Why Does My TikTok Have 0 Views After an Hour? 

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Last Updated: Apr 02, 2024

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It is quite common for TikTok users to get low views on some posts. Not every video you share attracts many views and engagement. However, getting no views on your posts after some time indicates a problem. So, why does my TikTok have 0 views after an hour?

Usually, your videos get no views on TikTok after an hour for reasons related to your account or content. For instance, new or shadowbanned accounts suffer from low or no views. Also, spammy or duplicate content could generate no views after an hour. 

Read on as we discuss all the possible reasons for this occurrence. 

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8 Answers to “Why Does My TikTok Have 0 Views After an Hour?”

TikTok is one of the easiest apps for getting views on your content. You can still reach many people with your posts without having many followers. So, there is usually a problem when your posts have no views, even after one hour.

Here are eight of the reasons why you don’t have many views after one hour.

1. You Have a New TikTok Account

After creating your new TikTok account and posting a video, it may not receive any views immediately. It may not get any views for up to 24 hours. There is a simple reason for this. TikTok’s algorithm usually takes time to verify the information on your account to determine its authenticity. 

But besides that, the platform also takes time to discern the type of content you’ve shared. This way, it can determine the best audience to recommend it to. The app does not push your constant until it sees that you’re legitimate and a real person. To go past this, you can only keep up your activity.

2. Your Account or Post May Be Private

This is quite a common mistake many newbies make. New TikTok users who haven’t grasped the app sometimes mess with their account settings. Setting your account to private mode limits your post reach. Only your followers can see your posts when they are private, and the platform does not recommend them. 

So, if you’ve mistakenly made your account private, there’s a quick solution. Turn off TikTok private mode and allow public access to your profile. Similarly, consider checking your posts’ privacy settings to ensure you didn’t limit the audience. 

3. Your Video May Be Under a Review

TikTok greatly limits your post’s reach when placed under a review. These reviews occur when the platform’s algorithm detects a potential policy or community guidelines violation on your posts. These reviews are also common to new accounts or accounts with suspicious activity.

TikTok does not recommend the video during the process and places strict limits on it. As a result, you may not get views during the period, which can take up to 24 hours. 

However, if the review shows that your posts do not pose violations, they’ll become visible to the public. 

4. Your Video May Contain Copyrighted or Plagiarized Material

You can generate millions of views on other social media sites by reposting other users’ content. However, unlike those social media platforms, TikTok has strict rules against stolen content. This includes videos, music, and other copyrighted media from content creators. 

You can stitch or duet a video on your TikTok profile. However, reposting another user’s videos directly on your profile without permission attracts severe penalties. For instance, the social media platform limits the viewership of such videos to a great extent. You may even get no views after an hour or more. 

TikTok prioritizes original content, rewarding creators who share new and interesting material. Besides plagiarized content, the platform also penalizes duplicated content. It considers duplicated material as spam. So, if you share one video multiple times, your views may drop drastically. 

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5. Your Post Violates Community Guidelines

TikTok pays strong attention to its guidelines, rules, and policies. So, the site requires that you follow these rules and guidelines when sharing posts. Failing to respect them results in a serious decrease in partial or total visibility. 

Sometimes, the platform limits the post that poses the violation. In that case, such a post may lose its visibility entirely. For example, posts that contain nudity, self-harm, bullying, sexuality, and other inappropriate content may trigger this response. 

The site verifies content with its novel technology that detects and flags inappropriate or sensitive content. So, TikTok community guideline violations like posting graphic content sometimes completely remove your visibility. Ultimately, it gives your TikTok no views after 24 hours. 

6. You Used a VPN

You can use a virtual private network (VPN) to alter your IP address when browsing. It is often useful for changing your location to get the experience of browsing from another place. People sometimes use VPNs to find trends in other countries and add to their growth strategies.

However, this practice could also cause problems for you. For instance, TikTok sometimes blocks or limits content from accounts that alter their locations indiscriminately. Could this be the problem? Have you used TikTok with a VPN connection recently?

The social media company places your account on high alert if that happens. It may greatly limit your post reach. As a result, you may see no views on some of your posts. In this case, the app limits your reach, giving your TikTok no views after an hour or longer.

7. Your Posts Are Not Engaging Enough

TikTok is a highly visual platform that prioritizes short and engaging content. As a result, posts that do not attract enough attention usually suffer from a lack of views. If your video does not contain a good hook or the required creativity, you’ll have these issues.

That is why you must focus on creating relevant content while targeting a specific audience. You cannot make content that appeals to all the users on the app. The best way is to focus on a select group and create content for them

One good practice is to make videos with moderate lengths. But always ensure your video has a hook within its first two seconds. This strategy increases your watch time, pushing the platform to recommend your content.

8. A View Count Glitch May Have Occurred 

TikTok’s view count feature occasionally suffers glitches. When this happens, the likes on your video may go up. However, the system may still give your TikTok 0 views after an hour or more. This occurrence shouldn’t worry you too much. Social media platforms run into troubles with their systems quite frequently. 

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Fixing the Zero Views Issue on Your TikTok Profile 

Getting no views on your carefully crafted TikTok posts can be frustrating. Determining the problem itself can be tricky. But luckily, this problem is not exactly permanent. Keep these in mind while creating content for the app: 

  1. Learn TikTok’s guidelines and policies and remember them when creating content.
  2. Be patient if you just opened a new account.
  3. Turn off the private mode on your account.
  4. Create more engaging content and focus on posts that appeal to your target audience.
  5. Use trending hashtags and sounds to get to more people.
  6. Avoid directly reposting other users’ videos to prevent copyright violations.
  7. Do not use a VPN when browsing TikTok on your account. 
  8. Do not use abusive language or share inappropriate, offensive, or graphic content. 
  9. Do not share one post repeatedly within a short period. 

Getting no views on your TikTok videos after an hour or more usually indicates a problem. Generally, it might be tricky to determine the exact cause. That notwithstanding, following the app’s guidelines and sticking to a helpful strategy creates great results. 

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