Why Use TikTok Over Instagram: The Best Choice for a Brand

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Last Updated: Mar 26, 2024

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TikToks and Reels seem to be pretty similar. Still, it’s not enough to say, “To each their own.” Some of us need to make executive decisions for our brands. Is TikTok better than Instagram for everything? The truth is that it might be. It’s like that shiny new toy we reach for instead of the dented ones in the toybox. If you’re asking, “Why use TikTok over Instagram?” read this article. 

In the end, the answer to this question might be very clear.

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TikTok Is a Trailblazer

This might sound weird because TikTok is relatively the new kid on the block. Chronologically, it did come after YouTube and Instagram. That is true. However, some features predate Instagram and YouTube to the heights of their popularity. 

We are sure you will notice the new inclusion of short-form videos on Instagram and YouTube. Guess who did it first? TikTok is the reason those other apps have to fall in line. You wouldn’t have Instagram Reels or YouTube shorts if TikTok hadn’t become a titan in short-form video content. It led the charge for other social media platforms to follow. 

Is TikTok better than Instagram? We may discuss features that you can also find on Instagram. Just know that TikTok is in a lane of its own.

Let’s Talk About the Difference Between TikTok and Instagram

There is a big difference between TikTok and Instagram. There are several differences between the two social media platforms. If you use both of them, you already know this. However, to focus on one, you need to know which one is worthwhile. We are going to show you four ways that the apps are different.

1. How People Use the App

TikTok is a platform that allows users to share and view short videos. The videos can take many different forms. They can be entertaining and even informative. It has always led with short-form video content. 

Instagram may have videos now, but it didn’t start that way. At first, Instagram was a platform for keeping in touch with your closest friends, family, and coworkers. Its primary form of content was photos. Recently, they expanded to Reels. 

Instagram helped to close the gap when these people moved away. After some time, it became common for people to follow users they don’t know but are interested in. TikTok has always been a great place for people to follow strangers.

2. Age Demographics

Of course, anyone over 13 years old can use either app. This doesn’t stop a certain type of user from gravitating to a preferred app. They may use both platforms but prefer another. Individuals who use TikTok are typically younger than those who use Instagram. 

A significant proportion of them are in the age range of 18 to 24 years old. People between the ages of 25 and on make up most IG users. You have to remember that Instagram is an older platform. 

At the time that a lot of the users joined, they were quite young themselves. The younger TikTok users may not have been around when Instagram became popular. Or their parents never let them use it.

3. Type of Users

The culture of TikTok may stem from the age range on the platform. You may notice that the users there are more vulnerable in what they share on the app. TikTok influencers may assert that they are more authentic in their types of content delivery. They will say the content is more spontaneous than on other platforms. 

On the other hand, influencers on Instagram present themselves in a more curated manner. This is even when they try hard to be casual and free-spirited. Even while the same influencers are present on both apps, their actions can be very different on each app. 

They may try very hard to conform to the culture of each app. The audience on TikTok may be more open to some things you have to say.

4. The Algorithm

TikTok is the platform for you if your primary content goals are to reach a greater number of people. It’s great for viral moments. But what if you are looking to generate leads and generate actual engagement? In that case, Instagram is the platform that you should choose. You could build a thriving community there.

Why Might You Prefer To Use TikTok Over Instagram for Brand Deals?

TikTok is for you if you want to create for a young audience. It’s not just about the age demographics. It is about the kind of content people accept on TikTok. Videos don’t have to be fancy or well-orchestrated. It’s OK if they’re just authentic and down-to-earth.

When influencing became popular, the allure was that regular people recommended products. They were not characters in a commercial that a company paid to speak well on a product. They were actual people who used things and gave genuine feedback. There was a level of credibility that came with these creators. You just couldn’t find that in regular advertising at the time. 

Unfortunately, some of that magic has disappeared. Some creators only put out content when they want to sell something. And when they do put out this content, we see straight through it. Nevertheless, TikTok has preserved a level of relatability. It is something that Instagram may have lost over the years. 

People feel free to be a little more wild on TikTok. That is where the charm of content creation lies. Of course, some brands may ask you to post on all your social media platforms. Pay attention to the type of reception that you get on each platform. This could tell you what you need to focus more on in the future.

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Hop on Trends Easily on TikTok

The culture of trends is a big part of social media. Trends are how a lot of content creators become famous. If you want to become famous through virality, TikTok could be your best option. There are just so many ways for people to find your content. You just have to be willing to hop on the existing trends. 

1. Dance Challenges

There are dance trends on the platform all the time. They cover all genres of music. You don’t have to be a hip-hop expert to join a viral dance challenge, either. There are challenges for Jamaican Dancehall and African music, to name a few. 

You could take the route of being very good at these challenges. You could go viral because people think you’re very talented. Or, you could go viral because people think you’re funny at failing at the challenges. Either way, you could capture the hearts of an entire demographic of yours.

2. Makeup Challenges 

So many makeup artists started their reputation on social media platforms. We find them to be so impressive. We will watch their videos from start to finish, knowing we could never recreate what they’ve done. Nevertheless, some of us do try to recreate these looks. 

Make-up challenges on TikTok could go multiple ways. If you want to be a beauty influencer, it’s a great way to show off your skills. You could give your entry to a viral makeup trend. You could expand your following or attract some curious beauty brands.

Maybe you just want to build your following. You don’t necessarily want to create content surrounding beauty regularly. You could join the make-up trend and be very lighthearted about it. You could show how the trend went wrong when you attempted. You could attract a demographic of users who don’t take themselves so seriously.

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3. Prank Challenges

We’re going to have to be careful with the prank challenges. TikTok doesn’t want you to endanger anyone’s life over a challenge. You could stick to the harmless ones where you surprise people without scaring them. There is one challenge where women record themselves calling their boyfriends their husbands. There is another where they record themselves calling their boyfriends their brothers.

Prank challenges can be harmless for the people involved. Simultaneously, TikTok viewers could find the pranks to be hilarious. This is a mutually beneficial situation. Consider taking advantage of the situation. Who knows? Your entry could be the one the TikTok algorithm chooses to promote.

4. Cooking Challenges

Taking part in a cooking challenge could show that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Many of us are a bit inept in the kitchen. Some viewers may find your content to be relatable in some way. 

This doesn’t mean that you should deliberately waste ingredients. If you give it an honest try, you’ll like the results. Users out there might feel inspired enough to do it themselves when they watch you accomplish the challenge.

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You Can ”Stitch” Videos

Let’s talk about leveraging user-generated content (UGC). TikTok thrives on something being viral at any given moment. It doesn’t even have to be a challenge. It could just be a video of someone ranting about something. 

They may be talking about not knowing something that everyone already knew. They could be bearing their souls by telling traumatic stories. They could be giving a hot take on a celebrity that divides the TikTok population down the middle. As you have seen, almost any topic of conversation can go viral. 

The fact that this creator is going viral is good news for you. You can hop on the coattails of this trending creator. All you have to do is stitch the video. Then you can give your response. Maybe you just want to give a small reaction. Sometimes, creators will see your video before they see the original video. Maybe your video is even more entertaining than the original video. 

There is a chance that they don’t even watch the original video. Instead, then go to your TikTok page and peruse your other videos. This is when you show them you have fully original content worth watching. (And hopefully you do.)

This is a great way to use a viral moment to your benefit. For good measure, you can use hashtags in the video’s caption. This will aid in searchability. The hashtags will match the trending video. This way, TikTok gives you another means to expand your reach on the platform. It’s a great feature to use if you need an extra boost. 

The For You Page Is a Whole New World

You’ve heard of the For You Page (FYP). How many times have you wasted half a day on this page? How often do you go down a rabbit hole with nothing to do with your interests? That is simply the power of this page on TikTok. It has a very addictive way of capturing people’s attention. Somehow, its addictive nature surpasses even Instagram’s Explore Page. 

People’s obsession with scrolling could benefit your brand. If they keep scrolling, the chances of them stumbling across your content increase. This is especially possible if you have joined a current trend on the platform. This page may show you a mixture of things you like and don’t know you like yet.

It is a great avenue for discovering new creators with different perspectives on life. You might find something that you wouldn’t even know to search for. TikTok has become somewhat of a search engine in itself. You don’t have to look too far to understand what a current video is about. You are likely to find answers in the Instagram comments. This is the beauty of the platform.

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Earn Money on a Livestream

Both platforms facilitate livestream videos. This is a great way to interact with creators. Community members can watch what other people say about the creator. It gives the platform a level of authenticity when you see real-time comments. 

One popular feature of the Instagram livestream is sending hearts. This helps to boost engagement for that creator and overall show appreciation. 

TikTok allows for that as well. Many creators make a living from the gifts they gain on a live stream. You may hear them asking for “roses.” These gifts translate to cash for creators. Of course, the viewers will have to pay for them. This is a very popular form of treating creators on the TikTok platform. 

Oh, why is TikTok better than Instagram? It could be that asking for gifts on a live stream is commonplace on TikTok. On Instagram or even YouTube, a creator is less likely to. 

You may not have to ask for this money if that makes you uncomfortable. There are creative ways to do it. Think of that woman who pretended to be an NPC. She found a creative way to encourage people to send her money. She was able to make a very lucrative career from doing it. 

We aren’t telling you to follow in her footsteps. You just have to be extra creative when doing this for your brand. You’ll come up with something. We believe in you!

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Why Use TikTok Over Instagram? We Can Help You With TikTok

Running social media accounts is somewhat of a science. You have to keep up with the current trends and viral challenges. You have to decide whether your brand should take part in them. It’s so hard sometimes that you wonder if you should just go viral doing something silly. 

Creators are regularly compromising the integrity for more followers. Some even go on reality shows to boost their social media presence. To them, it’s all a means to an end. Hopefully, you don’t have to do that. Growing your page could be an easier task than that. 

You could just speak to your friends at High Social. After all, we are the experts in social media growth. You won’t have to worry about anything when you use our services. In your time, you will have a target audience full of active users. Your influencer marketing career is closer than you think. 

So, why use TikTok over Instagram? Your High Social friends can help you grow! Start growing your TikTok with us today!

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