How to Like a Live on TikTok: The Complete Guide

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2024

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TikTok is one app that will have you wondering how you ended up spending the entire day on it. That For You Page (FYP) is the most diabolical tool in social media history. Somewhere in the middle of the night, you come to your senses. You are ready to hit the power button. Then you come across a TikTok livestream that is very entertaining. You realize that you don’t know how to like a live on TikTok. 

This is the universal signal that you enjoy a creator’s content. As a courtesy of enjoying another creator, you want to like their content. This is the same way you would like your live viewers to like yours. Having this basic skill is how social media creators can reach further on the app.

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How to Like a Live on TikTok and Show Support to the Creators 

One thing about these TikTok creators is that they will ask for likes. They have no problem constantly reminding their viewers that it’s something we can do. They will remind you to like the video at the beginning of their TikTok videos. This is before you even decide if you like it. 

They pressure you even more when they go live on the platform. They will constantly remind you to like their live video content while it’s still happening. You’re not sure how to like a livestream on TikTok. Still, you want to like content that deserves that kind of engagement. Your likes on a TikTok user’s TikTok live is the ultimate form of support.

6 Steps for Liking a TikTok Video

So, what do you do when you find a video that impresses you? How do you like a TikTok live? Rest assured that the process is not too difficult. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll give out likes like candy. Just follow our six steps.

  1. Find the TikTok app on your cell phone and launch it. 
  2. The app may open up to your FYP. You may not see a Tik-Tok live video even after you scroll for a bit. Because of this, you can find a live stream another way.
  3. You can find a live stream by tapping the live stream icon in the top left-hand corner. When you tap on this icon, it takes you to live streams.
  4. Scroll to find a live stream that you want to give a like to.
  5. Double-tap anywhere on the screen. You should see a heart pop-up on the spot that you double-tap. 
  6. You can double-tap the screen again elsewhere. If you see the heart come up, you just liked the video again. 

How Many Times Can You Like a TikTok Livestream?

You can like up to 500 times per day. As you can see, the process is a bit different from liking a regular video on TikTok. You won’t see a heart icon on the screen to tap once. You can like the same live multiple times. This is why your favorite creators ask so often. They know that you can like a video more than once. They will ask for as many likes as they can get.

Five hundred likes per day may sound like a lot until you consider how often people use the app. Your favorite creator probably hopes you haven’t seen too many TikTok lives for that day. That way, you can get them as many likes as possible.

TikTok can be very addictive for both young and mature users. Time has a way of slipping away when you get on that app. The limit of 500 likes per day helps users regulate how much they use the app. When TikTok cuts them off, it is somewhat of a wake-up call. They start to think they may have been using the app too much.

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How Do You Like a TikTok Live on PC?: The Truth About Livestreams on a Desktop

You cannot like a TikTok Live on a PC. Even though apps are super convenient, not everyone uses their phone for everything. Sometimes, people just appreciate the larger screen that comes with a PC. They like PCs for watching videos and the occasional live stream from their favorite creator. Some ask, how do you like a TikTok live on PC?

The creators of TikTok have optimized the app experience. The PC simply cannot do what an app can. You don’t have all the features on your PC. That includes the ability to like a TikTok live. 

If you think a creator deserves that kind of engagement, consider double-tapping on your cell phone. You could just go to your phone to do this. Then, return to your PC and watch the video on a big, high-quality screen.

Finding a Livestream To Watch

Maybe you can’t like a video while the platform broadcasts it live. However, you can still enjoy a live stream on TikTok. Do you know how to access these livestream videos? We will show you how to do that from your PC.

  1. Open your preferred browser on your Mac or PC. These steps apply to both.
  2. Go to the TikTok website and enter your login details. On the top menu, select the click Watch Now button. Now, you have the option to scroll through a selection of live streams. 
  3. You could also simply type in You could even narrow down your search by using the search bar. 
  4. You just have to click a live stream to enjoy real-time entertainment from a TikTok creator. 

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Other Ways To Show Your Support on a TikTok Livestream

You no longer ask, “How do you like a live on TikTok?” If you are enjoying a live broadcast from a creator, there are other things you could do to show support. Liking a video is a great way to engage with a creator. But there are other things you can do as well. Let’s talk about how you can support a TikTok live.

Send Virtual Gifts

Liking a live video is free of cost to you. You can show a creator that you really appreciate their content by spending a little cash. You can buy coins from the TikTok app. With these coins, you can show love to TikTok creators

You do this by sending virtual gifts while they are live on TikTok. They will feel the love of these gifts. It takes more effort and money to send a virtual gift than to send a like to a creator.

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Make Comments

Sometimes, your favorite content creator doesn’t go live with a plan in mind. It shows when there are quiet lulls in the live stream or when they keep asking for gifts. You can keep the conversation going by making comments. 

These aren’t comments that the creator will see on their own time. These are comments that show up in real-time. You will see the comments on the screen after you send them in. The creator will see them, too, and so will everyone else who is watching the live stream. 

This way, you can keep the conversation going, and the creator has more material to entertain everyone with. Repeatedly double-tapping the screen won’t result in this kind of continuous engagement. Instead of having the creator thank everyone for likes, they could create discussions that earn the likes of the audience.

It can be nerve-wracking to go live on TikTok. People there can be very supportive, but some people are so brutal. Always try to show love to the creators that you love. Sending comments, gifts, and double-tapping are great ways to support these creators. When you go live on TikTok, you’ll hope that people do the same for you.

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Let’s Start Securing Likes for Your Content

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