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Last Updated: Jun 28, 2024

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Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

It seems everyone is trying their hand at these social media platforms. Some people like to share their life hacks, and others share amateur music videos. You are curious about breaking into TikTok as well. That explains why you are here for some TikTok video ideas. The good news is that you are definitely in the right place.

You have the interest and equipment to make these videos; you just don’t know what to create. This article has ideas for every kind of creator!

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3 TikTok Video Ideas That Will Go Viral in Your Target Audience

Growing on TikTok is a commendable effort. But some of us want to speed up the process. The boost from a viral online moment could give us the headstart we need. 

If you want to taste virality, here are three TikTok video ideas that will go viral.

1. Behind the Scenes (BTS) Content

People like feeling like they know more than they should know. Seeing the finished product of videos on TikTok is nice. But seeing the process of arriving at the finished product is even better. 

There is a reason TV shows show you unedited video clips without CGI. There is a reason bloopers reels exist. People like to see things they shouldn’t. You can take a hint from this. 

Consider showing more BTS footage of your content to your viewers. They see high-quality videos all the time. Show them the struggle of arriving at the finished product. This could grab the attention of viewers who want to see the creative process.

Yes, your outfit looks fabulous in that last TikTok video. Show them when you tripped in public trying to get that amazing shot. You finally made an amazing meal that looks aesthetically appealing. 

Don’t hide that you almost burn the house down trying to bake. People expect authenticity from TikTok, so you should give it to them.

Do you typically reserve these ideas for TikTok videos for your stories? Put them on the main stage and see how well they do.

2. Storytime Videos 

Forget the movies! People make popcorn, and they open their TikTok apps. They know that the real stories are on this app. Think about the stories of girls’ trips gone wrong. Do you recall those stories of relationships going sour very dramatically? Yes, these are the stories that go viral on the platform. 

The viral video potential makes it particularly tempting to share your traumatic experiences with millions of strangers. If you are bold enough, this move could be ideal for you. We can help you rinse your story for all it’s worth. 

Video ideas for TikTok storytimes should always involve breaking the story up. You can have multiple parts to this story. This allows you to stretch it out and have various opportunities to gain video views. This doesn’t mean that you should be wordy on purpose. Break up the videos at natural parts of the video. Of course, leave your viewers with a juicy cliffhanger.

Label each video properly. You don’t want people to lose their place when following the story. Chronological numbering helps them keep track of the last video that they watched.

What’s even better is creating a playlist of this entire storytime. When you do this, TikTok will automatically play the videos one after the other. This means a viewer doesn’t have to choose its next video manually. The playlist will automatically play the next part of the story. This hands-free experience could increase your view count even more.

3. Transformation Videos

Think about that creator who lost a huge amount of weight. In that TikTok video, they looked like two different people. Don’t forget the high school ugly duckling that turned out to be conventionally attractive. Everyone shared that TikTok video. These transformations are so unbelievable that they have to go viral.

You may have a transformation as well. Did you go from rags to riches? Maybe your business grew substantially in the last year. You could have some content ripe for virality up your sleeve. Try your luck in creating videos surrounding that transformation.

These ideas for TikTok videos are also great if you want to sell a product online. The proof is in the pudding, after all.

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TikTok Video Ideas for Beginners Who Need a Good Start

Welcome to TikTok! The beginning of your video content creation journey shouldn’t be daunting. Instead, it should be exciting. There is so much potential and possibility. 

Here are some TikTok video ideas for beginners!

A Wide Range of Content

You have so much freedom at the beginning of your content creation journey. No one expects a particular type of content from you. This means that you can do whatever you want. Dabble in lifestyle content or workout videos if that’s easiest for you. 

You could also share a makeup tutorial if you can do that. However, you still have to incorporate order into your posting. Pay attention to the statistics as you upload this content. What kind of content performs the best? 

Which niche area draws in the most comments from followers? Where is your engagement rate the highest? When you discover what people like to see the most, decide if you can continue making that content. Is it sustainable for you long-term? 

Not everyone can produce travel content regularly. Is fitness content important to you? Or is it just a fad that you can’t keep up? The sweet spot is finding the content you enjoy making that performs well. Then, double down on the content. 

Viral Challenges

You want video ideas for TikTok that will increase views. Bringing visibility to your TikTok page is key. A great way to do that is by participating in TikTok challenges. Social media challenges exist for people who love DIY and those who can make a dance video. Some of them are light-hearted pranks, and some of them are extreme stunts. 

There is a lot of potential for you to take part in a challenge. When a challenge is popular on the platform, users will be looking for videos about the challenge. They could stumble upon your entry to the challenge. If they like it enough, they may visit your TikTok page and look at your other videos. This could lead to you gaining a new follower.

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3 TikTok Video Ideas Without Showing Face on the App

Opening yourself up to public scrutiny is no easy feat. You’re asking for criticism when you put videos out there with your face. You’re opening the floor to strangers who want to criticize you. 

Fortunately, it’s possible to be famous on the platform without showing your face. You may not even have to share your voice. Do you like the sound of that? Check out these suggestions for TikTok video ideas without showing your face.

1. Quote Pages

Picture imagery is not the only content that excels on TikTok. There is space for quotes to go viral as well. Sometimes, people want to hear something that resonates with them. Some quotes describe deep, earnest feelings that some people have. 

Some quotes inspire someone when they’re in need. Some quotes aren’t even deep; they are just relatable. You could create content that explores all of these avenues. The best part is that they don’t require much effort from the creator. You could create content using just B-roll footage. Capture beautiful scenic shots or videos of you with your back turned. 

Then, find trending sounds that fit with the quote you will use. You don’t even have to research these quotes. You could speak from the heart. Maybe the things you have to say are relatable to the general public.

People may share with their friends or repost on TikTok when they relate. This is a great way for you to increase your reach. If the quotes inspire them enough, they will advertise your page.

2. Gossip Pages

So, you don’t want to show your face. Well, some people don’t want to see your face anyway. They would rather keep up with existing celebrities. You can benefit from their interest in famous people. Consider having a TikTok page strictly for gossip. 

You could report on the latest news in the celebrity world. Use your voice to explain all of what is happening. The visual aspect of the TikTok video will be photos or videos of the celebrities in question. Hopefully, people will give their undivided attention to the gossip. They won’t have the energy to wonder who is reporting. 

On YouTube, many faceless accounts flourish. That could be your angle on TikTok as well. You can stitch videos on TikTok to have viral topics. If you want to, offer your opinion at the end to personalize it a bit. You may not show your face, but the viewers can still feel your essence.

3. Educational Videos

Some people are gluttons for random facts about the world. They like trivial information that they may never use again. Or, they like conspiracy theories that make them shiver a little. There is a wealth of this kind of information out there. Consider incorporating it into your content.

Educational videos don’t have to be boring. They could be intriguing and exciting for your viewers. It is so fascinating that the viewers won’t ask about the person speaking about the content.

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Preppy TikTok Video Ideas for the Girls That Get It

Some people like to be serious on the Internet. Some enjoy showing their sensual side. Other creators like to be preppy. So, are there preppy TikTok video ideas out there? Here are a few you could consider.

Girly Content

Ignore what the people say. Iced coffee and athleisure are personality traits. You can use your page to create content about just being a girl.

Luxury Content

This content is popular amongst homemakers. They show off the latest Cartier and vlog their Chanel appointments. Maybe you can’t create this content just yet. But remember, this is the Internet, and you can fake it until you make it.

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Top 3 TikTok Ideas To Make Money Online

Creating videos is just a hobby for some people. That is perfectly fine, as everyone needs a creative outlet. 

However, for other people, it is a potential source of income. They just need to know how to make money on TikTok. You can incorporate the following three TikTok ideas while letting those creative juices flow.

1. Share User-Generated Content

Brands seek creative ways to reach their target audience. The old ways of advertising don’t give the results they would like anymore. Now, they reach out to people with access to their target audience. They ask them to promote their products. 

Sometimes, they create brand sponsorships. Other times, brands ask for user-generated content (UGC). This is authentic-looking content created by a person using a product. Brands like that the content looks like a regular person is singing the praises of their product. It comes off as more genuine and gets a good response from prospective buyers. 

Consider creating content like this. If you’re going to do your hair, tag the products that you use. This could get the attention of the brand. Then, they could reach out to you to produce more content in exchange for compensation. It may take some time to work out, but it is worth a shot.

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2. Market Your Lifestyle

Let’s say that you have a product to sell. You may have an online boutique that needs a little boost. Or, perhaps you could sell digital products on another platform. TikTok could be the avenue to advertise these businesses. 

Use your content to show a particular lifestyle. This could be a lifestyle of fitness or constant travel. The people looking on may wonder how they can also have this lifestyle. Or, they just really like your clothes and want to know where they can get them. 

When you see the interest in your life or possessions, point them to where they can get them. This place could be a third-party platform. Spending money elsewhere is convenient because you won’t depend on TikTok for income directly. Create your content to promote what you have on sale. Think of it as a very affordable way to market yourself.

3. Host Compelling Livestreams

We know that TikTok Live is a great opportunity to make money. Some creators always ask for donations when they go live. 

Some transform themselves into NPC characters. We admire their boldness but know other ways to secure money exist. You can simply earn them by creating compelling content. 

You can create funny videos in your Livestream. You could entertain viewers in a unique way. The aim is to compel them to give you TikTok gifts without awkwardly asking. Sometimes, asking is what turns them off completely. 

It’s also a good idea to cultivate sustainable habits. Who knows how much longer the TikTok NPC trend will be profitable? People are generally becoming more picky with how they spend their money. Entertain them in a way that is worth their hard-earned dollars.

We Do More Than TikTok Content Ideas Could Ever Do

We don’t want to disappoint you, but you’ll need more than TikTok content ideas to make it big online. Following a popular trend and doing a few lipsyncing videos can draw in some extra viewers. But, you will need more help to create a robust marketing strategy. You could look into getting the services of a social media growth site.

High Social has the resources to take your online brand to the next level. We have very sophisticated technology that can guarantee results. Consider our TikTok video ideas, but remember, you have so much more potential. 

Start growing your TikTok page with High Social today!

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