How To Become TikTok Famous: Achieve Legit Celebrity Status

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Last Updated: Oct 25, 2023

TikTok 101

Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

You finally created your TikTok profile. Congratulations! You just took the first step toward TikTok fame. What’s next? How do you achieve the same success as your favorite TikTok stars and creators? Here’s everything you need to know about how to become TikTok famous. 

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How To Become Famous on TikTok 

You have to be picture-perfect on Instagram and need hundreds of thousands of followers to be famous. On Facebook, you have to spend lots of money on ads and sponsored posts. How do you become famous on TikTok

For a lot of TikTokers, it only takes one viral video. But social media users are ravenous content consumers. Today’s viral hit often disappears into obscurity by tomorrow. Every second, somebody uploads a new video to TikTok. Viewers have tons of binge-worthy content to choose from. You need more than one viral video to keep pace with the lightning-fast world of social media platforms. If you’re wondering how to become TikTok famous like Charlie D’Amelio and other top TikTok influencers, you’re in the right place.  

How To Become TikTok Famous: Learn From Other People’s Success

This is how to become TikTok famous 101. If you want to gain influencer status, whether as a micro-influencer or a mega-influencer, learn from the successful ones. 

TikTok creators with hundreds of thousands to millions of fans definitely know how to do TikTok right. They know how to create videos that immediately amass plenty of likes and comments. Look at what they do. Study their techniques. Analyze how they engage with their audience. 

Check out creators who are universally popular, as well as those in your industry with a dedicated niche following. Big TikTok superstars with universal appeal can show you what it takes to be great. Successful niche influencers, on the other hand, will give you a more focused perspective on what your target audience wants. 

How To Become TikTok Famous: Authenticity Is Key

Authenticity is a must if you want to master how to become TikTok famous. Authentic content is what draws a multitude of users to TikTok. It’s the major driving force behind the success of countless TikTok creators and why they’re in high demand for collaborations. 

How do you stay authentic and consistently produce viral content at the same time? Here are some tips:

  • Choose a niche and your area of expertise, and stick with it. 
  • Be yourself. Build a personal brand using your voice and around your identity. Don’t copy somebody else because they’re famous. What works for them will not always work for you and your target audience. Be honest about your thoughts and passions. TikTok audiences appreciate the raw and sincere quality of a piece of content. 
  • Stay on topic. Be consistent with your content to reach more of the same audience via TikTok For You feed. Initially, you need to grow with followers who are genuinely interested in your content. These are users who will give you active engagement. And when your videos are receiving tons of likes and comments, you’re more likely to gain more visibility. 
  • Know your target audience. But keep in mind that what they’re looking for on TikTok must align with who you are as a creator. A “meeting of the minds” is crucial to making lasting and rewarding connections with your fans. 
  • Create unique content. It’s tempting to do exactly what popular influencers are doing. But viewers don’t want to see the same things over and over again. Your content doesn’t have to be 100% unique. It just has to be uniquely your own. Add your spin to a viral video. Lend your character to a trend you’re joining. When creating videos that your audience likes, make sure your identity shines through. 

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How To Become TikTok Famous: Mind the Quality of Your Video

Wouldn’t you rather watch a clear, crisp audio and visual quality video? Considering the tough competition for attention, views, and engagement, you need to make sure that your content is worth watching. It’s entertainment or informational value is just part of the magic. If you want to know how to become TikTok famous, you must also prioritize the technical aspects of video making. 

You don’t need professional video-making and editing know-how to produce good-quality TikToks. But these are the bare essentials you should have:

  • Good lighting. Take videos using good, natural light, or invest in basic lighting equipment. 
  • Clear audio. You can use your phone’s microphone, but make sure background noise is zero or minimal. If sound is essential to your videos, investing in some home studio recording gear may be worth it. One or two microphones, a mic stand, headphones, and some soundproofing are a good start. 
  • Video editing tools. TikTok’s native editing tools already offer plenty of fun and advanced options. But you may also want to explore other software, like CapCut and Movavi. 
  • Knowledge of ideal TikTok dimensions. Make sure your hard work and creativity are clearly delivered when you post your video on TikTok. Always use the ideal dimensions for the platform to avoid losing video quality. 

How To Become TikTok Famous: Use a Creator or Business Account Depending on Your Goals and Needs

Knowing how to become TikTok famous also requires choosing the right type of TikTok account. Know the differences between Creator and Business accounts on TikTok and what features will better suit your goals and needs. 

A Creator account (Personal account) is ideal for content creators, public figures, artists, and influencers. A Business account is good for brands, retailers, organizations, and service providers. 

Both Creator and Business accounts have access to the following TikTok features:

  • Analytics
  • LIVE
  • LIVE Q&A
  • LIVE Analytics
  • Q&A
  • Creator Playlist
  • Promote
  • Branded Content Toggle.

Succeeding on TikTok is much easier when you have the right tools for the job. For example, a Creator/Personal account can access both Sounds and the Commercial Music Library. This means more audio options for your videos. 

A Business account can only use music from the Commercial Music Library. So if there are trending sounds outside of the library, you won’t be able to take advantage of them. However, you’ll have access to Ads Manager, which offers lots of advanced tools to help you create effective campaigns. 

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How To Become TikTok Famous Overnight

Rising to stardom on TikTok usually takes time. But there are opportunities you can explore 

if you want to know how to become TikTok famous overnight. Real success on TikTok can also mean success in real life. So whether you become an overnight sensation or rise at a steady pace, you must sustain your momentum.

How To Become TikTok Famous Overnight With Trends

You’re already halfway there if you have great talent, amazing skills, or some expertise. Combine whatever you’re good at with TikTok trends, and you may just solve how to become TikTok famous overnight.  

Because trends already have a massive following and engagement, you also have a massive chance at exposure. And the earlier you get in on the action, the greater your potential to reach more viewers. 

It’s just as important to choose the right trends. A widely popular trend may have the most hits in searches and viewership, but this means there’s more competition. Find a trend relevant to your niche or industry whenever possible. Or choose a trend that you can easily adapt to your niche/industry. You should be able to blend the trend with your voice or your niche’s mission as naturally as possible. 

For example, if you’re a fitness expert, you can participate in the latest dance trend. You can create a workout routine using the same music and some of the choreography. Or get creative and use the trending dance in a Stitch video.

How To Achieve Overnight Fame on TikTok With Music and Sounds

If there’s anything as big on TikTok as trending challenges, it’s music and sounds. If you’re exploring opportunities for how to become TikTok famous, check out the hottest songs on TikTok.  

The quickest way to do this is via the TikTok Creative Center. Or you can find out what the biggest TikTok stars are listening to or dancing to. Use music in your videos as often as possible. Even a short clip from a popular song can instantly widen your reach when you label it in your post. 

Trending sound effects can deliver the same positive results. You will typically hear these sounds in challenges. But, again, you can get creative and use the viral sound effect for a different purpose in your video. 

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How To Become TikTok Famous Overnight With LIVE

TikTok LIVE presents a unique opportunity to interact with your viewers in real-time. A LIVE stream can generate tons of engagement and give your brand the exposure you need to reach potential followers. If you want to know how to become TikTok famous quickly, learn more about how to do a successful TikTok LIVE

Here are some quick tips:

  • Promote your LIVE stream aggressively. And don’t forget to also announce your scheduled TikTok LIVE on your other social media platforms. 
  • Refer to your Analytics to find the perfect time for your LIVE. Choose a time when most of your followers are active on TikTok. 
  • Set audience expectations. Let them know in advance what to expect from your LIVE. For example, if you’re hosting a Q&A, your viewers can prepare their questions in advance. If you’re doing a tutorial, let them know what materials they’ll need if they want to participate. 
  • Set an end time for your LIVE. While TikTok doesn’t set a time limit for LIVE streams, the platform recommends keeping your LIVE under 60 minutes. Make sure you’ll be able to give your viewers real value for their time. 

How To Become TikTok Famous Overnight With Collaborations

Another strategy for how to become TikTok famous in the blink of an eye is through a brand collaboration. Ideally, you should collaborate with another creator or a business with a bigger following than you. But working with accounts of any size will still benefit you in terms of expanded audience reach. Even if the other creator has a smaller following, you will still reach users who have yet to discover you. 

You can supercharge your efforts to become a Tiktok star by collaborating on a TikTok LIVE or a trending challenge.

Keep in mind that if overnight fame is your goal, it’s okay to start small. You can get famous within your community first. And then use the momentum to gain exposure within other communities that share your type of audience. 

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Become TikTok Famous by Earning Lifelong Fans

It’s not difficult to figure out how to become TikTok famous. All the tools you need are within reach when you’re already on TikTok. Ensure you’re on the right path to success by establishing your identity and identifying the right audience for your content. Focus on becoming famous within your niche community by consistently producing content for your fans and intended audience. Figure out what types of content make the biggest splash among your viewers. And keep doing what works. 

It’s easy to stay authentic and give your audience what they want when you’re a perfect match. Keep in mind that on TikTok, earning lifelong fans means connecting with people through shared interests. So don’t try to please everyone, especially when you’re just starting to grow your presence on the platform. Do what you do best, and the right people will find you and appreciate what you have to offer. 

Of course, you also have to help the process along. You need to know the best practices to optimize your content for the For You feed algorithm. You need to employ established audience-targeting tactics. And enhance your audience-targeting capability with intelligent technology. 
A TikTok management expert like High Social knows the ins and outs of TikTok growth. With their advanced, proprietary AI technology, you’ll have a sharper and more effective targeting tool at your fingertips. Apply all the tips for how to become TikTok famous, and give yourself an advantage with a High Social plan. Start growing your TikTok today!

TikTok 101