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Last Updated: Jan 11, 2024

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Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

TikTok has a transformative power that has launched various brands and individuals to fame and success. This ability is thanks to its feasible algorithm, which is easy to scale and accrue followers. Due to this, the possibilities for success are high, leading to intense influencer marketing alongside other advertisements on the app. But with non-effective strategies, follower growth is not achievable. Therefore, you may need to buy TikTok accounts with followers. 

Purchasing existing accounts with followers will help you boycott the hassle of building an engaged audience. With this, you’ll have a good TikTok engagement rate, massive sales, website clicks, or whatever you aim to achieve. However, you may never enjoy these benefits if you don’t know where to buy such accounts. That’s why you must read this article and uncover all the secrets of purchasing a high-value TikTok account.

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An Overview of TikTok Account Purchase: What It Entails

There are various reasons why you may choose to buy a TikTok account. It could be that you want to avoid organically growing an account. Though you can create an account and buy a thousand TikTok followers, breaking the rules is easy. Purchasing followers is risky as it may count as spam if not carefully done.

However, no laws negate the sale and purchase of TikTok accounts. So, this activity is risk-free if you abide by TikTok’s terms of service. So, buying accounts that others have dedicated time to grow organically is a good option. 

Such accounts provide the new owners with a large follower count and audience. Besides this, purchasing an account helps you leverage the previous owner’s credibility, thus building your reputation. However, ensure you buy an account from your TikTok niche or a similar one, or you’ll lose the audience’s attention. 

To buy a TikTok account with followers, you must analyze and carefully select a vendor or use a trusted marketplace. You can purchase one or multiple accounts depending on your needs. However, bear in mind that each account has its price. The price varies depending on the quality of the account. 

Various factors like the number and authenticity of followers determine quality. It also includes the number of likes, level of engagement, account reach, etc. Conducting a profile analysis and checking the account’s TikTok analytics should tell if it’s worth the price. 

Before making payment, confirm the account’s verification details, then change the email and password. Doing this will help prevent unauthorized access to your newly purchased account. So, if you stay within the confines of the rules, you’ll enjoy a smooth transactional process.

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How To  Buy TikTok Accounts With Followers: What Are the Requirements?

If you want to buy TikTok accounts with followers, you may wonder what the requirements are. Well, you don’t need much. However, you must learn to operate the mobile app for easy usage. But there’s no need to worry, as the app has a user-friendly interface. You can access all feeds and options from the home page. The options include your For You page and the following feed: profile, camera, and search bar.

You can locate these options at the bottom menu and swipe to watch videos on the feeds. So you can familiarize yourself with the app before the purchase. After this, you can search for a reputable site to buy a TikTok account with followers. But you’re lucky to be here as I’ve done the research and will recommend sites to you. 

So, please select your preferred website and visit it. Most websites have good graphical interfaces, making them easy to navigate. You can use the filters to narrow down the specifications for the kind of account you want. Things like the number of followers and likes are the price determinants and differentiating factors for each package. Hence, you must browse your options and select a suitable package.

When you get one, click the prompt to buy or make an offer. Wait for the platform to review your offer before making payment. Ensure that the payment process is secure. Escrow is a perfect example of a good payment service to look out for. Depending on the site you patronize, you may receive the account instantly or in a short while. After this, the process is complete.

Where To Buy a TikTok Account With 1000 Followers: 3 Credible Marketplaces

You can buy a TikTok account with 1000 followers or even more. However, you must know the right marketplace to visit to connect with trustworthy sellers. It’s important to transact with trustworthy mediums and people to avoid scams. That’s why I present you with the most reliable sites you can trust to deliver premium, established accounts. So, keep reading to get insights on each site so you can select the best for you.

High Social’s screenshot of FameSwap’s webpage.


FameSwap is one of the most popular intermediary services that connect account vendors with buyers. On FameSwap, you can find old accounts that have withstood the test of time. One advantage of such accounts is a loyal fanbase. So, if you buy an old account, you’ll get loyal customers who see you as nothing short of credible.

Therefore, FameSwap helps people get TikTok accounts and acquire a good reputation and strong social media presence. This platform never lacks TikTok accounts for sale from different categories and a wide range of niches. When searching for accounts to buy, you can make the search easier using the “sort by” feature.

The feature allows you to streamline search results based on target audience, listing, price, and engagement. However, you can’t use these search filters unless you access the site from a desktop or PC. Regardless, you can scroll through the options on your mobile device and even tap on the usernames for more information.

Besides the basic information, FameSwap presents its users with concise statistical information from TikTok analytic tools. The information includes the total number of posts, engagement, monthly revenue, average likes, TikTok comments, and views per post. You can use this verified information to analyze the account and decide if it’s worth buying. 

After logging in and previewing an account, FameSwap lets users communicate with sellers through a secure messaging platform. With this platform, scams are the least of your worries as FameSwap partners with banks to provide secure encryption. 

Moreover, when you pay, they hold your money till you receive the account and confirm its state. After your confirmation, the platform then releases the funds to the vendor. What’s more? There’s a support team dedicated to assisting you all the way!

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If you want an automatic account boost, buy a TikTok account with followers numbering 1000 or more from FameBolt. Aside from purchasing a TikTok account with over a thousand followers, you can also buy verified accounts here. Anyone who has tried to achieve a TikTok account verification understands that the process is tedious. This is one big perk you can enjoy when patronizing FameBolt. 

Moreover, you can never end up with a fake account with fake TikTok followers when using FameBolt as an intermediary. That’s because the platform ensures that all listed accounts are genuine. FameBolt also carries out extra checks to confirm that the accounts on their website are all active. It would not be easy to revive a dormant account. The effort may meet the requirements for creating an account from scratch. 

FameBolt doesn’t want its users to toil. So, to provide excellent services, they run checks to ensure you buy TikTok accounts with followers that are top notch. To erase all possible doubts, the platform shares onsite insight into the performance of all active accounts. With this, you can see the activity rate and gauge the interaction the account receives.

If you’re okay with the metrics and performance of the account, you can buy it or make an offer. It’s common knowledge that the price of accounts ranges from hundreds to even thousands of dollars. It all depends on how valuable that particular profile is. But if you’re low on cash, you do not need to worry, as FameBolt’s pricing is competitive. Hence, you’ll find a TikTok account that meets your budget.

High Social’s screenshot of UseViral TikTok account sale page.


UseViral is a renowned agent that provides all kinds of TikTok services. While this platform may be more popular for selling TikTok likes, views, and followers, it also sells accounts. And interestingly, you can buy multiple TikTok accounts simultaneously when using UseViral. This prospect is good for those who want several TikTok profiles. However, if you want a single account, you can still get it here. 

Being a proficient TikTok service provider, buying accounts from UseViral has various perks, including instant delivery. Once you finalize payment, this agency delivers the account swiftly within a few hours. 

Thanks to the proficient design, the website’s layout is easy to understand and use. However, UseViral doesn’t provide account analytics, so you must conduct personal research before buying accounts. However, the pricing is fair, so you have almost no reason not to buy accounts from UseViral. Moreover, if you need accounts for other social media platforms, you can also get them here.

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Why Should I Buy TikTok Account With Real Followers?

When buying a TikTok account, buying one with a substantial number of followers is advisable. But beyond that, you should also watch out for the quality of followers, as they matter a lot. The quality and authenticity of an account’s followers impact growth in many ways. So, you should buy a TikTok account with real followers. Are you wondering why? Let’s find out.

Effects of Real Followers

Buying a TikTok account with real followers is the best thing you can do to spur your growth. An account with real followers provides you with an already existing target audience. Interestingly, this audience is already engaged and a part of your niche. So it’ll be easy for them to flow with your content, providing you visibility. 

This visibility can also transition to publicity as the followers share your content with other people. Thus, real followers can become free user-generated content creators for your brand. As you must know, fake TikTok followers can never do this, as TikTok bots can’t promote your content. 

The promotion from genuine followers can help you land the ForYou Page. TikTok’s algorithm uses information from user interaction to curate videos for FYPs. Consider yourself successful if you can get a spot on TikTok’s FYP.

Effects of Fake Followers

Fake accounts with false TikTok followers have dangerous detriments. You may risk a TikTok shadowban if the previous account owner purchased TikTok followers from dubious websites. This ban restricts your account and limits your activities, preventing you from creating and publishing content and interacting with people.

A lighter punishment for mass following or unfollowing due to follower purchase may be a following too fast ban. It is a temporary suspension, which is better than a shadowban. However, taking ownership of an account with problems isn’t ideal. It’s important to always confirm the authenticity of the followers before purchasing. 

You can confirm via reviews or patronize trusted services like UseViral. Aside from selling accounts, UseViral also sells real followers and other TikTok metrics. So you can be sure that the followers on the purchased accounts are authentic. If you buy TikTok accounts with followers, you should consciously upscale by boosting your followers

You can apply TikTok growth strategies to reach a wider audience. But to take the strain off your shoulders, consult High Social, the advanced TikTok growth service. High Social uses great expertise to combine effective strategies for TikTokers and monitors the implementation process. With this, scaling your profile becomes easy. So, start growing your TikTok today!

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