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Last Updated: Feb 28, 2024

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Are you sharing videos on TikTok, maybe trying to build a large audience? You can only tell the performance of a video by observing its view count. However, there are tons of questions about this feature on the app. So, what does the TikTok view count even mean?

Your view count on TikTok is simply the number of times people have viewed your content. However, many are unsure about what counts as a view on the app. You may also be unsure how the app counts your views. So, this post discusses all that in depth. 

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How Does TikTok Count Views?

TikTok counts it as a view once your video begins to play on someone’s feed or from your profile. This mode of counting views is quite different from other social platforms. On most platforms, a viewer must play your video to a particular length before registering a view. 

You may have come across different myths about TikTok. Its count of video views has remained a major topic for debate. But how does TikTok count views? For good reasons, this social media app’s unique style has made it an attractive platform.

The app registers a view when your video starts playing on another user’s profile. Because of this feature, it is far easier for you to gain views and go viral on the app. This explains why even first-time videos from new users get a certain number of views. 

Overall, if someone mindlessly scrolls through your content on the app, your view counts will increase. Besides, if someone goes through your content via search, it counts in your views. You’ve got your view even if they go away as soon as they open the video. 

Some social media analysts have insisted that TikTok views count on different video lengths differently. Some say the app counts views on your one-minute video when someone plays it for one second. They also insist that people play your three-minute videos for at least three seconds before it counts.

Subsequently, TikTok calculates the number of times people have viewed your video, creating a standard view count. As more people view your content, the app will update the number, keeping up in real time. When more people view your videos, they are more likely to appear in user feeds. 

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What Counts as a View on TikTok?

The exact second a video starts playing on TikTok counts as a view. Unlike other platforms where your video must play for some time before registering, that is not the case on this platform. Here, the video retention and completion rates do not matter much with view counts. But in clear terms, what counts as a view on TikTok?

If you use TikTok frequently, you’ll find many videos that do not interest you. You’ll likely scroll to the next as soon as one pops on your screen. Those few seconds you spend deciding whether to watch the video or not usually count as views. Surprising, right?

The app’s entire design and general functioning have made it easier to get views. As a result, it’s generally easier to go viral on TikTok than on other platforms. Of course, views come by much faster here. So, you can capitalize on that factor to achieve success on the app. 

Besides your videos appearing in user feeds, people can also view your content from your profile. They can also get your videos from normal search results or hashtag searches. All the same, any glances at your content will count as a view.

Overall, your video completion rates do not matter to your view count. However, they affect your engagement rate on TikTok. This is because people are likelier to comment after watching the entire video. Creating quality content is one sure way you can increase these figures. Views from third-party apps do not usually count on the app. Since people only use these sites to view content anonymously, they do not register on the platform. If you don’t want your content out in public, you can turn off views on TikTok.

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Does TikTok Count Your Own Views?

TikTok does not count your own views on your posts. You may have wondered how continuously playing your own video affects your view count. But when do your views count? And does TikTok count your own views in any case?

Have you ever posted a video whose view count has remained zero after you’ve watched it multiple times? Do you ever wonder what accounts for that occurrence? Of course, you can engage with your posts by liking and commenting on them. However, views do not work the same way.

Playing your TikTok videos repeatedly does not add to the view count. This is one of the few limits to the view count feature on the app. This technique does not work to boost your view count. Well, multiple views from your burner accounts reflect like other users’ views.

However, you can implement a social media strategy to get more views on your TikTok content. Instead of trying to get views by rewatching your video posts, attract your target audience with quality content. Also, align with the all-mighty TikTok algorithm to get the maximum engagement on your posts. 

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Does Rewatching a TikTok Count as a View?

Yes, rewatching a TikTok video does count as a view. The social media application occasionally recommends the same videos on your for you page more than once. When this happens, and you view the videos multiple times, the app counts multiple views.

If TikTok users love your videos or need to view them multiple times, your view count rises. This is because a view ticks each time a user rewatches a video. In another case, if a user accidentally leaves your video looping for long, its view count spikes. 

On the other hand, you may have posted a recipe or guide that people need to consult from time to time. Each time someone returns to the video, it counts as a view. So, one person can account for hundreds or thousands of views on one video if they keep watching. 

Due to this, many social media pros advise that you make short and fast-paced TikTok videos. These are far easier to replay than their lengthy counterparts. You can create perpetual loops that catch users’ attention. As a result, you can milk views from these videos.

Overall, your videos’ view counts do not always mean a specific number of users viewed your content. It simply shows how many times people have viewed the video. However, when more people view your content, you’ll have a healthier engagement rate than when few people do so. 

As more people view your videos, there’ll be more likes, comments, shares, and overall engagement. So, you’ll have to consistently create useful content and wait for your results to appear. 

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Checking Your Views With a TikTok View Counter

Users have pointed out some inefficiencies with TikTok’s in-app view counting feature. There have been some reported lags with the numbers on posts occasionally. You may notice some inconsistencies with this feature occasionally. 

That is why you may need a TikTok view counter to determine the actual figures. Here are a few options to consider:

1. Check Your TikTok Video Views With TokCount

Consider TokCount when looking for a site to check your TikTok views. This view counter allows you to view other post information like likes, comments, and shares. You can also see profile info by searching for a username.

But here is how to find your TikTok views:

  1. Open your browser and visit the TokCount website. You can use the site on both your mobile and desktop browsers.
  2. From the homepage, tap Video View Counter. The site will open up the next page.
  3. Click the Search icon. Immediately, the site will open a dialog box for you to enter the post URL.
  4. Return to TikTok and copy the video URL.
  5. Return to TokCount, paste the link in the dialog box, and tap the search icon. 

The site will immediately show how many views the video has on TikTok. You’ll also see the number of likes, shares, and comments on the video from the results. You can also check your TikTok live video views with this site.

2. Use LiveCounts To Find Your Tik Tok View Count

LiveCounts is another site where you can find the view count for your TikTok videos. The app also lets you discover the number of likes, comments, and shares on your video post. The site is quite similar to TokCount and simple to use.

Here is how to use this site:

  1. Open TikTok and copy the link to the video of interest.
  2. Visit the LiveCounts website on your browser. Desktop and mobile browsers work just fine.
  3. From the homepage, choose TikTok Video Live View Counter. The site will take you to the next page.
  4. Enter the link in the available text box and hit the search icon.
  5. From the results, tap the post you wish to check its view count.

The site will instantly show the details of that post. You’ll see the number of views, likes, comments, and shares from the results.

3. Find Your TikTok Video View Count With Countik

Consider using Countik for your social media analytics. With this site, you can perform multiple tasks, including checking the view counts on your TikTok posts. Here is how to use the site.

  1. Go to TikTok and copy the URL of the post you’re interested in.
  2. Open a browser and visit Countik’s site.
  3. Go to the menu from the homepage and choose Video Views Counter under TikTok Tools
  4. Paste the video URL in the available search bar and click the search icon.

The site will automatically show how many views the post has gathered. The site will also show the number of likes, comments, and shares. You’ll also see the publishing date. 

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