive for many marketing strategies. This figure consists of users from different demographic groups and backgrounds. So, you can always attract a relevant audience on TikTok, no matter your niche

For example, you’ll generate massive sales if you can attract a small percentage of the platform’s users to your storefront. Also, most TikTok users fall between the ages of 18 and 34. So you can always attract the right class to your products.

2. You Can Attract Customers With Your Content

You can still create your type of content when using TikTok to promote your Amazon storefront. Instead of sharing posts that primarily promote your products, you can also share and use your regular posts. This means that you can still create fun and engaging posts.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot create posts that promote your products. It indicates that you can creatively do that. For instance, you may share TikTok content about your overall industry, which will still be relevant to your product. 

3. Your Potential To Reach a Younger Audience With TikTok

If the products on your Amazon storefront are more useful to younger people, TikTok is the way to go. This social media platform allows you to reach a younger audience since they are much more active there. Unlike other platforms that better foster adult-related content, TikTok has a more playful outlook. 

However, you must still create content that resonates with this younger audience to get their attention. Over time, you can build an audience and push your brand awareness. Then, you’d subsequently attract new people to your Amazon storefront. 

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How To Add Amazon Storefront to TikTok in Two Ways

To add your Amazon storefront to TikTok, you must have a business or creator profile on the social media app. Business profiles provide access to the platform’s array of marketing tools. For instance, TikTok’s business creative hub helps users create a solid marketing strategy. 

With access to the collection of business tools, you can always use them properly to generate more sales. So, here are two ways to add your storefront to your TikTok.

1. Include Your Storefront Link in Your Bio

Do you wonder how to add Amazon link to TikTok? The simplest way to add your storefront to the app is by adding your custom link to your bio. This social media platform lets users add clickable links to their bios.

So, after creating your storefront on Amazon, you’ll have to copy the link. From there, you’ll return to TikTok, edit your bio to add the link, and draw traffic to your profile. The link in your bio will make it more visible to your target audience.

When more people view the link, more people will click to view the products in your catalog. Overall, these occurrences dramatically increase your chances of making sales on Amazon. But besides adding the storefront link to your TikTok bio, you can use another option.

2. Connect Your Storefront to Your TikTok Shop

TikTok shops allow users to link their Amazon storefronts to their accounts. However, before accessing this feature, you must upgrade your account to TikTok Pro. Here is how to link Amazon storefront to TikTok shop:

  1. Upgrade your account by heading to the Manage My Account section and choosing Upgrade To Pro.
  2. Return to Manage My Account and choose TikTok Shop before choosing Integrations
  3. After you’ve connected the shop, go to the shop and choose Add Product. The shop will show the products on your Amazon storefront.
  4. Choose the products to add and complete the process. 

Immediately, anyone visiting your TikTok shop can access the products you added from your storefront. Some users have been skeptical about the safety of TikTok shops and whether they can trust vendors. Always do your background checks before purchasing from the shops. 

How To Promote Amazon Products on TikTok

After linking your Amazon storefront to TikTok, you must promote your products to generate sales. You must bring your creativity to attract people to your content and products. Since most TikTok users are young people, your content must interest them.

Let’s discuss how to promote Amazon products on TikTok.

1. Create Original and Unique Content

Primarily, TikTok prioritizes visual content and mostly pushes videos. So, you must focus on creating videos that best align with your intended audience. People sometimes assume they’ll need top-tier video production equipment to create videos for their TikTok.

However, you can shoot and edit top-tier content with just your smartphone. But, of course, you must maintain the purpose of your content. In this case, you must create posts related to your products since you’re targeting more sales. 

For instance, consider making demonstration videos that show customers how certain products work. After filming your product in action, add text subtitles to increase the effect and provide more context. Also, prioritize shorter videos since they usually perform better on the social platform.

Check out the social media profiles of your competitors for inspiration. Consider their approach and interaction with their customers and weigh the results. Also, don’t forget to add the product link to your video post.

2. Promote Your Products With Paid Ads

Paid ads are pretty much the quickest way to promote your Amazon products on TikTok. Consider using the social media app’s multiple ad formats to promote your products effectively. You can also use the TikTok ad library to get inspiration on advertising. 

This feature is quite useful in this case for multiple reasons. First, you can set up an ad campaign on TikTok with so much ease. While most people imagine this would be a strenuous process, it isn’t. The app can help create ad content from stock images; how cool is that?

Also, TikTok’s potential to push your ad is quite high compared to other social media sites. You’re good to go if your content fits the current wave. All these features help showcase your brand’s authenticity, attracting more viewers and potential customers.

3. Flow With the Trends Using Your Analytic Info

Studying your analytic information may seem basic. However, your findings from there can be useful for promoting your Amazon products. TikTok’s Pro plan provides information about who shares and watches your content. This is useful since the TikTok algorithm is quite hazy. 

Consider creating posts aligning with the current public and performance trends. For example, place a better priority ranking on products that are selling better at the moment. But also, product posts that generate a larger buzz usually draw more sales. So, you should try to replicate such posts.

If your post goes viral, the platform pushes the exposure on your next posts, making them perform better. So, always build on such moments. Again, remember that more visibility equals more potential customers. 

4. Run Collabos With Other Influencers

Influencer marketing is another angle to consider. Collaborating with an influencer may give you the push you need. When you do this, you can tap into their large audiences and expand your reach even more. Also, don’t forget that young people respond quite well when celebrities and influencers are involved.

A quick mention can push your Amazon product sales since people perceive influencers as more genuine and authentic. Influencers charge different amounts for ads and collaborations unless you’re friends. 

If you’re on a tight budget, you can contact TikTok micro-influencers, who will charge you less. While you should consider their number of followers, other factors are also important. Luckily, you can find the right influencer on the TikTok creator marketplace

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Combining Amazon Affiliate and TikTok Marketing

The Amazon affiliate program allows associates to earn commissions by promoting products with unique product links and generating sales. You can promote these products on blogs, websites, or social media accounts. So, people now combine Amazon affiliate and TikTok marketing. But how does that work?

The Amazon affiliate program allows associates to promote their affiliate links on TikTok. This means these associates earn from the sales they complete on the social media app. Your TikTok account must be active before you can join the program. You must also have at least 500 followers and some engagement

While this venture may sound attractive, you’ll need a substantial audience to earn from the program. Although Amazon allows associates to earn up to $20,000, your earnings depend on how many referrals you get. Overall, TikTok offers a valid option to promote your Amazon affiliate products.

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