Buy Real TikTok Views: A Purchase Away From Greatness

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Last Updated: Jan 29, 2024

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Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

We all crave to be social media queen bees and kings. Even those who don’t have it on their agenda to become influencers want to be relevant on the platform. Becoming famous on TikTok starts with building a strong social media presence. The growth game is tough, but you can lighten it up if you buy real TikTok views.

There’s usually an apprehension regarding purchasing TikTok fans and metrics. But of all social media metrics to purchase, views are the safest. Don’t worry. I’ll tell you why. And for those new to TikTok, I’ll differentiate real from fake views. I’ll also explain how to purchase authentic views. This post is brimming with information, so you shouldn’t skip this read.

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What Are Real TikTok Views

Reading the heading, someone might say, “I thought TikTok views are just what the name says they are?” or “Are there fake views?” I’ll clear up all the confusion, but first, let’s start by understanding the concept of views. 

You should already know that TikTok is a video-based platform that thrives with short-form content. But behind the success of this video content, which makes the app popular, are viewers who steadily consume content. These viewers consist of TikTok’s target audience, followers, and users. Without them, content wouldn’t thrive. Hence, these viewers and their views are very important.

Different social media platforms have different peculiar definitions of views. But TikTok records a view once someone watches your video, even without completing it. If the same user rewatches a particular video, it still counts as another view. It doesn’t matter if the user plays the video mistakenly.

So now, “What are real TikTok views?” Real views are those from authentic TikTok users who watch your videos. There are several fake TikTok followers consisting of TikTok bots and spam accounts. You’ll get a fake view if a false profile watches your content. Hence, you must be able to distinguish between real and fake views, as the latter can cause regression. But that’s just one side of the coin. Real views also have nice effects. 

What if I told you that purchasing authentic views is the springing step to greatness that you need? Would you buy them or religiously stick to more organic growth methods? If your response is the former, you’ll find this article beneficial. But even if you go with the latter, having some tricks up your sleeves will still be nice.

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Can I Buy Real TikTok Views 

Buying views remains a mystery for some. That’s why people often ask, “Can I buy real TikTok views?” However, some ask this question because they fear making a wrong decision and ending up with fake views. Fake views are disadvantageous and can lead to TikTok suspending your account. So don’t worry, I understand your fears.

You can buy real TikTok views if you are cautious enough to observe all precautionary measures and do it right. The major obstacle to purchasing real TikTok views is finding the right website or marketplace. Many inauthentic vendors are selling false views from fake accounts. Nevertheless, if you can identify an authentic seller, you’ve solved 50% of your problems.

The other 50% involves using drip delivery for large orders. Instant delivery is only suitable for little packages. Quick delivery triggers TikTok’s algorithm’s spam alarm when buying in bulk. You must also check the vendor’s refund and refill policies and ensure they have a constant support team. 

So yes, it’s possible to purchase real views. But if you’re still double-minded, then read reviews. This act will do the trick as you read the direct words of previous buyers. Their words will enlighten you on how harmless the situation is. You’ll learn as they share their unique experiences and discuss how great the experience is.

You might see a few ugly reviews discriminating against certain aspects of a vendor’s social media services. But so long as the good outweighs the bad, you have nothing to fear. However, if there are lots of negative reviews, find another site, a better one.

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Are Views Real on TikTok? How To Buy Genuine Views

Anyone asking, “Are views real on TikTok?” should know the answer. The previous sections have stated that views on TikTok consist of both real and fake. But when trying to grow your social media, you should know that fake views will damage your reputation. So, avoiding false views, fake followers, and other unreal metrics is best. 

The obvious implication of this is that real views are the best. But then, one may question how to get them. A simple Google search will help you discover several sites. However, it won’t disclose which are trustworthy, so recommendations and reviews are important. But you don’t have to face the trouble of soliciting information if you’re already here. I’ll tell you about a few top sites shortly.

Such sites usually offer packages for all social media platforms, so you must navigate to the TikTok section. A website with a good user interface makes this easy. Find TikTok views, select your desired quantity, and then place an order. You can check the payment methods to find a suitable one. Some websites even accept digital currencies. 

Depending on the agency’s delivery method, you’ll receive your views within a few hours or days. Buying views is a follower gain bait that can help you go viral on TikTok speedily. Moreover, it accords you various TikTok monetization prospects.

Here are six steps for getting authentic views.

  1. Find a credible website.
  2. Log in and navigate to their TikTok product page.
  3. Find and select the option to buy views.
  4. Choose a suitable package according to your growth needs and budget.
  5. Place your order with the link to the video you’re buying views for.
  6. Select a suitable payment option, checkout, and wait for your views.

Sites for Purchasing Real TikTok Views

Now that you know most of the important information, I can introduce you to top sites. You can buy your views from these agencies with the confidence of enjoying a seamless purchase. Each site in this section has peculiar features that make it stand out despite offering the same services. Interestingly, you can get likes and followers from these agencies for your other social media accounts. So, let’s learn about the sites below.

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Stormlikes is a reliable and active vendor that stands out because of its package grading and discounts. You’ll see 50 to 81% discounts if you visit the site now. The higher the package you opt for, the higher the discount. But even the least discount is a lot. That’s true. It enables you to get the smallest package for half its original price.

As for the package grading, you can get as little as 100 or 250 views. Those numbers are an excellent starting point if you don’t want to raise suspicion. For a proper image, your views, likes, and number of followers should all correspond. Having many views, few followers, and a poor engagement rate would be fishy and awkward. 

This situation would make it obvious that you’re buying views. Even though it isn’t wrong, some people may look at you with prejudice. So, to keep your affairs private, buying views commensurate to your followers is best. So, if your account is new, start small. Alternatively, consider buying some followers to even it out.

HighSocial’s screenshot of MediaMister’s TikTok views product page.


There’s a lot to like about MediaMister. But let’s start with the fact that you can buy views for multiple posts simultaneously. The site offers 250 to a million views and lets users customize any package. For example, you can buy 500 views and distribute it evenly between five of your top-performing content.

You don’t have to worry about delivery speed and frequency when buying large quantities of views. You can opt for drip feed delivery and specify the time frame between each delivery. Interestingly, your purchase options are distinct when patronizing MediaMister. You can choose to buy random video views, or you can opt for targeted views. View targeting allows you to specify the demographics of the users who watch your videos. 

Furthermore, Gen Zs love to host live sessions, so this platform also supplies live stream views. So, there are several reasons to love this platform, which has been steadfast in this business for over 12 years.

HighSocial’s screenshot of SocialViral’s TikTok view purchase page.


If you’re searching for an affordable site to get cheap views, this is the one for you. You’ve come to the promised land, so look no further. SocialViral offers deals that are as sweet as honey. So, if you’re on a budget, the deals on this platform will excite you.

Additionally, when buying views from this platform, you can choose the quality of your order. SocialViral offers two kinds of TikTok views: high-quality and active views. On one hand, high-quality views are those from unoptimized TikTok profiles. This category of views is cheaper and works with a refill policy over a specific warranty period.

On the other hand, active views are those from fully optimized TikTokers with profile pictures and several posts. While the other category is likely to provide one-off views, the retention rate of views from active users is higher. If these viewers fancy your content, they’ll interact with your other posts. 

They also have better chances of becoming your followers. So, they come at a higher cost. But regardless of the increase in cost, the price for active views is still very affordable. So, if you want long-term growth effects, go for the active views. 

Advantages of Buying Real TikTok Views

Sometimes, you need a form of incentivization to make you spring to action. If you’re still contemplating purchasing views for your TikTok page, this is the push you need. After familiarizing yourself with the advantages of buying TikTok views, you won’t waste one more minute. So, to dispel all doubts, let’s go through some of the benefits of buying views.

1. Monetization Prospects 

I’ve hinted at this within this read, but now it’s time to elaborate on it. So, you know that TikTok pays per view? Yes, you read that right. The creator fund program is one of the means TikTok uses to incentivize content creators. It’s a form of encouragement to keep up the good work. 

However, this reward isn’t accessible to everyone. This privilege is for those who fulfill certain requirements and criteria for eligibility. Interestingly, one of the major requirements is having 1000 video views within 30 days. Achieving this requires intense hard work over a long duration. So, what’s the easiest way to get these views without the luxury of time? Visit a reputable website and buy them.

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2. Becoming An Influencer 

Influencers are the celebrities of the 21st century. They have fame, affluence, influence, wealth, and power. People listen to them and do their bidding. What a cozy life to live! If you think being an influencer is beyond your reach, it isn’t anymore. By buying views, you can easily grow your social media influence through TikTok. You may ask how. It’s simple. Targeted views help you gain publicity within your target audience. 

And as you know, the chances of your target audience becoming your followers are very high. So, purchasing views helps with self-promotion, which can help you gain lucrative TikTok brand deals. 

Moreover, as an influencer, you can indulge in TikTok affiliate marketing with the certainty of reaping large dividends. Influencing opens you up to endless possibilities you can attain through views from an active audience.

3. Boost Your Account for Visibility 

TikTok has metamorphosed from a social media platform to an inclusive creative hub where people network. Brands and professionals from all industries actively participate in social activities through TikTok. Therefore, there’s no better place to spread your wings, socialize, mingle, and make life-changing connections.

But regular content creation alone isn’t enough to give your TikTok account and profile the boost they need. You need lots of publicity to boost your account, which you can gain from TikTok views. You have to become someone that matters to meet the big shots. So, it’s up to you to source ways to gain visibility. 

But luckily, you have a ready solution for visibility and account boost, which is the purchase of views. Amassing many views proves that your content is insightful and relatable. Therefore, it attracts more people to relate and connect with you. So, beyond helping you expand your influence, views reduce the burden of socializing by bringing people to you.

4. Follower Growth

No one can overemphasize the fact that followers are the heartthrob of TikTok. Without users following others, the platform would be a failure. So, this proves the importance of followers on TikTok. Each user is a follower and also needs followers to grow. Without followers, there would be no need for TikTok niches, and people would be unable to market products successfully. 

User-generated content (UGC) and challenges would be non-existent. There would be no influencers. You wouldn’t have anyone to watch your content or interact with. This is why people go above and beyond, leveraging thousands of strategies simultaneously to grow their followers. 

Though the strategies work, they often take a long time. But you can get followers easily by buying targeted views. The more people view your content, the more potential followers you have. You have to tickle their fancy, and they’re all yours. Moreover, when your followers give you tips, you’ll get back what you spent to buy real TikTok views. But to easily turn your followers into viewers, you’ll need the help of HighSocial. 

As an advanced TikTok growth service with lots of experience, HighSocial can help you build influence and interaction on TikTok. Our valuable insights on TikTok growth and marketing strategies will propel you to a place of fake. So, start growing your TikTok today!

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