Best App To Buy TikTok Followers: The Most Reputable Sites

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Last Updated: Jan 23, 2024

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Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

A substantial percentage of people on TikTok have augmented their follower count by buying fans. Follower purchase is a legal method for growing TikTok followers. Hence, several users are curious about the process. Thus, TikTokers often ask about the best app to buy TikTok followers from. However, it’s important to note that various stellar sites sell followers and provide exceptional services. So besides the overall best app, there are several credible sites.

It’s also important to note that the major places for purchasing followers are online websites owned by follower growth agencies. Some of these websites have mobile app versions, but not all do. Due to this, people often interchange the words apps and sites when discussing in this context. So, you must note that both words refer to where to get followers. With this out of the way, let’s proceed to the topic.

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The Overall Best App To Buy TikTok Followers: About Bulkoid

Bulkoid is the number one site anyone looking to buy TikTok should visit. This website comes highly recommended from various sources for many reasons. Interestingly, Bulkoid isn’t just a follower seller but a reputable social media marketing company. Hence, the site is secure and trustworthy, with many features you can enjoy.

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Bulkoid is a genuine service provider that numerous active users from different locations patronize for all social media channels. Their ability to provide genuine TikTok followers endears TikTokers to them. If you require growth for your TikTok account, Bulkoid never disappoints. 

Aside from providing followers, Bulkoid can help you grow your reputation and push you to become famous on TikTok. With this app, going viral is not a problem, as Bulkoid also supplies views and likes. With all these, you can increase your engagement on the app, paving the way for TikTok monetization opportunities

Remember, this is possible because the platform delivers genuine followers with no drop-offs. Even if you experience a reduction in the number of followers you purchase, the platform is readily available for refills. It’s exciting to know that Bulkoid will top up your follower count if it reduces quickly. Would a shady platform do this? The answer is no.

Ease of Use

The website is easy to navigate, even for first-time users. Once you visit the website, scroll down and choose the social media app for which you seek a boost. The social media platforms are well arranged. You’ll tap the buy now button beneath the TikTok option. A page will load when you do, displaying the platform’s various TikTok services.

You can drag the slider forward or backward to select the number of followers you want to purchase. As you drag the slider, the price changes to reflect your choice. When you select a package, enter your video link and add your details.

All options on the site are easily identifiable. The home page and all other pages are well organized. Also, there is a detailed video tutorial to guide you. Therefore, you won’t experience any hassle, regardless of whether you’re a new or returning customer. Thanks to Bulkoid’s user-friendly interface, you can enjoy a seamless user experience when buying followers to boost your TikTok account.


When transacting with Bulkoid, you shouldn’t worry about money, as your expenses will be minimal. Despite the platform’s low fees, you’ll still be getting the most value for your money. Many real followers for a cheap price; what more could you ask for? 

Bulkoid understands that pricing is a major consideration that becomes a barrier for most people. So, they eliminate this purchase barrier by always providing you with the best prices you can afford. That’s why you can use multiple services at once. This transparent platform lets you see your order summary before paying.

Bulkoid accepts various payment methods, including Visa cards, Mastercard and American Express. The diversity of payment methods makes it easy to transact. However, you must note that Bulkoid offers no refunds. The only exception is if they cannot follow through with your order. In that case, the platform will issue a refund via the same means you paid.

Reliable Customer Support

Bulkoid has email support that is constantly available. They have a team working behind the scenes to ensure every process works smoothly. However, you can always seek assistance if you encounter difficulties in the entire transactional process.

Their support team will efficiently handle all of your difficulties or complaints immediately after you contact them. Additionally, you can subscribe to Bulkoid’s newsletters for free. If you do, you’ll be getting more on how to use their services and grow your TikTok followers.

Bonus Offers

Bulkoid runs a bonus referral program from which you can benefit. If you refer people from any social media platform and they patronize them, you’ll get 1000 free views. You can select which platform and video the views will go to. Additionally, if you refer anyone who deposits 15$, you’ll receive 50 free subscribers. Additionally, a deposit of $100 from any of your referrals will earn you 1000 views.

Imagine enjoying all these benefits without spending a dime. This bonus program shows why Bulkoid is the best. They’re committed to the growth of every customer and reward those who help to propagate the platform. So, without the blink of an eye, choose Bulkoid.

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Other Credible Sites for Buying Real Followers: Grow Your Count Effortlessly

As I said in the beginning, there are several TikTok follower growth agencies that you can patronize. These agencies do not supply fake followers and have nice policies you will enjoy. Moreover, they are all affordable and deliver followers instantly without delays. But if you want to buy 1000 TikTok followers or more, I’ll recommend websites that use drip delivery for safety. Either way, you’re in good hands. So, find below the sites for purchasing followers.

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UseViral is an all-time favorite website many TikTokers use to purchase genuine viewers and followers. The number of people using this platform is much more than you can imagine. UseViral provides authentic followers alongside other services at very pocket-friendly prices. So, whatever your budget is, you’ll go home with an account full of followers.

With this, you can see that this brand is highly intentional about the success of its patrons. So, they’re here to help you establish a firm social media presence and make you an influential figure. Whether you’re a Skinfluencer, lifestyle influencer, chef, or choreographer, this platform will help you get supporters for your brand. You can buy as little as 100 and as much as 10,000 TikTok followers. 

What’s even better is that you can target followers by location and even gender. Do you want your followers to begin trickling in immediately after you pay? No problem; UseViral can make that happen. These followers are not just real but also active. Therefore, they will like your video content, comment, and may even repost. Their activities can transform your TikTok comment section into a space for conversations.

You may worry about having to disclose your details. However, there’s no need to worry as this platform values user privacy. Therefore, UseViral doesn’t ask their clients to provide any sensitive information. Moreover, the payment process is secure; UseViral protects your financial details, and checkout is seamless. You won’t experience any issues transacting with UseViral. 

So, if you’re looking for a website that prioritizes prompt delivery in line with TikTok’s guidelines, choose UseViral. You’ll get sustainable growth alongside constant support services. However, you must note that there are no bonus packages to enjoy here. Other than this, the platform is perfect for TikTok follower purchases.

High Social’s screenshot of TokUpgrade’s TikTok service page.


TokUpgrade operates uniquely when handling TikTok services. TokUpgrade is a special dedicated service that commits time to understand TikTok’s modus operandi to avoid breaking the rules. This information alone should be enough to put your mind at rest if you’re contemplating trying this platform.

With TokUpgrade, you can grow your followers without toiling. Interestingly, you don’t have to disclose your TikTok account password to facilitate the job. You’ll only give your TikTok handle/ username and email address. With this, this agency will ensure that your account overflows with real high-quality followers.

Interestingly, TokUpgrade has a 30-day refill policy. This refill policy is a nice and intentional proactive measure showing that this platform intends to deliver quality services. Some websites don’t sell followers to a certain level of TikTok users with low followers, but TokUpgrade embraces its responsibility.

The platform helps everyone grow without necessitating a minimum follower number. Aside from purchasing followers, this platform can supply various metrics to polish your TikTok engagement rate. TokUpragde also provides TikTok views, comments, and likes. Combining these services can help you become more visible on TikTok.

One interesting fact about using TokUpgrade is that you can find the information you need in the open. The website is well organized, with information about how the company works, reviews, pricing, and even a blog. There’s also available information on TokUpgrade’s terms of service and policies. 

If you’re wondering whether they give refunds, the answer is yes. But refunds are only possible with a valid reason for not enjoying their services after 30 days. If you have any other questions about their services, you can quickly contact their standby team from the website. They are transparent and will provide the answers you need.

High Social’s screenshot of Growthoid’s TikTok FAQ page.


Growthoid is another go-to platform for purchasing followers. What’s cool about their services is the possibility of targeting your results. Result targeting means that when using this service, you can compile a list of real accounts from your TikTok niche. These accounts share similar interests with your audience, so they’ll guide Growthoid in curating your followers.

Growthoid can help you achieve consistent growth without encountering spam or bot followers. That’s cool, right? You can grow your follower count without worrying about encountering fake TikTok followers. You should know that TikTok’s algorithm curates videos for the For You Page by collecting user input via their interaction.

With your Growthoid followers interacting with your content, there are higher chances of the algorithm selecting your videos for FYPs. We should all know the importance of this, as the For You Page is every TikToker’s dream. Well, that dream is now achievable for those who patronize this platform. 

Attaining such success on TikTok can bring you several beneficial opportunities. By gaining visibility, it’s easy for you to get brand deals, paid partnerships, and influencer marketing gigs. Brands can also benefit from purchasing followers from Growthoid by connecting with potential customers. Hence, there’s a possibility for increased profit margins. 

While you can get these benefits by patronizing any platforms, there are special treats that accompany using Growthoid. One is anonymity. Your reputation may not be solid if the world discovers you purchase followers. But with Growthoid, it’s practically impossible for anyone to discover or prove that you use the platform. That’s possible with the high level of security and encryption used to safeguard your information. 

Moreover, anyone who reviews your followers will discover that all your followers are real people. So, there’s nothing to ignite suspicion in the public’s minds. 

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Is It Better To Buy Followers or Use Other Strategies: A Comparison

Buying followers has been an age-long tactic that TikTokers use to increase their TikTok reach. However, other proven growth strategies also work. But both methods are means to reach a common end. Speed is the difference between the both. While buying followers produces instant results, you may need to apply these strategies for a while before seeing their effect. So, many TikTokers wonder whether purchasing followers or applying proven strategies is better.

An Overview of Inorganic Growth

The answer to that question is a personal decision. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages so it’s up to you. But first, I’ll explain some basic things to you. Buying followers is an inorganic growth method. It is a good plan that yields fast results, but there are things to be wary of. 

Not all sites are genuine. Some are scams to rip you off your money. Some sites will fill your account with fake TikTok followers. Given the effect of spam followers, you would prefer not to have followers. That’s because spam activity violates TikTok’s terms of service, which can lead to you receiving a shadow ban. 

With a ban on your account, TikTok will limit your activities, and your reach may decline even further. But if you can trust the agency’s integrity, you have nothing to worry about. Additionally, when you patronize an agency with a bulky order, they may use the instant delivery method. If they do, this may put you at the risk of receiving a following too-fast TikTok ban on your account. However, you can avoid this by opting for drip-feed follower delivery.

Moreover, if word gets out that you’re purchasing followers, your reputation may dwindle. People believe in the power of hard work and want to see you put in the work. But, if you patronize a secure site, the chances of word getting out are non-existent.

Furthermore, when purchasing followers, you don’t have a full guarantee of engagement as they may not be from your niche. But you may be lucky enough to get followers from your target audience. So, buying followers is a gamble. But, if you take the necessary precautions, follower purchase is a fast way to achieve your goals. So it’s worth the try.

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An Overview of Organic Growth Methods

There are various strategies you can apply in pursuit of organic growth. Some include posting at the right time and using TikTok voice effects and visual filters. Others are incorporating keywords into captions, joining challenges and trends, using hashtags, and leveraging influencer marketing. 

Though these strategies entail different action plans, they all culminate in the same effect. But you’ll have to combine strategies as they work hand-in-hand. Also, using them simultaneously can be time-consuming.

Additionally, these strategies are stressful to implement and require dedication and hard work. You may even need to research your audience before implementing some strategies. For example, the best posting time differs by niche and audience. So, you must discover when your audience is most active. Another example is with hashtags. Not all hashtags enhance discoverability. So, the hashtag you use must be relevant and related to your niche. 

But regardless of these difficulties, these strategies work every time with proper application. So, you have nothing to worry about. Just prepare to experience natural growth and follower increase that’ll impact the interaction your content receives. 

But if you cannot cope with the stress or need to free up your schedule, hire social media marketing services.

With their vast resources and experience, it’ll be much easier for them to handle your account’s growth. Applying these strategies allows you to go viral on TikTok and become famous.With this information, you can make your choice. If you opt for inorganic growth, remember that Bulkoid is the best app to buy TikTok followers. For those incorporating organic follower strategies, you can count on High Social, an advanced targeting agency, for assistance. High Social will connect you to your target audience. So, start growing your TikTok today.

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