How To Get More LIVE Viewers on TikTok 

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Last Updated: Feb 28, 2024

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Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

Are you ready to go LIVE on TikTok? A real-time broadcast offers an excellent opportunity to reach and engage with a wider audience. But first, you need to ensure many viewers will tune into your LIVE stream. Keep reading to find out how to get more LIVE viewers on TikTok! 

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How To Get More Viewers on TikTok LIVE Stream

How do you measure the success of your LIVE broadcast? The first thing you look at is your TikTok LIVE views. During your stream, you’ll see spikes and dips in your viewership. If viewers register for your LIVE Event, you may also get a good estimate of your upcoming LIVE’s audience size. 

High viewership often indicates substantial interest in your LIVE content. The bigger your audience, the higher your success rate. Follow these best practices to ensure decent viewership for your stream. 

1. Pick the Right Time and Set a Duration for Your LIVE

Figure out the best time to stream your LIVE. The hours between 8 pm and 11 pm are prime time for airing TV shows. These hours are also the obvious choice for your broadcast. However, you must also consider your target audience’s TikTok browsing habits. 

Pick a day and time that coincide with your audience’s peak activities on TikTok. You can refer to your TikTok Analytics data to check when most of your viewers are active on the platform. You can also check when other content creators/brands in your niche typically stream their LIVEs. 

If you’re still not sure, ask your followers. You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone. You’ll find a time that’s ideal for your audience. And it’s an effective strategy to inform them of a scheduled LIVE and get them to tune in. 

You also need to set a duration for your broadcast. TikTok does not set a time limit for LIVE streams. But a stream that’s too long often results in a continuous decline in viewership. On the other hand, a stream that’s too short may leave audiences unsatisfied. According to TikTok, the ideal length for a stream is 30 minutes. 

Note that if your LIVE runs for an extended period and TikTok detects zero activity, it will automatically end your stream. 

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2. Work Out Your LIVE Set Up

Before saying “Lights, camera, action!”, you must set up your lights, camera, sounds, and internet connection. Setting the stage for your LIVE ensures your broadcast will run without a hitch. Here’s a checklist you can use:

  • Pick a room with good natural light and minimal or zero background noise. Invest in basic lighting and sound equipment. 
  • Set up your camera and test various angles for the best visual presentation. It’s best to have your phone in a fixed position. Moving it around during your LIVE may distract your viewers and result in a rough viewing experience. Pick a position for yourself that offers a pleasing background. Make sure the camera does not capture any clutter or personal stuff. 
  • Test your internet connection. You don’t want interruptions, such as your LIVE cutting out because of a slow or inconsistent connection. Make sure you have a stable internet connection. 
  • Perform a dry run. Record several minutes of video to test your lighting, sound, and camera angle. 

3. Formulate the Flow of Your LIVE

You need a plan. A script for the entire broadcast is not necessary. But, at the very least, you should prepare an outline for how your LIVE will flow. 

Write down your talking points once you’ve picked a topic for your broadcast. These should contain a list of ideas or information you want to ensure you touch upon during your LIVE. The list will help you stay on track and within the set duration for your stream. You can also do a run-through of your discussion to test your pacing. 

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4. Promote Your Upcoming Broadcast

Create a LIVE Event to invite your followers to register for your upcoming broadcast. You should also post a video announcing your scheduled LIVE and inviting people to register and receive notifications. In your video, you can give your audience a teaser to get them curious and excited. 

Make it a point to remind viewers of your upcoming stream when you post regular videos. You can also do a countdown via TikTok text posts and TikTok Stories

TikTok also recommends posting a video an hour before your LIVE stream. When the video passes through someone’s feed during your LIVE, they’ll see the LIVE icon over your avatar. Tapping the icon will let them enter your stream directly from your post. 

How To Get More Live Viewers on TikTok: LIVE Requirements and Features

What do you need to go LIVE and gain a dedicated viewership for your streams? Here are TikTok’s minimum requirements for LIVE streamers:

  • You must be at least 18 years old (at least 19 in South Korea) to go LIVE and accept LIVE Gifts. 
  • You need at least 1,000 followers, although regional requirements may vary. 
  • Download LIVE Studio or OBS Studio for Windows, Max, or Linux if you want to go LIVE via a web browser. 

If you have access to LIVE, you can explore the following features:

  • Comments management: Turn comments on or off. Mute comments from specific or all viewers for a certain period during your LIVE. Report or filter certain comments. Approving or permanently hiding comments. Block comments containing certain keywords. Pin comments at the top of your LIVE chat. Translate comments to your app’s default language. 
  • LIVE moderation: Add or remove moderators and assign them certain permissions. Enable Audience controls to limit your audience to only those 18 and older. Mute, report, or block viewers who violate TikTok’s Community Guidelines or send unwanted messages.
  • TikTok LIVE Multi-Guest: Host guests during your broadcast. Content creators can invite guests to connect to your stream via video or audio. Viewers can also send guest requests. 
  • LIVE Events: Let your followers know you’ll host a LIVE soon. Invite them to register for your LIVE and receive notifications for LIVE updates.
  • LIVE Replays: Access your LIVE Replays via the LIVE center to rewatch your streams.
  • LIVE Gifts: Receive virtual Gifts from your viewers. The more Gifts you collect, the higher your chance of receiving Diamonds from TikTok. 

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How To Go LIVE

If you have LIVE access, you’ll see the option to go LIVE when you tap the Create button. Follow these steps to start your LIVE stream:

  1. Tap the Create button. 
  2. Tap LIVE at the bottom. 
  3. Customize your LIVE features and settings. Add a title, filter, effect, etc. 
  4. Tap Go LIVE to start your broadcast. You can also customize your LIVE features and settings during your stream. 
  5. When you’re ready to end your stream, tap End LIVE at the top, then tap End now

After an hour, you can check your LIVE Analytics to see your TikTok LIVE view count and other data.

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Level Up Your Game on TikTok LIVE

Hosting a TikTok LIVE is one way to boost your audience engagement. Interacting with viewers in real time promotes candid and authentic communication and fosters a strong community. 

Going LIVE gives your fans immediate and a more personal access to their favorite content creator. You can do a Q&A. You can encourage them to provide you with feedback and recommendations. You can share information, tips, or how-tos with an attentive, live audience. Or you can spend the time chatting with them and getting to know each other. 

A LIVE stream also presents a great opportunity to introduce new/your favorite products. Your broadcast can give your fans a genuine look behind the scenes. Or you can take your fans along on an adventure.

Knowing how to get more LIVE viewers on TikTok is not only about increasing your numbers. It’s also about attracting the right kind of audience. Get help from TikTok experts and find interested viewers when you take center stage. Sign up for a High Social plan and immediately boost your audience-targeting advantage. 

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