How To Get Sponsored on TikTok: A Full Guide

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Last Updated: Apr 01, 2024

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At one point, you thought this social media influencer thing would fizzle out. You thought it was a fad and that there would be a new one soon. Years later, influencers have only moved from one platform to another. It is a full-blown occupation. The ecosystem involves creators, brands, and social media platforms. Now you’re wondering how to get sponsored on TikTok.

It’s not as easy as it looks. You don’t just get a flood \of active users after starting a TikTok channel. You still have to work hard at it. If you’re wondering how to secure a sponsorship, you are in the right place. We have some tips to help navigate the creator marketplace that now exists. 

With our tips, you will be pushing affiliate links in no time!

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How To Get Sponsors on TikTok Using Your Profile

To get those TikTok sponsorships, your entire page has to woo a brand. It starts with your profile. It’s not just about the videos. Everything should come together to create a page that grabs a brand’s attention. 

We don’t want you to miss out on any aspect of your TikTok page. Let’s talk about some parts that you may have forgotten about.

1. Use a Professional Profile Picture

Yes, we know that you are a fan of that anime character. We know that meme is your favorite. That doesn’t mean that these things fully represent your brand. 

Your profile picture should represent you. More often than not, people look to this picture to find out how you look. Specific brands may want to know the potential face of their product. 

This photo is very important. We suggest that you make sure it looks professional. No, this doesn’t mean you should pose in a suit and tie. This is TikTok, not LinkedIn. That may not align with your brand at all. By “professional,” we mean that it should match your overall aesthetic in the best possible way. 

Don’t use a pixelated photo. Avoid using a photo that shows too much of your body. This leaves less space for your face. It’s a good idea to use a solid color background. It makes the photo less busy and pushes your face to the forefront. This is a great way to make sure that you stand out.

2. Incorporate a Good Bio

What do you have to say about yourself? You get to define who you are to the public. Use this power wisely. You can tell everyone the kind of content they can expect to see on your page. You can let them know that you are a creative TikToker. 

You could even use this opportunity to pre-emptively answer questions. Brands may be wondering where you are from. Drop a flag in your bio. Some brands are on the hunt for a specific demographic. You can let them know your age as well. Some people also include their ethnicity. 

It would be smart to have a nexus between the bio and the rest of your page. It really is a preview of what people will see when they start to scroll.

3. Include a Way for People to Contact You

It would be such a waste for the brands to fall in love with you and then leave your page. If there’s no way to contact you, you may miss out on a sponsorship. A slide into the DMs is not for everyone. 

An email with an official subject line shows that a brand means business. You need to make sure that you give yourself the opportunity. 

Include a business email address on your page. Maybe you don’t have one right now. You can use your general email until you create a professional one. You just need to have a way for brands to contact you in an official capacity. 

They may still send you a message on TikTok. But you need to make sure this option is available in case they want to send you an email. 

4. Include Links To Your Other Social Media Platforms

A lot of TikTok creators have platforms on other social media sites. Their creativity spans many forms of media. Feel free to mention that on your TikTok page. This is a great way to show brands that you can reach a wide scope of followers. They may love the fact that you can expand their reach this way.

Some brands may want you to post content on multiple social media platforms. This way, you can show them that you have skills that are useful for multiple sites. So, feel free to mention your Instagram and YouTube platforms as well.

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Reel Them in With Your Content

You have to let brands know that you have content-creating skills. It’s unlikely that they will take a chance on someone blindly. Still, maybe you haven’t landed a brand just yet. Maybe you’re trying to get your first gig. How do you show brands that you can do the job? Here are some tips to put your best for fireward.

Create Content for the Brands You Like

The content you make now will form part of your repertoire as a creator. You need to create high-quality content to show these brands what you can do for them. In a sense, you’ll have to act as if you already have these brand deals

Incorporate multiple shots of different camera angles where you can. Tell a story with your videos. Try to use a voiceover to dictate what is happening on the screen. Try to include as much information as possible. 

You don’t want to come off as fake but speak very highly of the product. You can talk about how you use this product in your daily life. 

There are so many creators on the platform who also want brand sponsorships. You need to do your best to make sure yours stands out. 

Tag Brands in Your Unsponsored Content

Try to get these brands’ attention. Luckily, TikTok makes it relatively easy to do. Tag the official TikTok accounts of the brands you mention in your videos. Feel free to also include a few hashtags that grab these brands’ attention. 

If you use the hashtags that people search for, you will attract more traffic. If these people engage with your content, TikTok may push it more. This could increase your chance of a brand noticing the content you created.

You may think of this as a free promo. In a way, it is. But it’s also a way to build authenticity with your followers. If they know you already use the product, they will believe you when the brand sponsors it.

Increase Your Chances of Getting a Sponsorship Like This

Not everything you do has to directly involve the brand. There are things on TikTok that you can do to increase your general standing on the platform. When you do this, you automatically become more attracted to brands. Brands could naturally come to you. Here are some tips that you could incorporate.

Follow Trends

There are so many trends perpetually flowing through TikTok. There are dance trends where people show off their moves. Some of them join in just to be funny; others take it very seriously. There are cooking challenges where people mix the weirdest ingredients. Sometimes, the result is genius or life-threatening. 

Of course, there are also those prank challenges that friends, family, or couples do. Always make sure to hashtag challenges. There are so many ways to join in on a trend on TiK ToK. It is what the platform is for. It’s also how a lot of creators become popular on the platform. 

You could go viral because you joined a TikTok trend. This could catch the eye of a lot of users. I could also get the attention of a popular brand. Joining trends is not just a silly pastime. It is a strategic move for creators. If you find one that aligns with your brand, you should join in. 

Or, if you see a trending video, give your input. Stitch the video with your views. Include the relevant hashtags and see how well that video does. Your organic content is wonderful. But remember not to exist on TikTok in a vacuum. The platform works best when everyone dabbles in everyone else’s content.

Trigger Engagement

You need to let TikTok know that people huddle on your page to like and talk. You can do this by having a high engagement rate. You increase your engagement rate with activities like comments and likes. 

You may not like the number of comments you get right now. Nevertheless, you need to respond to these comments. 

This is how you show TikTok that there is engagement on your page. Comments you left still add to engagement. So when you see the negative comments, reply to them! It all goes to your benefit in the end. 

Try to include words in your video content that inspire a comment. This could get the conversation started. Who knows? This could be how you learned on that brand’s radar.

How To Get Sponsored on TikTok: Work With High Social 

We want the brands to find you as much as you want to find them. To do that, we’re going to have to work on your follower count. We’re not just talking about securing a bunch of fake followers. No, we want to help build a thriving community of followers. 

Your TikTok should be an oasis for like-minded people. They should come there and feel like they know everyone in the comment section. When you have this kind of security, brands will take notice. They will want you to leverage your influence over your followers. 

Getting a community like this is no easy feat. It may not be something that you can do on your own. For this reason, you may need the help of growth professionals. 

High Social has just the kind of service you need. We can help you increase your following with followers who care about what you post. They will engage with the content you put out. They won’t just be there to increase numbers. When potential sponsors see this, they will want in. 

This is how to get sponsored on TikTok. Fortunately, we can get this job done. We use advanced targeting techniques to get the kind of followers that will boost your online presence. Are you ready to build your community? Start doing your TikTok following today!

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