What Do Likes Do on TikTok LIVE?: The Ultimate Guide

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Last Updated: Mar 08, 2024

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New to TikTok? Are you watching or hosting TikTok LIVE for the first time? Are you wondering, “What do likes do on TikTok LIVE?” 

Let’s answer these questions and more about TikTok’s streaming feature. 

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What Is TikTok LIVE?

TikTok LIVE is the platform’s live-streaming feature. It allows content creators to interact with their viewers in real time. 

TikTok LIVE also offers many of the platform’s interactive tools, such as effects and filters. In addition to sending likes and comments, viewers can also send virtual gifts to their favorite creators. They can also show their support through LIVE subscriptions and by registering for LIVE events. 

LIVE functions available to creators include:

  • Moderation
  • Multi-guest hosting
  • LIVE chat
  • LIVE events
  • LIVE replay
  • LIVE subscriptions
  • LIVE gifts

“What Do Likes Do on TikTok LIVE?”: Answering 10 LIVE FAQ

How do you watch a TikTok LIVE? What do likes on TikTok LIVE do? What are LIVE Gifts? 

Let’s answer these questions about TikTok’s streaming feature and more. 

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1. Who Can Go LIVE on TikTok?

You must be at least 18 years old and have at least 1,000 followers to go LIVE on TikTok. You must also be 18 (or 19 years old if you’re in South Korea) to send or receive LIVE Gifts.

A page must be in good standing on the platform to enjoy LIVE privileges. Certain violations of TikTok’s Community Guidelines may lead to temporary LIVE restrictions. 

2. How Can I Watch a TikTok LIVE?

There are several ways to discover and watch LIVE streams on TikTok. 

  1. Open the app and tap LIVE in the top left of the screen. This will take you to a dedicated LIVE feed featuring creators who are currently hosting a LIVE broadcast.  
  2. Discover and watch LIVE videos that appear on your For You Page (FYP), Following, or Friends feeds. 
  3. Get LIVE notifications from your favorite creators
  4. Register for LIVE events. 
  5. Sign up for your favorite creators’ TikTok LIVE Subscriptions. 

3. How Do You Like a TikTok LIVE?

How do you like a TikTok LIVE? When you’re watching a LIVE stream, here’s how to like a LIVE on TikTok, post comments, or send Gifts.

  1. To send likes, double-tap the screen. A user can send up to 500 likes per LIVE stream. 
  2. To post comments, tap the Add comment box and type your comment
  3. To send a Gift, tap the Gift box icon. 
  4. To share the LIVE stream, tap the arrow icon and select where you want to share the video. 

If you’re not yet the LIVE creator’s follower, you’ll also see the Follow button at the top of the screen. If the LIVE is available to everyone, you don’t need to be a follower to send likes, comments, or Gifts or to share the video. 

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4. What Do LIVE Likes Do on TikTok? 

Sending likes when watching a LIVE lets the creator know that you’re enjoying their content. TikTok notifies the creator and other viewers when you send a like or Gift or share the video. A pop-up message appears that says, “<username> liked the LIVE.”

More likes give the LIVE higher visibility on feeds, in searches, and in TikTok recommendations. This means the stream can reach more potentially interested viewers and generate higher engagement. 

TikTok also measures the popularity of a LIVE stream based on the number of Gifts the creator receives. More Gifts give the creator increased chances of earning Diamonds from TikTok

5. Does Liking a LIVE on TikTok Cost Money?

Does liking a LIVE on TikTok cost money? Likes on TikTok don’t cost money, whether for regular feed videos, Stories, or LIVE broadcasts. 

If you want to send Gifts during a LIVE, however, you need TikTok Coins — which you have to buy. To send a virtual Gift during a LIVE, just tap the Gift box icon. Select the Gift you want to receive and purchase Coins to pay for it. Alternatively, you can tap the Recharge button in the bottom right and select the Coins package you want. 

TikTok Gifts have different values in TikTok Coins. For example, a Rose, Power hug, or Chocolate Gift costs one Coin. A Heart costs ten Coins, while a Confetti costs 100 Coins. The higher the Gifts’ cumulative Coin value, the more likely the creator will also collect Diamonds from TikTok. 

6. What Are TikTok Diamonds?

Earning TikTok Diamonds is one of the many monetization opportunities available to creators on the platform. Diamonds are a type of reward that creators can convert into real money. TikTok awards Diamonds to creators based on the popularity of their videos. One of the ways that TikTok measures content popularity is by the number of Gifts a creator receives during a LIVE. 

How much money can a TikTok content creator get from Diamonds? TikTok determines the Diamond-to-money conversion rate. But according to creators who have cashed in their Diamonds, 1 Diamond is equivalent to $0.005. This means you can collect $5.00 if you accumulate 5,000 Diamonds. Take note, however, that TikTok also deducts a certain percentage when you convert your Diamonds to cash. 

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7. What Is a LIVE Subscription?

A TikTok LIVE Subscription is a monthly subscription that comes with perks that subscribed fans can enjoy exclusively. A creator can offer a LIVE Subscription to their followers so they can enjoy exclusive content and customized perks, such as:

  • Direct message priority 
  • Comment response priority
  • Shoutouts
  • LIVE topic input
  • Sub-only chats
  • Comment with custom emotes
  • Subscriber badge

How do you check if your favorite creator offers a LIVE Subscription? Go to their profile page and look for the Subscription button under their bio. You’ll also see the Subscribe option during a LIVE stream. 

8. How Can I Receive LIVE Notifications?

Do you want to receive alerts when your favorite creator goes LIVE? There are two ways to activate LIVE notifications for specific creators. 

To enable LIVE notifications from your Following list:

  1. Go to your profile page
  2. Tap your Following list. 
  3. Tap the alarm bell next to the username of the creator you want to receive LIVE notifications from. 

To enable LIVE notifications from your Notifications settings:

  1. Go to your profile page and tap the three-line icon in the top right. 
  2. Select Settings and privacy
  3. Tap Notifications under Content & Display
  4. Scroll down and tap LIVE notification settings.
  5. Tap the toggle beside Get LIVE notifications from accounts you follow to turn it on. 
  6. Tap the alarm bell for each account for which you want to receive LIVE notifications. Select your preferred notification setting: All, Personalized, or None

You can also enable TikTok push notifications to continue receiving alerts on your device when you’re not using TikTok. When you register for a LIVE Event, you’ll automatically receive notifications for the event. You’ll find all your TikTok notifications in your inbox. 

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Boost the Popularity of Your LIVE: Engage With the Right Audience

Connecting with genuinely interested audiences is crucial in gaining new followers and driving high engagement. Whether you’re posting a feed video, sharing a TikTok Story, or hosting a LIVE, targeting the right audience takes top priority. 

Hosting a LIVE is an excellent opportunity to interact with your fans in a more authentic and personal way. Your LIVE stream also gives viewers the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback in real time. It’s important that your stream reaches viewers who will find value in your content. You need LIVE content that aligns with your niche audience’s interests. You also need to know the best time to stream your LIVE. 

Ask your fans what topics they want you to discuss on your LIVE. You can also find out if they have a preference for when you should do it. Or check your Analytics to identify the hours when your followers are most active on TikTok. Make sure to promote your upcoming LIVE as often as you can. Create a LIVE Event and encourage your followers to register for it. 

What do likes do on TikTok LIVE? Answering this question also gives you valuable insights about keeping your viewers engaged. Reaching the right audience almost always guarantees receiving tons of likes, comments, and Gifts during your LIVE. You can guarantee that you’ll always reach interested and engaged viewers when you sign up for a High Social plan. 

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