How To Get TikTok Views Without Followers: From 0 to 100s

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Last Updated: Jan 04, 2024

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Want More Real Tiktok Followers?

Opening a new account on any of the existing social media platforms can be daunting. You’ll encounter challenges even on TikTok, which has an active user base across countries. The most problematic of these is not having viewers. Without viewers, no one will interact with your content. So, I’ll show you how to get TikTok views without followers.

You may think it’s impossible, but having doubts gives you more reason to stick around and learn. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. I’ll give you concrete information that will change your experience on the app. So get ready to go from zero to hundreds of views on your TikTok posts. Moreover, from here, it’ll be much easier for you to grow and boost your TikTok account.

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Why Are My TikTok Views Low? The Origin

You may be delivering quality content but having low views. It’s important to know the possible causes of the problem, as solutions differ. So, by becoming familiar with the problems and identifying them, you’ll know which solutions to apply when necessary. On that note, let’s examine the reasons for insignificant TikTok views.

An Incomplete or Unattractive TikTok Profile

After downloading TikTok, the next step entails setting up your profile. The quality of your profile determines your views. So, your profile must be attractive. Setting up your profile includes selecting the right profile picture, header, and cover photo. They all must match TikTok’s dimensions and represent you/ your brand.

You also need to craft your bio creatively. Write an intriguing description and utilize the opportunity to add a link to your website or other social media handles. This act is excellent for cross-promotion. You can check out some interesting TikTok bio ideas and profile picture inspirations.

Your Activities

TikTok is on the lookout for fake accounts, so they monitor the activities of new users. Any fishy activity can lead to a suspension, influencing your views. So rather than posting immediately, surf around the app. 

Please get familiar with the features and effects and how to use them. Connect with people, make friends, and gain followers who will watch your videos. Interact with the videos of those you follow, then discover your niche. Engage with videos in your niche to build a community. This community will become your viewers/ followers, helping you amass views when you post.

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An Unclear Niche

Not having a specific TikTok niche is like wandering around without focus. So, identifying your niche is important as it helps you find your TikTok target audience. If you don’t know, your target audience is the TikTok population most likely to view your content.

Without a specific niche, you’ll begin posting all kinds of content. If you act this way, you’ll be unable to sustain an engaged audience, let alone build a community of viewers. So, settle for a niche and pursue it with dedication. In no time, you’ll attract viewers from that niche and subculture.

Inappropriate or Boring Content

TikTok has strict regulations regarding the type of content that’s welcome. Violating TikTok’s terms of service will result in content blocking. TikTok will not show such videos to any user. TikTok may also shadowban your account, preventing you from relating with or interacting with your circle. 

This act will prevent you from getting views and affect your existing views. Your viewers will lose interest after not seeing your content for a while. Therefore, desist from posting inappropriate videos that contain or promote nudity and violence or express religious sentiments.

But your videos may also lack views because your content is boring. No one will watch unrelatable videos that aren’t funny. So, if your content doesn’t meet these needs, don’t expect any views. People who manage to come across your content won’t watch them completely. They’ll scroll away after 2 or 3 seconds. So, you must create attention-grabbing content if you seek views.

The Algorithm’s Considerations

If TikTok’s algorithm doesn’t promote your content, it’ll appear only on your followers’ following feeds. However, it won’t be on any For You Page. You may wonder what the algorithm uses to select the videos it promotes. First and foremost, TikTok user interaction determines relevance. 

If people can’t relate to and promote your videos, the algorithm sees them as boring and fails to share them. Additionally, the algorithm considers your video structure, including your captions, hashtags, effects, and sounds. So, you need to influence TikTok’s algorithm to circulate your videos for more views.

Buying Followers

As a newbie with zero followers, you can boost your TikTok followers by purchasing some. While this is a legal TikTok growth strategy, you must carefully approach it. Numerous agencies sell followers through online websites, but the majority are fake. They lack the intention to deliver quality services. 

If you patronize a scam website, they will fill your account with fake TikTok followers. These false followers contain inactive accounts that cannot add to your video views. Hence, it’s important to verify the credibility of a website before patronizing it. 

More importantly, never put all your eggs in one basket. Strive to grow your TikTok followers organically. As your followers grow, so will your views. On that note, let’s focus on how to get TikTok views without followers.

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A Guide on How To Get TikTok Views Without Followers: Strategies and Solutions

This section addresses how to get TikTok views without followers. These strategies will serve as growth solutions if you’re opening a personal or business TikTok account. Below, find a few ways by which you can get millions of views.

Create Interesting and Captivating Niche Specific Content

Start making your content after setting up a profile and interacting with your followers and niche. But you must follow the rules and ensure your content is interesting and aligns with your niche. The first few seconds should be catchy enough to stop users from scrolling. It should also keep them glued to their screens until the video ends. 

If your video is interesting, you’ll get higher views and complete watch time. The positive user reaction will cause the algorithm to send your videos to FYPs. You might be lucky enough to appear on the feed of a top TikTok influencer or industry-important person. If they find you interesting, they’ll share your videos, thus giving you visibility.

Collaborate With Important TikTokers

When partnering with other people, you tap into their fanbase, thus enhancing your visibility. Your partner’s fans will likely watch your videos. They may even become your followers. So, you’ll boost your image by collaborating with other creators and famous stars for TikTok duets.

Apart from duets, you can feature creators in your videos. But make sure not to diverge from your niche while doing this. If you can’t tweak your content to fit your niche and your partner’s, feature people from your niche alone.

Create a Posting Timeline

Consistency is key to success. If you have a brand account, customers patronize active and consistent businesses. The same goes for influencers. TikTok brands can contact you for deals after seeing proof of your activity. So, as a TikToker needing views, you must regularly feed the wider audience with juicy content.

Therefore, you need to create a timeline. You can post twice or thrice daily, but posting once is okay if you lack interesting content ideas. While at it, you must learn the best times to post on TikTok, which strongly influences video views. If you convene a live TikTok session at 2 am, you won’t get many participants because people will be sleeping. Similarly, if you post when your audience is inactive, your views will stagger. So, you must learn when to post.

Use Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are popular because they enhance discoverability. You can use them to your advantage to get more views and become popular. However, not all hashtags are highly effective, so you’ll need to use a TikTok hashtag generator to find relevant ones.

Alternatively, you can use TikTok’s hashtag recommendations as they’re relevant and relatable. Using these hashtags will push your videos to TikTok’s FYP. If your content reaches several FYPs, relax because you have reached the pinnacle of views.

Add Popular Sounds to Your Videos

TikTok lets users add songs and sounds to their videos before publishing. If you can leverage the right songs, you’ll notice an improvement in your views and impressions on TikTok. This improvement will further catapult your TikTok engagement rates. 

But for all this to occur, you need to use popular sounds. Popular sounds are those frequently used at the moment. Their frequent usage implies that people have created viral videos with them, so people now love the sound. So when they scroll and come across the sound, they’ll naturally stop to watch your video, thus increasing your views.

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Join TikTok Challenges

TikTokers live for the thrill of challenges, which offers you opportunities to be creative. You can showcase your creativity by jumping on a trending challenge and replicating your version. This strategy works because TikTokers often search for and watch interesting challenges. 

With millions of global users searching for challenges to watch, people will stumble upon yours. However, some TikTok challenges are dangerous. You must be mindful of your safety and avoid replicating such.

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Use Templates, Effects, and Auto Captions

TikTok has many nice features to improve user experience and aid video creation. With these tools, you’ll rarely need the help of AI content creation tools. Experiment with effects like the green screen to make your videos more visually appealing and attract views. There are also original video templates that give nice content creation ideas. For example, check out the “My life in the next three years” template. 

While exploring these features, don’t forget to use auto-captions for your TikTok. Auto captioning is an inclusive feature that enables deaf people or those who scroll on mute to understand your videos. By adding an inclusive touch, these features generate more views. If you’re yet to get the hang of TikTok editing, you can use CapCut. Both apps share an integration as they have the same parent company. So you can edit on CapCut and then post on TikTok.

Try Paid Promotions

Paid promotions are ads that can boost your influence and help you reach certain goals. Amongst these goals are increasing views and growing your followers. You can access this option through TikTok’s promotion feature. 

Enacting this requires purchasing TikTokcoins to fund the campaign. The TikTok campaign can run for an extended period, during which your video will have a wider TikTok reach. Better reach brings more views. With sufficient views, you can enroll in TikTok’s monetization programs.

Engineer User Generated Content and Engage With UGC Creators

Try creating your trends after being on the app for a while. It may be a hashtag or a challenge. If you’re engineering a hashtag, ensure it’s brief and catchy. As for any challenge, make it super interesting and unique. It should also be flexible to enable content creators to add their unique flair.

When people start using your hashtag or participating in your challenge, they’ll tag you as the creator. Therefore, their growing attempts will count as UGC while promoting visibility for your content and increasing views. By now, you should know how to get TikTok views without followers.

But to sustain these views, you need to grow your followers. Luckily, the strategies above can also help with TikTok follower growth.But if you need extra help, contact High Social, the advanced TikTok targeting and growth service. High Social gives you an invaluable advantage while personalizing growth strategies, leading to massive results. So, start growing your TikTok today!

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